Green Language (CD)

Influenced by “nature, birds, and sunrise,” the title of Rustie’s sophomore release Green Language can be translated as the language of birds; a mystical, divine and magical language used by birds to communicate to the initiated. According to Rustie’s press release, Green Language refers to “a language that’s non-dualistic, that speaks to you directly to your emotions without the mind interfering with the message.” It’s a fitting title considering the dizzying and often times disjointed feeling of the record. Expanding on the Day-Glo electronic maximalism of his 2011 debut Glass Swords, there are elements of trap, bounce, R&B, hard house and synthetic prog-rock mixed in as well as contributions from Danny Brown, Gorgeous Children, and D Double E. The result can feel a bit unfocused at times but Rustie’s electronic experimentation and mastery at ambience makes this a solid contribution to glitch hop.

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Junto (CD)

After a five-year hiatus, Basement Jaxx has returned with their seventh studio album, Junto. The album opens with the words, “Lords, ladies and lowlifes, welcome to the world of Basement Jaxx!” While the intent is noted, the music that follows seems more suited for lords, ladies and the bourgeois. Heavily Latin flavored, each track on Junto combines styles ranging from tropicalia to trap to dancehall. Even though Simon Ratcliffe and Felix Buxton are still genre hopping and focusing on catchy party anthems, there is a feeling of maturity and sincerity to this work that separates it from its younger contemporaries.

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