These Systems Are Failing (CD)

Whoa. On These Systems Are Failing, the first official release from the DJ/producer’s Moby and the Void Pacific Choir project, the artist behind southern soul and gospel sample-heavy classic "Porcelain" and ‘90s rave essentials like Moby and Everything Is Wrong is unrecognizable. There’s a hint of Moby’s Animal Rights era work here, but the music is even more confrontational, frantic, and bold (which is fitting for a sociopolitical work that has its own manifesto.) Moby dives headfirst into genres from post-punk to Britpop to industrial; there’s a definite Public Image Limited influence on “Don’t Leave Me” and other listeners, of course, will pick up on inspirations from other rock innovators. This latest album is more than just “art” — it’s a call to action.

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Skilled Mechanics (CD)
The latest album from UK musician/producer Tricky employs help from DJ Milo, Oh Land, Luke Harris, and others. Features eleven new tracks plus covers of songs by Corey Taylor (Slipknot) and Porno For Pyros. Read more
Days Gone By (CD)

Using organic instrumentation mixed with electronic production, Bob Moses draw on the two poles to vividly resonate across both. Alternating between dancefloor burners and moments of reflective repose, Days Gone By weaves a rich spectrum of sensation over the course of its ten tracks.

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Under The Sun (CD)

It's hard to pin Mark Pritchard down. Techno party master; experimental ambient composer; electronic exotica; Pritchard's works (often under various pseudonyms) are so incredibly expansive that they can only could come from the era of obsessive record collectors and MP3 hoarders that know that history of recorded sound. Under The Sun, Pritchard's third album for Warp, drops the footwork and jungle sound of his previous singles and EPs, getting simultaneously more precise and clean while dropping the barriers of dance music. His tracks no longer feel like another jam waiting to get blasted loud in a late night warehouse party. They feel more at place in your home with a hot drink or an evening stroll with a cold breeze blowing. "Beautiful People" features Radiohead's Thom Yorke whose voice is at its most delicate among the Moondog-esque drum sample and the ambient textures that together sound absolutely heavenly. The titular track "Under The Sun," with its pop vocal sample, feels more in touch with the world of Brainfeeder's Flying Lotus as the quietest bass drum loop is repeated over the music, echoing and reverberating until it's just spectral ear candy. The yin to the yang of Mark Prichard's previous works, Under the Sun feels like the good vibes and drunk/drugged memories of his electronic dance days have taken a major step back for music that's more contemplative, meditative, and ethereal. No other album this Spring is as hauntingly beautiful.

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Potential (CD)

Brooklyn producer James Hinton aka The Range scours YouTube for obscure samples of people singing and around them builds stunning tapestries of dubstep, jungle, and ambient music. Brilliant and very much of the moment.

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99.9% (CD)

Kaytranada's long anticipated debut release, 99.9%, is a perfect blend of soul, funk, and electronic jams. He is well known for his reworks of R&B joints like Janet Jackson's "If" and Teedra Moses' "Be Your Girl," but his original creations on this effort will get him in well with the people who weren't aware of his eclectic sound, and it gives those who already know his vibe more of what they've been loving. The album features vocals and appearances from some of the urban alternative scene's brightest stars, including Anderson Paak, Alunageorge, Badbadnotgood, Karriem Riggins, Syd Bennett, Little Dragon, Phonte and more.

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This trio is changing the rules on improvised instrumental music and taking jazz into the future. III is their biggest project yet, ushering in the group’s newest explorations that are proving to be limitless.

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