Georgia (CD)

Part of the continuing wave of weirdo, new agey, borderline dancey electronica by the likes of Oneohtrix Point Never and Holly Herndon, 21 year-old Georgia Barnes (but performing under the more laconic Georgia) is pushing artistic limits of electro-pop. Her R&B laced vocals are almost more shocking in the sampling typhoon of Sufi chant samples, repeating syllables, Super Nintendo synths and percussion that is BANGING. Each track is densely filled with all sorts of sounds coming that you might be a little shell-shocked. But this isn't avant-garde dissonance. This is just the new frontier of sophisticated, risk taking pop; the perfect amalgamation of dub, Eurobeat, hip-hop that is too frenetic to just be listened to, but has to be moved to. The outsider choices and wild chances Georgia took guarantee that the impact of her debut will be felt for a while. This is groundbreaking pop.

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