DJ-Kicks 50th Anniversary (CD)

The longstanding !K7 mix series DJ-Kicks has reached the epic 50th release! As the !K7 DJ mix was born in Berlin in 1995 who better to escort this landmark mix to the public but Berlin's own DJ Koze? Unsurprisingly, Koze blends countless genres, including deep soul, underground hip hop, indie pop, and even William Shatner, with aplomb. The mix in result listens at times like an incredible playlist from your favorite Radio DJ instead of a hardcore party mix. However the skill in Koze’s edits and harmonious stream of consciousness logic proves undeniably listenable. A perfect mix for the laidback listener that requires some experimentation, and one that !K7 can surely be proud of.

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Lantern (CD)

Glaswegian Electronic / Hip-Hop producer Ross Birchard releases his second album to date under the Hudson Mohawke moniker. His follow up to 2009’s Warp debut, Butter, sheds light on what the producer has been doing with his time. Lantern, first and foremost, is a Hudson Mohawke record. So all of the successes he has seen, be it with his collaboration with Lunice TNGHT or the stellar production he has done for Kanye West’s GOOD Music label, are just illuminated pieces of the whole. "Very First Breath," the first single off the album, blends bass and synth with a trap pace. Whereas "Scud Books" takes that same synth and pairs it with an epic, bone-crushing bass and string section. Both indicative of what HudMo can do, but utilized to do only his bidding. Even powerful featured vocalists like Miguel on "Deepspace" or Jhené Aiko on "Resistance" are put in their place and forced to blend with Birchard’s at times atonal vision. Needless to say it’s phenomenal. Lantern proves that Hudson Mohawke can drop bangers not only as a hired gun, but as an electronic auteur as well.

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Rivington Não Rio (CD)

After leaving the Prefuse 73 moniker lying dormant for several years producer Guillermo Scott Herren has returned. "I've come back to hyper focusing, immersing myself in the sounds, rhythms, and formations that created Prefuse 73 in the first place," he says. "… Right now I'm at my most confident and comfortable since 05/06." Rivington Não Rio is the only full-length release in his trio of recently announced Temporary Residence recordings. Sandwiched between Forsyth Garden and Every Color of DarknessRio is the key to unlocking this “epic triptych.” The album does not attempt to push too far outside of the spacey and low key, keeping it fairly even keeled and balanced. The entire album moves with a casual head nod pace, layered just enough to lose focus on the present. Tracks like “Applauded Assumptions” and “Inside” instrumentally meander and warp through beats and glitch experimentation. When Herren adds vocal talents, such as Pinback’s Rob Crow on “Quiet One” or Sam Dew on “Infrared,” his beats and glitches seem to merge and weave in between the words. Whereas in "140 Jabs Interlude” Herren has alt rappers’ Milo and Busdriver take the front seat and drive the beat. Heren may be returning to the sound that made up Prefuse 73 in the first place, but Rivington Não Rio has much more to offer than just a return to greatness.

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