LP1 (CD)

Beautiful and talented U.K. singer/dancer FKA Twigs’ first full-length album is here to explode some minds. Her voice transports you to a world where reality and imagination is blurred to the point of pure ecstasy. Her style of unique ethereal R&B with a little bit of trip-hop is like a breath of fresh air with a cherry on top. - Nick@Nite, San Francisco my friend chris sent me a link last year and i was intrigued. minimal and eccentric, this record is so textured and effortless. it doesn't feel manufactured or forced, and the eerie wash of abstract sound comes alive with the whispery vocals. it is sensual and compelling and… rich.

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Jungle (CD)

On their self-titled debut, U.K. duo Jungle craft low-key, immediately likeable and unexpectedly soulful electro-pop in the mold of The Beta Band, Miike Snow and Hot Chip. On songs like “The Heat,” scattered city sounds like children playing or police sirens, taken together with bright synthesizers and classic R&B songwriting, feel like a stroll through a city park, colors and sounds bleeding into one another. “Busy Earnin,’” which presents updated Philly soul through the eyes of British knob twiddlers, has the feel of a socially uplifting AM radio classic, while “Time” is hazy slice of synth-funk that feels inspired, taking familiar influences but building out their own sound. It’s the rare act that can pull off this sort of thing without seeming superficial or disingenuous—Jungle make it work by including quieter passages like “Smoking Pixels,” an contemplative instrumental recalling prog-pop of the past like 10cc or Godley & Cream. And songs like “Julia” can’t help but feel cinematic with their implied street drama and spacey synths, soundtracking some imagined sci-fi cop movie. With their solid debut LP, Jungle capture an updated cosmopolitan sound that should land them on every cool movie, TV show and festival show bill from here to across the pond.

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Ishi (CD)

Future new age/ambient classic from the LA modular explorer; known for his expansive collaborations with Akron/Family, Sun Araw, and The Congos. Ishi receives its name from the last "wild native American"... Ged succeeds in bringing natural instincts to technology; remember to forget.

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Magnetica (CD)
I’m never disappointed with anything that Quantic puts out. Soulful, vibrant, and all-around groovy music! Read more
Noise Vs. Beauty (CD)

Album ten from prolific and eclectic electronic music producer spans, as you might expect, dubstep, trap, IDM, bubblegum glitch, sampledelic hip hop, anthemic festival fistpumping EDM, etc. Each Bassnectar album gets a little more shiny and a little more diverse as Lorin Ashton spends more time refining his day-glo showmanship on the road, absorbing more textures and hearing new sounds to be incorporated into his neon gumbo. On the topic of this latest album he says it's "a 15 song journey which spans the spectrum of music from hardcore noise hysteria to lush, ethereal beauty - and many points in between. I collaborated with over 50 different human beings on this collection, and it is without a doubt my favorite album to date!"

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Adrian Thaws (CD)

Trip-hop pioneer Tricky returns with his 11th studio release, Adrian Thaws, named after his given name. “Calling it Adrian Thaws is saying you don’t really know me,” says the artist. “So many times people have tried to put a finger on me and every album I go to a different place.” There is some real truth there. Where other artists often opt for the latest trends, Tricky has always managed to create something new without losing himself. Adrian Thaws is no exception. With contributions from Mykki Bianco, Bella Gotti, Tirzah, and Francesca Belmonte, the tracks here range from dark soul to experimental hip-hop to dreamy soundscapes, all combined with Tricky’s inventive production. The result is a darkly sexy and atmospheric sonic jewel.

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Green Language (CD)

Influenced by “nature, birds, and sunrise,” the title of Rustie’s sophomore release Green Language can be translated as the language of birds; a mystical, divine and magical language used by birds to communicate to the initiated. According to Rustie’s press release, Green Language refers to “a language that’s non-dualistic, that speaks to you directly to your emotions without the mind interfering with the message.” It’s a fitting title considering the dizzying and often times disjointed feeling of the record. Expanding on the Day-Glo electronic maximalism of his 2011 debut Glass Swords, there are elements of trap, bounce, R&B, hard house and synthetic prog-rock mixed in as well as contributions from Danny Brown, Gorgeous Children, and D Double E. The result can feel a bit unfocused at times but Rustie’s electronic experimentation and mastery at ambience makes this a solid contribution to glitch hop.

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Junto (CD)

After a five-year hiatus, Basement Jaxx has returned with their seventh studio album, Junto. The album opens with the words, “Lords, ladies and lowlifes, welcome to the world of Basement Jaxx!” While the intent is noted, the music that follows seems more suited for lords, ladies and the bourgeois. Heavily Latin flavored, each track on Junto combines styles ranging from tropicalia to trap to dancehall. Even though Simon Ratcliffe and Felix Buxton are still genre hopping and focusing on catchy party anthems, there is a feeling of maturity and sincerity to this work that separates it from its younger contemporaries.

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