Remedy (CD)

Nu-bluegrass superstars return with album 5 of their updated and energetic take on old timey music. The seven piece ensemble was recently inducted into the Grand Ole Opry, and their membership there should be an indicator of how far this band has come from its days busking on streetcorners. Old Crow is, these days, a full fledged institution of Americana, a crossover smash with fans of both rock and country. The new album was produced by Ted Hutt, whose work producing Flogging Molly and as a sort of in-house producer for SideOneDummy has steeped him in capturing both high energy performances and genuine folk-rootsy sounds.  The lyrics are as clever as ever and feature wry takes on country classics like conjugal visits and romantic alcoholism among classic ballads and love songs.  As usual, the bluegrass musicianship is top notch and the band's harmonies sound effortless and tight as ever, gliding high and lonesome over the intricate interplay of the band's nuanced picking and strumming.

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Truckin Sessions Trilogy (CD)

Three discs of classic honky-tonk tunes and future truckin’ classics in the vein of Merle Haggard and Buck Owens.

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Do You Know Me: A Tribute To George Jones (CD)
Kershaw’s much-anticipated collection of songs made famous by George Jones including “White Lightning” and “Why, Baby, Why,” in addition to Kershaw’s original tribute to Jones – “The Route That I Took.” A must for lovers of country music. Read more
Bad Self Portraits (CD)

Bad Self Portraits is a microcosm of Lake Street Dive’s evolution from a weird alt-country jazz group to a pop-soul juggernaut, that includes '60s influences like Brill Building girl groups, British Invasion rock, horn-driven Stax R&B, Motown soul and even The Band-like gospel blues.

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