A Sailor's Guide To Earth (CD)

Following his acclaimed Metamodern Sounds in Country Music, country-rock rulebreaker Sturgill Simpson releases an album lead by a beautifully orchestrated Nirvana cover (“In Bloom”). Yet Simspon’s style is still impeccable and classically rooted. Not your Gramps’ country, but he might like it, too.

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Truckdriver, Gladiator, Mule [Box Set] (LP)
This LP is the perfect gift for a Neko Case fan. It contains every single LP that she’s released to date, most of them long out of print. Amazing packaging to go with the amazing music. Read more
Midwest Farmer's Daughter (CD)

Margo Price takes tales of hard times and weaves them into country-pop glory on her stunning debut record. Echoes of Emmylou Harris and Lucinda Williams ring through Price’s knowing voice and solid songcraft.

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Imaginary Man (CD)

With a bit of Bruce Springsteen’s everyman tales, Tom Petty’s ability to put those sentiments into hooky tunes and Ryan Adams’ rock ‘n’ roll heart, Nashville-bred Rayland Baxter, who is the son of slide guitar player Bucky Baxter, succeeds an esteemed line of artists who blend songwriting smarts with heartland grit. Baxter’s stories are detailed and imaginative (“Slave and the jester, they met in the park/slow song in the distance and a dance through the dark,” he sings evocatively on dazzling opener “Mr. Rodriguez”), but melodicism abounds as well, on tunes like the indie-poppish “Mother Mother.” All of this comes together magically on the sighing country-pop of “Yellow Eyes” and blistering, noirish rocker “Young Man” — one sounds the soundtrack to a Western romance, the other a candidate for opening credits to “True Detective,” to give you an idea of his breadth. Whether playing the traveling romantic or outlaw on the run, everything Baxter does comes up aces on Imaginary Man.

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