Live At Madison Square Garden [Picture Disc] (LP)

The Grammmy-nominated Live at Madison Square Garden features Louis C.K. as the master he is at shedding light on uncomfortable, often unacknowledged corners of an audience's psyche. This double-sided picture disc is a must for all Louis fans.

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Freezing Hot (CD)
Smart and brazen comedian Iliza Shlesinger applies her fresh, laugh-out-loud perspective to the universal struggles between men and women. Shlesinger points out the absurd world of women with an energetic and raw wit. Her many quirks, including her signature goat bleat, make her stand out significantly from any other comedian today. Read more
Unconstitutional (CD)
Colin Quinn offers his unique comedic perspective on our national character. From predator drones to the Kardashians, he pulls no punches in asking if this is what the founding fathers planned. Read more