Yvonne Prinz - Vinyl Princess (Book)

Yvonne Prinz - Vinyl Princess (Book)

Yvonne Prinz - Vinyl Princess (Book)

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The Vinyl Princess, out just in time for holiday gifting, is the best book about record store culture since Nick Hornby's High Fidelity. If you've ever fallen in love over a mix tape, alphabetized your vinyl, or worked in a record store (or wanted to), you'll want to read this book, a hilarious look at a young girl's obsession with vinyl collecting. A perfect stocking stuffer for people who love record stores!!!

“A funny and poignant insider's look at record store culture.” —Terry Zwigoff, Director Of Ghost World

“The Vinyl Princess will make you tune in, rock out, and dream on.” —Daniel Handler, Author and Lemony Snicket's Representative

“The true record collector's obsessive love of music and its artifacts, and the East Bay in all its quirky, resolutely peculiar glory really come to life in this, the only book that has ever spurred me to plow through several layers of stacked apartment detritus to get at my old Jeff Beck LPs. And yes: Telegraph Avenue really is exactly like that, and Truth still sounds as great as it ever did. Beautifully done.” —Frank Portman, Musician and Author of King Dork and Andromeda Klein

"As dead-on a portrait of a true-blue teenage music obsessive as you're likely to find. Prinz totally nails it." —Colin Meloy, Musician — The Decemberists


Yvonne Prinz has written three books in the Clare series. Still There, Clare was a BookSense pick and was nominated for an IPPY Award (an Independent Publisher Award) and a Red Cedar Award. Not Fair, Clare was recently shortlisted for the Red Maple Award. A Canadian living in San Francisco, Prinz founded the famed independent music store Amoeba Records with her husband. There, she keeps her finger on the pulse of hip teen culture. You can read The Vinyl Princess blog here.

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