Peter Kirn - Keyboard Presents the Evolution of Electronic Dance Music (Book)

Peter Kirn - Keyboard Presents the Evolution of Electronic Dance Music (Book)

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ISBN 978-1617130199 - Backbeat


Softcover. Copyright 2011.

From its roots in 1970s New York disco and '80s Detroit techno to today's international, mainstream explosion of such genres as house, trance & dubstep, electronic dance music has reshaped the popular musical landscape. This book digs deep through the archives of Keyboard magazine to unearth the insider history of the art and technology of the EDM movement, written as it happened. We hear from the artists who defined the genre (Jean Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode, Deadmau5, BT, Kraftwerk and more). Revisit the most significant synths, beatboxes, and musical tools that made the music possible, through the eyes of those who first played them. Learn the history, then the expert techniques behind the music, so you can apply the same craft to your own music and mixes.

PETER KIRN is a technology journalist and creative tech practitioner and teacher. His sites and have become widely read chronicles of recent transformations in music and visual technology and design, from DIY culture to new interfaces and platforms. A contributing editor to Keyboard, he has written for MacWorld, Make, Computer Music, Wax Poetics, and Popular Science. Classically trained, he teaches at Parsons and speaks internationally on the connections between technology and creation, to audiences ranging from musicians and designers to software developers.

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