Job Opportunities at Amoeba

Job Opportunities at Amoeba

Our hiring needs change with some regularity, so please come down to the store location you're interested in and drop off your resume at the Info counter. If we have an opening and see you as a potential fit, we'll be in touch. Thank you!


Amoeba Hollywood

We are currently looking for candidates to work part time as a member of our Security Team. 

- Must be available to work evenings and weekends.
- Previous security experience is required.  Those with event management or club security experience will be considered although retail security / loss prevention experience is preferred.
- Some heavy lifting is required.  

Please email resume and cover letter to

Amoeba Hollywood

Part-time position for someone who has experience with purchasing/buying (dealing directly with vendors, handling inventory and returns, and monitoring sales) and ALSO has deep knowledge in ALL of the LATIN music genres (Regional Mexican, Cumbia, Salsa, Afro-Cuban, Merengue, Bachata, Corrido, Latin Pop, Samba, Rock En Espanol, etc.).  Previous retail experience required.  Additional music knowledge also helpful.

Please email resume and cover letter to

Amoeba Berkeley & San Francisco

Exciting and challenging opportunity for a uniquely experienced manager. The culturally iconic Amoeba Music establishment is looking for a strong leader. The General Manager SF/Berkeley will oversee day to day and strategic operations of the two Bay Area locations. This role requires rock solid experience in retail floor management, vendor relations, inventory management, customer satisfaction, human relations, employee relations and more. Also includes acting as liaison with in-house Green Evaluation partner.

The ideal person will have qualities that include:

- At least 5 years experience managing retail store and serving its customers.
- Experience managing 100+ employees.
- Gaining satisfaction from motivating others to do their best.
- Maintaining integrity, respect and an honest reputation
- Diplomatic with others and an expert at creating win-win outcomes.
- Able to laugh at yourself and lead others.
- Ability to manage and encourage a low turn-over workplace.
- Driven to succeed in a creative, ever-evolving field.

Job Requirements:

- Create, implement and analyze Amoeba’s strategic goals by using all pertinent information to identify trends, take action, follow process and evaluate outcomes.
- Proactively accomplish financial objectives by forecasting; preparing annual budget, scheduling expenditures, analyzing variances, acting correctively and decisively
- Use technical-savvy to record information, gather data, analyze and process information necessary to complete daily responsibilities
- Oversee multi-dimensional aspects of business such as retail, resale, in-store events, internet outlets and GEC
- Identify hiring and training needs, participate in interviewing process, provide training and ongoing employee feedback
- Proactively deal with conflicts and miscommunication between staff members with fairness and consistency
- Translate Amoeba’s goals and vision into store policies and day to day processes
- Promote Amoeba’s image by the showing a positive face to the community, participating in local business groups/events and maintaining ethical business practices
- Use knowledge of safety regulations to ensure well-being of the workplace
- Ensure HR compliance during interview and hiring process, communicate fair labor requirements to employees, and provide necessary resources for any special circumstances regarding employment
- Seek out methods to proactively promote a diverse and non-discriminatory workplace

Additional Candidate Qualifications:

- Must be able to effectively lead and coach others professionally in a casual environment
- Must be able to plan, prioritize and execute detailed instructions while keeping an eye on the big picture
- Be able to manage projects and oversee others' work while staying on track with one's own management goals.
- Possess advanced sales and business acumen
- Must be decisive and clear thinking, must be unafraid to drive meaningful change as needed and follow through on implementation
- Be able to write and speak effectively
- Have knowledge of POS register system
- Possess strong experience with MS Office software especially Word and Excel. TRAK experience would be a plus.

The Fine Points:

- Upbeat and inspiring
- Uses sound judgment
- Treats others equally and fairly
- Action-oriented
- Demonstrate passion for the Amoeba brand, products, services and experiences we provide to our customers


Please email resume and cover letter to