Wild Wild Country: Original Music From The Netflix Documentary Series [OST] (CD)

Brocker Way’s original score for the Netflix docuseries Wild Wild Country is meant to reflect the outlook of each of the show’s interviewees rather than simply emphasizing their outward idiosyncrasies. Such an approach sculpts a deeply empathic auditory experience capable of standing on its own as an album.

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1922 [OST] (CD)

Never one to rest on his laurels, Faith No More/Mr. Bungle/Dead Cross vocalist and experimental artist Mike Patton has added another film score to his discography, taking its rightful place alongside A Perfect Place, Crank High Voltage, and A Place Beyond the Pines. 1922, a Netflix film of a Steven King novella, is perfect material for Patton to flex his muscles, full of unnerving tones and sounds crossed with haunting strings and percussion. A mesmerizing and welcome addition.

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