I Kinda Like It When A Lotta People Die (CD)

The world lost one of the true comedy greats when George Carlin died in 2008. This first posthumous release of unreleased material by Carlin showcases just that. Far from a cash grab of inessential material, it comprises home recordings and recordings of live shows that were shelved for various reasons (the 9/11 attacks, for one). The material presented here is thoughtfully culled from those recordings, beginning with a startlingly prescient treatise on police and governmental inefficacy, recorded in 1957 but as unfortunately relevant today as it was then. The material ping pongs a bit across decades and subject matter, from bathroom humor to social commentary, but Carlin’s delivery remains as pointed as ever whether he’s skewering surveillance culture or wondering aloud about who invented the first enema. The album includes liner notes by comedian Lewis Black, former manager Jerry Hamza, and comedy special producer Rocco Urbisci, as well as bonus-track interviews with Hamza and Urbisci.

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