Oct 2018

Wanderer (CD)

Wanderer, Cat Power’s tenth studio LP is seemingly gentle (if downbeat) on the surface. Beneath her velveteen voice and intimate lyrics, the album’s impact is emotionally devastating. But with Cat Power, isn’t that to be expected? In some ways, this is a return to her earlier more confessional work after a few stints in the realm of slightly glossed-up indie pop. Chan Marshall duets with Lana Del Rey on “Woman” and draws out the real life drama of Rihanna’s “Stay.” A true pearl of an album.

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Imagine: The Ultimate Mixes (CD)

A truly unique expanded edition of one of the most iconic albums of all time. Imagine: The Ultimate Mixes takes us on incredibly personal journey through the entire songwriting and recording process, providing a remarkable testament of the lives of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in their own words.

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Mi Vida Local (CD)

Atmosphere’s seventh album reflects the ways in which the world – and their place in it – has changed. At times, Mi Vida Local is a heavy album, but it’s far from grim. The album pairs complex subject matter with equally deep beats – ones that show a clear lineage back to the psychedelic funk landmarks from an earlier era.

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