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how flowers grow (CD)


hardcore punk band with a female vocalist <3 literally makes me feel empowered. one of my bff's put me on this album and i fell in love.

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opheliac (CD)

emelie autumn

industrial rock that makes you feel graceful but dark in one <3

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saturday night wrist (CD)


specifically the song cherry waves, was the first song i ever heard by them as a teenager. i will never get tired of this song. every time i play it i feel like my body is floating away into eternal bliss

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disguised in black (CD)


if you love goth rock im sure you will love this band

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self titled album (CD)

voodoo church

goth rock band that somehow makes me feel elegant at dark (:

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Raven (LP)


Some afro futurist rnb and soul from the venerated Kelela herself. A bit of ade[arture from Mercury but a step above nonetheless.

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Nick Hakim

Some really good music. That is all.

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Diaspora problems (CD)

Soul Gio

Great heavy punk from members who don't shy away from radical politics.

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Jinx (LP)


Some great alternative rock that ventures into trip hop and math rock.

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Down to the Lowest terms: The soul sessions (LP)

Steve Arrington

Some amazing modern soul.

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This TDE legend is back after a long hiatus and it sounds like he never left.

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You're with Stupid: Kranky, Chicago, and the Reinvention of Indie Music (Book)

Bruce Adams

FINALLY! Some kind of written documentation telling the story of my all-time favorite label! Seriously, everything kranky puts out is worth a listen and it's so cool to see them being discussed in this book. This is a must-read for any experimental music fans out there.

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Over Fields and Mountains (LP)

Branko Mataja

One man. One guitar. Pure bliss. There's something oddly creepy about this collection that I just love. It kinda sounds like the old recordings that The Caretaker manipulates for one of his disturbing ambient albums. But without any sort of manipulation, the songs on here have a natural atmosphere that's both beautiful and haunting. Once again Numero Group outdoes itself by exposing us to more almost forgotten music.

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I'm usually not one to get hooked onto an artist simply because of their ability to sing well... but Rosalia was the acceptation. Whenever I hear her sing, it makes me feel things- it's that good. Plus, the whole album is just so damn cool. You get badass songs with killer production akin to Death Grips, beautiful ballads that just tug at your heartstrings, and even some playful songs sprinkled in here and there. I also gotta shout out The Weeknd for his feature on the track 'La Fama.' I knew the man could sing but hearing him sing in Spanish was excellent and really complimented Rosalia's verses. This album rules! Easily one of the best realses of 2022.

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The Generation of Danger (CD)


Just when you thought nu metal was dead, this band (along with a handful of others) have been keeping the genre afloat following the traditions of their contemporaries. That's right, cracked out vocals, chunky guitar tones, metallic bass riffs, and even some turntable scratches! YIKES!!!

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Mars Volta (CD)

Mars Volta

Alright, I know long-time fans were pretty unhappy with this album. Sure, it's vastly different sounding compared to the band's previous albums, but it was kinda nice to hear some laid-back grooves versus bonkers psych-prog. Screw the haters, this album was a great comeback and I look forward to potentially hearing more like it in the future.

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Let's Start Here (LP)

Lil Yachty

From out of leftfield, Lil Yatchy ditched his trap outfit in favor of... psychedelic rock? I swear, the man must have been listening to a ton of Tame Impala and Unknown Mortal Orchestra and thought "Hey! I can do that too!" But unlike other rapper's failed attempts of switching over to rock (see Kid Cudi's "Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven" and Lil Wayne's "Rebirth" for reference), this album is actually great! Sure, it may not be the most groundbreaking psych album I've ever heard. But as a first attempt, he nailed it. I wouldn't mind if he kept going with this style as I think he'd just get better and better at it. I know we're only a few months into 2023, but this is easily my favorite album of the year, so far.

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The Family (CD)


God, this album is painfully heartbreaking in the best way possible. If you've been following this group since the Saturation days, you're probably just as invested in each member's personality as much as I am. In true boyband fashion, every member brought something unique that gave them an identity. Joba was the musical one, Merlyn was the wild one, Dom was the technical one, Bearface was the mysterious one, and so on. Knowing who everyone was made listening to a Brockhampton that much more entertaining as you were essentially getting to know them more and more through each release. So, when this album dropped and only featured Kevin Abstract on the mic, it was puzzling. But the longer I listened, the more apparent it became that this wasn't going to be the zany off-the-wall Brockhampton album that I was used to hearing. Instead, we got a dense, complicated, yet heartfelt insight into the band from the perspective of its leader. Here, Kevin literally touches on everything. From fondly remembering the band's early days to his internal struggles from getting famous to throwing shade towards specific people to acknowledging his own problematic behaviors. Essentially, the album is one big open letter to the fans of the band explaining why they're calling it quits. The whole thing is incredibly eye-opening and a brutally honest good-bye to a beautiful collective of talented musicians. I miss the band, already...

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Nymph (CD)


Such an excellent debut! If you're a fan of Sophie, Arca, and/or deconstructed club in general, you NEED to listen to this one.

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Midas Touch (LP)

June Chikuma

Swanky Japanese vaporwave that is a must hear! Fun fact, this is the same woman who composed the Drum n' bass heavy soundtrack for N64's 'Bomberman Heroes.'

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