This Month's Picks

Ingenue Redux: Live from The Majestic Theatre (BLU)

Fans of K.D. Lang's sumptuous voice can now enjoy the 25th anniversary concert for her widely acclaimed 1992 album, Ingenue , on Blu-ray. Filmed at the Majestic Theater in San Antonio, TX, Lang performs mega-hits like “Constant Craving” and “Miss Chatelaine,” which was a step away from her previous country music stylings, into a new world of jazz and cabaret-influenced pop. The concert also includes an unreleased song entitled “Sleeping Alone” and Lang's cover of Leonard Cohen's “Hallelujah,” as well as highlights from the rest of Lang's catalog. More

Outer Peace (CD)

Toro y Moi
Toro Y Moi’s Outer Peace is a lively, lushly-crafted sojourn into the smoother, more seductive side of main man Chaz Bundick. Guest artist Abra shines on the sultry, instantly addictive “Miss Me,” while Wet contributes to the chilled out, funkified atmosphere on “Monte Carlo.” Instupendo helps Bundick flex his pop production muscles on the languid, dreamy, (and auto-tuned) “50-50,” of one of Bundick’s favorite tracks on the LP. Outer Peace straddles the line between two worlds — indie electro (is chillwave still a thing?) and indie R&B — and the result is this perfectly harmonious marriage of sounds. More
Genre: Rock

Fool (CD)

Joe Jackson
One of the most musically literate of the New Wave songwriting sect, Joe Jackson slowly graduated from acerbic-yet-tuneful, Elvis Costello/Graham Parker-indebted spunk to the sophisti-pop and yuppie rock of his most successful period, with Night and Day and Body and Soul both acting as perfect soundtracks for all the Gordon Gekkos and Patrick Batemans of 1980s NYC. Fool , his first studio album in 4 years and 21st overall, splits the difference between his two best-known eras. A song like “Fabulously Absolute” strips off the soft edges Jackson is so often fond of and transports us back to late '70s England, evoking not only Look Sharp! but the hyperactivity of early XTC as well. On the other end of the spectrum lies “Strange Land,” a patient ballad that is as smooth as smooth can be. Drenched in jazz piano and atmospheric synths, it moves at a languid pace, propelled by Jackson’s powerful and unique singing voice. With a career spanning over 40 years, Jackson isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel here; he’s comfortable in his own sound and knows where his strengths lie. Thankfully, Fool puts them all on full display. More
Genre: Rock

Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa (CD)

Jeremy Dutcher
Vocalist/composer Jeremy Dutcher's debut combines post-classical arrangements with samples from archived recordings of his Wolastoqiyik First Nation's first music, stored at the Canadian Museum of History. The results are both operatic and earthy, buoyed by strings, percussion, electronics, piano, and Dutcher's soaring tenor vocals. The opening track “Mehcinut” builds to a stunning climax and then slides into a peaceful conclusion with scratchy original vocal samples at the center. “Essuwonike” features pounding drums and a stirring rhythm, signaling early on that this is not sleepy New Age, but its own kind of unique baroque pop.More
Genre: Classical, World

Springsteen On Broadway (CD)

Bruce Springsteen
What is Springsteen on Broadway ? Based on The Boss’ best-selling autobiography, Born to Run , it’s a thoroughly enjoyable, down-home performance written and performed by the 20-time Grammy Award winner, featuring beloved songs and personal anecdotes. Springsteen’s homespun charm is on fine display in this collection, recorded from the actual Broadway show that would become a Netflix special. Fans will love the opportunity to get further insights into the life and art of this essential artist. Affecting and affectionate, it’s a tribute to decades of now-classic songwriting and Springsteen’s growth, integrity, and passion as an artist. More
Genre: Rock

Wild Life (CD)

The debut album from Paul McCartney's Wings, Wild Life was originally recorded in a week which gave the songs a famously fresh and raw feel. Now it's joining McCartney's Grammy-winning Archive Collection in remastered glory. This two-disc CD edition features newly remastered audio from Abbey Road Studios, plus unreleased tracks, singles, and b-sides. More
Genre: Rock

Red Rose Speedway (CD)

Paul McCartney & Wings
Red Rose Speedway , with its classic No. 1 hit “My Love,” makes its entry into Paul McCartney's Archive Collection with a splash: a two-disc CD edition. Features newly remastered audio from Abbey Road Studios, plus unreleased tracks, singles, and b-sides. More
Genre: Rock

Next Of Kin (CD)

Distant Cousins
LA trio Distant Cousins seem poised on the edge of something big, thanks to the release of their immensely enjoyable Next of Kin . Filled with infectious hooks and floor-stompin’ riffs, the album feels familiar, warm, and alive with excitement. It’s the sound of backroads and big dreams. It’s the sound of sing-a-long-ready choruses, the type of knees up indie-meets-country jamboree that keeps folks who love the Lumineers and Mumford & Sons coming back for more. Basically, it’s the sound of your new favorite band. More
Genre: Rock

Warm (CD)

Jeff Tweedy
Jeff Tweedy gets vulnerable on his first proper solo LP, Warm . The melodies are immediately likable, the tone of the album confiding, open, and direct. Tweedy eschews Wilco’s more rollicking moments for an introspective, familiar tone; the album title is fitting. He approaches epic thematic elements — death, love, pain — with grace and intelligence. It’s a richly moving work of art that’ll give even longtime fans a new light in which to see the indie legend. More
Genre: Rock

Whole New Life (CD)

Reverend Horton Heat
Don’t let that title fool you, this is the same ‘ol psychobilly freakout that you know and love. Whole New Life is the Reverend Horton Heat’s 12th studio album, and yet after all these years the good Reverend only knows one speed: frantic. He’s just as dependable as ever, to boot, as here’s 11 more tracks of double bass slappin’, Gretch guitar shreddin’, drenched-in-reverb rockabilly glory. More
Genre: Rockabilly