This Month's Picks

Free LSD (CD)

After an eight-year hiatus, OFF! come blazing back with their dynamic, frenetic new album, Free LSD . This time around, Keith Morris (ex-Black Flag, Circle Jerks) and Dimitri Coats (ex-Burning Brides) are joined by bassist Autry Fulbright II (...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead) and drummer Justin Brown (Thundercat, Herbie Hancock) for a punk rock tour de force that feels unpredictable and deeply alive. The tracks are short and sweet, bursting with hardcore energy and free jazz (yes, free jazz) fire. This band just keeps getting better and better. Free LSD features cover art by yet another punk rock legend, Raymond Pettibon. More
Genre: Rock

Melt My Eyez See Your Future (CD)

Denzel Curry
Florida’s hottest has returned with his most reflective and ambitious effort yet. Waxing nostalgic with nods to classic cinema and Star Wars , Denzel Curry has recruited a solid guest list that includes T-Pain and Robert Glasper, while Thundercat, JPEGMafia and more handle the beats and production. More
Genre: Hip Hop

Still Come The Night (CD)

Alison Sudol
On her latest album, the Fantastic Beasts actor pours out her soul into songs of life, love, and loss. Leaving her A Fine Frenzy moniker behind in favor of her own name, Alison Sudol starts a new chapter by crafting a hauntingly beautiful musical memoir. “Playground” and “Wasteland” venture into celestial alt-country territory, while the album closer “Meteor Shower” does Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds proud. More
Genre: Rock

Pocket Fantasy [Frosted Blue Vinyl] (LP)

Pocket Fantasy , the sophomore release from Austin’s Mamalarky, is a jangly, bouncy bunch of alterno-pop with threads of easygoing ‘60s folk-psyche woven throughout. Steered by the delicacy of guitarist-vocalist Livvy Bennett, Pocket Fantasy feels close and intimate, yet the music is interspersed with field recordings that give the listener the feeling of being immersed in nature. More
Genre: Rock

Senjutsu [Lenticular Art Card] (CD)

Iron Maiden
The heavy metal heroes’ first new album in 6 years offers brooding anthems like “The Writing On The Wall” and the exciting lows and highs of an opus like “Hell on Earth.” The band's latest evolution, first begun back on 2000's Brave New World , continues to enrich their own distinctive sound: dark and heavy, complex and majestic. The 2CD edition includes a lenticular collectible art card. More
Genre: Rock

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot [Expanded 20th Anniversary Edition] (CD)

On Wilco’s widely acclaimed 4th album, the band delved further into atmospherics and complexity, leaning more toward artsier indie rock than their original Americana sound. Favorites like “Jesus, Etc” with its lovely strings, the lively, lightly psychedelic "Heavy Metal Drummer," and the airy “Poor Places” can be revisited here in all their newly remastered glory. This expanded reissue features a second disc of previously unreleased alternate versions and bonus tracks for fans to absorb and understand the process behind the album. More
Genre: Rock

The Futuristic Sounds Of Sun Ra (CD)

Sun Ra
It's the 60th anniversary of the Afrofuturism pioneer’s 1962 album, which is considered to be his most accessible work. This reissue features all-analog re-mastering plus new essays by Ben Young & Irwin Chusid. With Sun Ra playing acoustic piano throughout, accompanied by an eclectic array of percussion instruments, the music retains much of his Chicago-era style but with an international flavor. More
Genre: Jazz

Exister (CD)

The Soft Moon
The Soft Moon never shies away from the darkness but on his latest, Exister , Luis Vasquez lets in a bit of the light. The album is still packed with the intense, edge-of-control industrial numbers fans expect, but amongst the lowest of the lows, this time Vasquez also give us a glimpse of some of the highs. It’s the agony and ecstasy of the human experience, portrayed by driving guitars, brutal percussion, and haunted vocals. The sounds spreads out at times, moving into ambient and metal dimensions, even as the compass points back to relentless gothic stomp of The Soft Moon’s signature sound. Exister hits all the right notes while taking Vasquez’s artistry into evolutionary new directions. More
Genre: Rock

The Cage EP (CD)

Billy Idol
The legendary Billy Idol comes barreling back onto centerstage with his fired up new 4-song EP, The Cage . There’s plenty of punk energy and ‘80s arena rock bombast over the course of this short-but-sweet collection of songs dedicated to lives spent on the edge. The title track has an infectious, sing-a-long chorus that makes it the ideal anthem for anyone who’s feeling a little worse for the wear, but ready to break through and break free. It’s a fine introduction to an album that feels like a true force of nature, animated by Idol’s impressive ability to craft tracks that gleefully play with the boundaries of the underground and the big-time. More
Genre: Rock

Vengeance (BLU)

A radio host from New York City attempts to solve the murder of a girl he hooked up with and travels down South to investigate the circumstances of her death. More