Kreayshawn Unveils Video for Her New Major Label Single "Go Hard"

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Today (July 24th) Kreayshawn unveiled the colorful video above for her brand new single "Go Hard" which is taken from the Oakland rapper's upcoming album, Somethin 'Bout Kreay  which will drop on Columbia Records by the end of the year. The artist, whose meteoric rise to fame has been well documented including here on the Amoeblog, shot to fame via the viral success of the May 2011 video "Gucci Gucci." The ever-popular video, which to date has racked up almost 37 million YouTube hits, landed her a big dollar record deal with the major label which within a couple of months of its release.  Since then she's built on her fanbase as well as managed to continually piss off a segment of diehard hip-hop heads who feel that she rode on the coattails of Bay Area rap culture and slang just to get to where she is. She and her White Girl Mob crew dismiss these detractors as "jealous haters."

Fresh back in the US from a European tour that took her to festivals in Norway, Belgium, France, and the UK (where she launched her new collaborative t-shirt line with clothing brand A Bathing Ape) the artist says of the new single "Go Hard' with the "la,la,la" refrain that, "I wanted to inspire people to just do their own thing." The rapper/rapper / videographer came up with the video storyboard, which she describes as "a visual adventure," in collaboration with design based collective Syndrome, who have previously done videos for big name stars like Eminem, Ke$ha and the Black Eyed Peas.

Is The Hip-Hop World Ready For Kreayshawn & The White Girl Mob?

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    Kreayshawn "Gucci Gucci" (2011)

If the response to the trash-talking, dank smoking, young white, Bay Area female rapper Kreayshawn's hotly buzzed, self-directed & edited music video above for her latest catchy track "Gucci Gucci," which has racked up over 1.1 million views since it was uploaded on YouTube eleven days ago, is anything to go by then the video maker turned rapper's White Girl Mob show tonight (with Lil Debbie & V Nasty) at the modest sized SF  SOM Bar on 16th Street will certainly be a sold-out affair.

But for all the accolades that Kreayshawn, who counts Diplo, Das Racist, and Soulja Boy as among her biggest fans, has accumulated during her relatively short rise to fame, the diminutive but far from meek white female artist has also been attracting a lot of hate. An awful lot of hate in fact. "LOL ignorant ass hood rat bitch turned ignorant hipster hood rat bitch. What is hip-hop nowadays?" wrote one non-fan in response to one of her online video interviews, while another wrote, in response to the "Gucci Gucci" video, "Jesus Christ this is atrocious."

As for the haters out there, Kreayshawn appears to be taking it all in her stride; even with a seemingly mischievous sense of delight. It's almost like she knows how to press peoples' buttons (especially older hip-hop heads) and gets a real kick out of it. She is to staid rigid hip-hop ("the four elements man" school of thought) what the Sex Pistols were to established 70's rock. In one interview she rightfully ranks herself in the don't-give-a-fuck new school of rap alongside such other young buzz-worthy acts of this digital age as Odd Future (who she's "homies with") and Lil B (who she's produced videos for). But with each interview she gives and with each music video she unveils Kreayshawn manages to simultaneously win new fans and alienate many hip-hop heads.

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