Vinyl in the Woods- Saturday, May 28

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vinyl in the woods

Join us in Big Sur on Saturday, May 28 as we take part in the Vinyl in the Woods all day record fair! Amoeba will have a booth and will be spinning records! If you haven’t been to the amazing Henry Miller Library, this is a reason to come out! Sift through some great records, hear some great music and be a part of this one of a kind record fair! Here's more about the fest:
Magnus Toren had a vision.

Growing up in Sweden he became enamored by vinyl at an early age (John Mayall’s Crusade comes to mind.) It was a love that stayed with him his whole life, up until now, where he is the Executive Director of the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur, CA.

The Henry Miller Library is a non-profit art center that has live music (Arcade Fire, Animal Collective, Band of Horses), theater events, the Big Sur International Short Film Screening Series, writing workshops, and so much more. Check out their online schedule for the amazing events from now until mid-October here in your backyard.

Two years ago, Magnus envisioned bringing together the best vinyl dealers and independent collectors in California to Big Sur. He did. Vinyl in the Woods was born. And it ruled.

The second annual Vinyl in the Woods takes place on Saturday, May 28th, at the Henry Miller Library, which is located 30 miles south of Carmel on Rt. 1.

The event, from 10 am to 6 pm, is free to the general public. Come down early for an exclusive screening of the Wrecking Crew Friday night. (The holiday weekend also features sold-out shows with Chris Robinson and Gillian Welch.)

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Vinyl in the Woods!

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Big Sur has always been hipper than hip, let's face it -- and on Saturday, July 3, even though it's hard to believe, the tiny town is gonna take its hip-ness to new heights with an amazing event called Vinyl in the Woods!
vinyl in the woods

Intriguing, right? It's going to be a HUGE, all-day vinyl fair with DJs, live music, food, drinks, super secret movie screenings and tons o' fun, all at the Henry Miller Library!

Vinyl, you say? It goes without saying that we, the people of Amoeba, will be there, manning and womanning a booth. Please come say hi!

Aside from all the live entertainment and booths, if you are up for the challenge, there will be "Open Turntable" sessions where you, with your favorite record(s) in hand, can step up on the stage and blow people's minds with whatever jam(s) you choose!

And is anyone surprised that the always-amazing ((Folkyeah)) is majorly involved in putting on this event? It's sure to be one of the highlights of this California summer! See you there, and please click here for all the details!