New Preorders: Jim James, Beach Fossils, Veronica Falls and More

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Read below for preorders recently made available at Amoeba. I've linked to vinyl LP on all of these, but they're all available to preorder on CD as well. See all of the albums up for preorder here.


John Paul White - The Long Goodbye

Out Jan. 22

The Civil Wars man is embarking on a solo release. Check out The Civil Wars' live show at Amoeba here. Download the performance here.


Ra Ra Riot - Beta Love

Out Jan. 22

The latest from the indie-pop band features the melancholy synths and vocoder jam "When I Dream."


Tomahawk - Oddfellows

Out Jan. 29

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the new releases for 7/10...interpol...

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Today is the day of the battle between Spoon and Interpol. I have always been a bigger Interpol fan so I am siding with them. I think most people are really either a Interpol fan or a Spoon fan. Or they don't really care about either. They both have big new albums out today. They both are on David Letterman this week. Spoon has been around a bit longer and has managed to stay on an indie label. This is their sixth abum and it is released on Merge. Interpol had two albums on Matador. And has now made the big jump to a major label with their third album, "Our Love to Admire." This album is released on Capitol Records.  It is kind of just how it works. Many indie bands have made the similar jump. Belle & Sebastian, Death Cab For Cutie, The White Stripes, and Modest Mouse have all done if before. They have all managed to somehow keep their indie fans and develop a whole new fan base that a major allows them. A whole new world is opened up with heavy rotation on mainstream radio and MTV. It works really well for some bands and will most likely work out for Interpol. Some bands don't do as good and end up back on the indies or just simply disappear into the clearance bin.

Don't expect a brand new sound for Interpol. They still sound most definitely like Interpol. The  band that you have either fallen in love with or never liked to begin with. As one of those that actually likes Interpol, I am liking the new album. Like most albums, it took me a couple listens. On about the third listen on my headphones I was hooked. I don't think they will ever be able to top what was their first album "Turn on the Bright Lights." I still remember when my friend at Matador told me about this new band "Interpol" that they had just signed. She told me that I was going to absolutely love them. And she was right. This may seem like old news now, but at the time it was  exciting to hear a band that sounded like some new indie version of Joy Division. Now there is a whole new group of bands that have ripped of Interpol ripping off Joy Division. But at least they sort of did it first.

 The songs are still dark and atmospheric. It should not really upset any fans. The first single off the album is the "Heinrich Maneuver." I have already moved on to "No I In Threesome" which I am guessing might be the next single. The last song on the album is also really awesome. "Lighthouse" kind of makes me think of the Pale Saints maybe mixed up with some Spaghetti Western style soundtracks. Carlos D has been working on his new hobby of scoring films, so it is not really surprising to find a song like this on the album. Nobody really needs to worry if Interpol has sold out or not. It would have been nice to see them stay with the label that gave them their start. But they needed to move on. It was just the natural progression of a band like this. Interpol are a band that are meant to conquer the world. This album should get them a bit closer.

Also out today is the brilliant new album from Ulrich Schnauss, "Goodbye." I have had this album for about a month now and have become obsessed. It really is brilliant. This is his third full length for Domino Records. I got into Mr. Schnauss by listening to his second album "A Strangely Isolated Place." But this new album is really what did it for me. He creates brilliantly textured ambient ethereal albums. Imagine what you wanted bands like Lush, Chapterhouse, and Slowdive to become. Imagine an even more ethereal version of Cocteau Twins but a bit more electronic. It really is that good. And every song is awesome. You will not be able to stop listening to this album if you are a fan at all of any of the bands that I just listed. There are not really that many bands that are still able to capture that brilliance that was the shoegaze 90's. But somehow Ulrich manages to capture all of that and somehow even improve on it. The second track on the album "Shine" is really what got me obsessed. It might just be my new favorite song of all time. I like it that much.  The songs with the vocals on this album tend to be my favorites. "Shine" features Rob Mcvey and "Stars" features Judith Beck on vocals. But all of the songs on this album are beautiful.

You need to imagine like "Gala" and "Spooky" era Lush. "Pygmalion" era Slowdive.  "Whirpool" era Chapterhouse. Then imagine all those mixed together. Only its better than you just imagined. This man from Germany manages to compose all this on computers and keyboards. And it sounds so organic and human. This music is like electonic emo to me. Very emotional, yet electronic. I can't get enough of it. This album will surely make you fell as good as it is making me feel. It is what music is supposed to do. Kind of like therapy. It gets inside your soul and fixes you all up. I can't really imagine what this guy sounds like live. But I will be there. Even if I have to fly to Germany and track him down and make him play live for me in his house. I might be a bit obsessed with Mr. Schnauss. But isn't that how really good music is supposed to make you feel?

also out today...

"Family Tree" by Nick Drake

"Super Taranta" by Gogol Bordello

"All the Sweet Stuff" by Gravy Train!!!

"Werewolves & Lollipops" by Patton Oswalt

"Zeitgeist" by Smashing Pumpkins

"Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga" by Spoon

"Marry Me" by St. Vincent

"My Secret is my Silence" by Roddy Woomble