Twilight Dance Series 2010 on Santa Monica Pier

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Twilight Dance Series 2010! Start off your Labor Day weekend with an amazing night of free music at the Santa Monica Pier! Dr. John will be performing at the closing night this Thursday night, September 2nd, at 7pm. It's an amazing opportunity to see this Louisiana icon for free! 

Visit Amoeba's booth at the pier and enter our raffle contest for a chance to win a portable turntable and a $100 gift certificate or 'spin to win' our prize wheel for a chance to win gift certificates, Dr. John's new CD, and more! It's a dollar a spin and everyone who donates will receive a special coupon to use at Amoeba's store in Hollywood.  To commemorate the 5th anniversary of Hurrican Katrina, all proceeds from our contests will be donated to the New Orleans Musicians Fund and Tipitina's Foundation. We'll also have CDs to for sale and cool Amoeba stuff to give away. Come down and be a part of this amazing evening! Click here to learn more!

A Year in the Life of Amoeba Hollywood -- Year of Sanitation, the Potato, the Frog, the Planet Earth, Languages, Intercultural Dialogue & the Rat

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Baby New Year Foundling 

2008 The Year in Review

silent running poster jason x poster lake house poster
movies set in 2008

Well, first of all, I’d like to point out what 2008 wasn’t. I mean, probably 2000 and 2001 are the most famous years of the oughts in speculative fiction. However, 2008 also piqued the imagination of Science-Fictionalists. Silent Running didn't resemble my 2008 much, although something kept knocking the ficus in my back yard over which did make me angry. I didn't hear about anything that fit in with the prophecies offered in Jason X. But perhaps no speculation about what 2008 would be like was the 2006 film, The Lake House. I mean, come on. They really thought that in just two years we'd have magic mailboxes that would allow us to send love letter to the past. People get real!

ajax and cassandra billy joel
Cassandra moaning about something                                                                  I don't know