50 Favorite Albums of 2011

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Aaron Detroit, Buyer at Amoeba Hollywood. As you may know, I've worked in Hollywood for 8 years, but started my time with Amoeba - way back in 1998 -  at the San Francisco store. This is my extensive list of 2011 releases that I fell in love with or had hot and heavy affairs with this year.

50 Favorite Albums of 2011

  1. Wild Beasts Smother

In 2008, Brit quartet Wild Beasts released their shaky-legged -but- stunning debut, Limbo Panto. In the four years since, the band has released two thoroughly dazzling masterpiece full-lengths of deceptively delicate indie rock, lyrically bent towards looking in the dark recesses of the heart and libido, largely sung by co-vocalist Hayden Thorpe in his trademark falsetto. Smother finds the band adding a new restraint to their arrangements that allows the tension in the lyrics to hit with hair-on-end chills. It is a singular LP by a singular band that I expect will eventually reach a Radiohead-level stratosphere. 

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out this week 10/25 & 11/1...Blouse...The Soft Moon...

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I have been a huge fan of the label Captured Tracks since I first heard anything on that label. There are just some labels that you can always count on. You can trust them to bring you the best of a particular genre. I can honestly say that I love Captured Tracks. They released two of my favorite albums last year by The Soft Moon and Wild Nothing. They both ended up in the top ten of my Top 50 Albums of 2010. I have been closely following this label ever since I first discovered them. If you are a fan of shoegaze and what it has evolved into in the recent years then this label is for you. The releases on this label tend to be on the dark side of things. The label really is as consistent as a label like 4AD. Maybe even more so. I have yet to be disappointed. In November of last year Captured Tracks released the Golden Haze EP by Wild Nothing and the Land & Fixed album by Blank Dogs. Idle Labor by Craft Spells was released by Captured Tracks this last April. And I of course fell in love with this album as well. It is dreamy and gazey and just a beautiful little album. A bit more pop music than the releases from The Soft Moon and Wild Nothing. But still a fantastic album. The excellent Soft Metals album was released in August of this year. Captured Tracks has done it again and released two new albums this first week in November. A new EP from one of my favorites The Soft Moon. And the debut album from Blouse.

I am really happy to have some new songs by The Soft Moon. I really have probably listened to the self titled album too much. I just couldn't stop. But now we have a new EP from the brilliant Soft Moon. It is dark and weird and the perfect album to get you ready for these winter months. The Total Decay EP is out on CD and LP.

Check out the video for "Total Decay" from the new Total Decay EP by The Soft Moon...

Also out this week is the debut album from Blouse. They have released a couple of 7"s over the last couple months. But the time has finally come for their debut album. Blouse are more Pale Saints meets Glass Candy than the Joy Division meets Trans Am sounds of The Soft Moon. A more dreamy and less electro version of Ladytron. They are the more dreamy side of Captured Tracks. They also have a fantastic female singer in Blouse named Charlie Hilton. I really love this new album. Which is not surprising. I really end up sounding like a broken record with my going on about my love of Captured Tracks. I just can't get enough. And this new Blouse album is beautiful. You should love it with me.

Listen to "In Black" by Blouse from the album Blouse...

also out 10/25...

Let The Poison Out
by The Beets

Mylo Xyloto
by Coldplay

Howl of the Lonely Crowd
by Comet Gain

Audio Video Disco
by Justice

by Phantogram

A Very She & Him Christmas
by She & Him

by Skinny Puppy

Essential Phil Spector
by Phil Spector

Live Music
by Strange Boys

Tarot Classics
by Surfer Blood

Fac. Dance
by Various Artists

by VNV Nation

Bad As Me
by Tom Waits

also out 11/1...

by Blouse

Long Live The King
by The Decemberists

by Florence & The Machine

Exits & All the Rest
by Girl In A Coma

by Lou Reed & Metallica

Total Decay EP
 by The Soft Moon

by Tycho

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