The Residents To Release The "Ultimate Box Set" For 40th Year Anniversary

Posted by Billyjam, December 8, 2012 09:04am | Post a Comment
There are box sets and then there is The Residents Ultimate Box Set - an extremely limited and most unique box set (technically a "fridge set") that the mysterious, longtime San Francisco experimental music/art act will be releasing on Christmas Day (Dec 25, 2012) to celebrate their 40th anniversary that began with their first ever release, 1972's "Santa Dog" single.

The one-of-a-kind (very expensive) celebratory box set, that is fittingly been billed as the Ultimate Box Set, will include that single as well as pretty much everything else the band has done, and all in their original pressings ("563 songs...40 vinyl LPs, 50 CDs, and dozens of singles, EPs, DVDs, and CD-ROMs plus other releases" - they promise in their press release).

The Residents' "Ultimate Box Set" (see video below with full breakdown) will not come in a box but in a refrigerator packed with over a hundred items that include early era music videos and a Residents' trademark eyeball-with-top-hat. But before you plan on adding this set to your collection be forewarned of the sticker price of $100,000 for the set! Yes one hundred thousand US dollars! And no the unique box set, which will only be issued in ten sets, will not be sold at Amoeba Music. It will go on sale on Christmas Day exclusively on the avant-garde group's website. However if like most of us who cannot afford to fork over a hundred thousand for a cool collection you can still get the much more affordable individual Residents releases from Amoeba Music: releases such as 1987's Hell! CD  or 2005's Animal Lover LP or the very recently released Eskimo album (pictured right).

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