New "What's In My Bag?" Episode with Nergal of Behemoth

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Nergal of Behemoth What's In My Bag? Amoeba Music

Nergal, singer and guitarist for Polish black metal band Behemoth, was recently at Amoeba Hollywood and shared with us the stories behind his two box set picks, as well as why he thinks it's important to buy records. "I just think it's right to buy stuff, to support it," he says. "I'm happy when people buy my records."

Behemoth was founded in 1991 by Nergal (né Adam Darski), drummer Baal, and guitarist Desecrator. They released their debut LP, Sventevith (Storming Near the Baltic) in 1995. The band's profile grew with the release of their second LP, Grom, and its follow-up, Pandemonic Incantations. They made their live debut in the United States in 2003; shortly after this tour, Danzig invited Behemoth to join the Blackest of the Black tour. The group's latest release is 2014's The Satanist.

A mainstay in the death and black metal worlds, Nergal is set to release the debut LP from his nascent folk project, Me and that Man, March 24, 2017 on Cooking Vinyl. His memoir is titled Confessions of a Heretic: The Sacred and the Profane: Behemoth and Beyond. Nergal is a coach on the reality talent show The Voice of Poland. He has collaborated with Nile, Mastiphal, Ex Deo, and many other black and death metal bands.

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Boris: Heavy, New and Noteworthy

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It may seem like Boris has been keeping uncharacteristically quiet of late, but get ready kids! This summer will be anything but restful for the tempestuous trio, what with a US/Canada tour kicking off in San Diego later this month and a handful of new and noteworthy releases, not to mention the latest news that Boris has surprisingly teamed up with the Cult frontman Ian Astbury. Merely imagining how frightfully massive Astbury's god-like vocal contribution to Boris' patent wall of sonic, hard-rocking excess could be on BXI --- their collaborative EP to be released by Southern Lord on CD and 12" this September --- has got this fan all in a fluster of anticipation. The audience-realness perspective of the video below aside, if seeing this new Boris/Cult thing unfold onstage via a cover of the Doors "This is the End" doesn't spark your fire then you ought to get your tinderbox checked.

Until they grace the stage in my hometown I'll have to make do with the latest imported Boris offering, Variations + Live -- a deluxe greatest hits CD of sorts comprised of several re-recordings and reinterpretations of thirteen well-loved Boris rockers featuring part/full-time axe-master Michio Kurihara on guitar and a bonus DVD of the band playing live in Japan. If Heavy Rocks and/or Akuma no Uta is/are among your most treasured Boris albums this'll have to be a must-have, as the newly recorded versions of "Korosu," "1970" and "Naki Kyoku" shalt surely melt ye face. Variations + Live is available now at Amoeba Music in San Francisco; act fast. 

If you're looking for something newer and slightly heavier, get off the couch next Tuesday and come on down to pick up Chapter Ahead Being Fake, the new Torche/Boris split 12" on Hydra Head Records. Sure, the union of Torche and Boris carries less surprise than the impending Ian Astbury jam, but the prospect is none-the-less delicious. And it's no mistake that this little gem drops the same day as the Melvins/Isis split 12" (also on Hydra Head), as there has been talk that what spurred the split sparked from the idea that Torche and Boris represent "proof of Melvins' children," or so says Tadashi of Daymare Recordings. Chapter Ahead Being Fake having already been released in Japan for quite a while, it is about time we get to hear "Luna," a twelve minute space-rock track that would've been the first new material from Boris since 2008's Smile if it had ever been released stateside. All the same, it feels good to be looking forward to not just any summer, but a Boris-heavy summer!

what is coming out today 7/24...U.N.K.L.E...

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I had almost forgotten about Unkle. It seems so long ago that "Psyence Fiction" came out. I guess 1998 was almost 10 years ago. If you remember correctly, this album was huge. These were the years when Electronica was breaking through to the mainstream. This was one of the albums that really put the genre on the map and made people start noticing electronica acts as artists. One of the reasons they got so popular is because they combined all these different genres into one album. With the help of DJ Shadow they incorporated sounds of hip hop with dance. Trip Hop had already been created and this had been done before. But Unkle also brought in major popular rock vocalists such as Thom Yorke from Radiohead and RIchard Ashcroft from The Verve. Like many new fans, this is what first made me check out the album. I was obsessed with Radiohead and The Verve. So I was obviously going to check out anything that they were attached to. I did not pay much attention to their second album out in 2003. But I am again finding myself listening to Unkle.

The new album is "War Stories." There is also a larger special version that comes in vacuum sealed plastic. I think they made it with one of those vacuum sealers that they advertise on infomercials. This time, we have vocals by Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, Autolux, Gavin Clark, 3D of Massive Attack, the Duke Spirit, and Ian Astbury of The Cult. Ian Astbury is actually on two tracks. "Burn My Shadow" and "When Things Explode." So far they seem to be my two favorite tracks. Maybe this is because I have been a big Cult fan for a very long time. I sort of keep it a bit of a secret. But I really do love myself some Southern Death Cult, Death Cult, and Cult. His vocals, especially here, sound a lot like Jim Morrison. He has one of those voices that is very recognizable. I could not really imagine these songs working until I actually heard them. It ends up working beautifully. His voice fits in nicely with the orchestrated electronics on the album.

However, it is not just the Ian Astbury songs that are making me like the album. It is actually kind of a loud sort of rock album. It might make some people upset who are expecting a 90's trip hop album. But I really do like it. And I am still a bit surprised. I really went into this expecting to not like it. But the folks of Unkle managed to prove me wrong. I actually really like the album. But I do keep going back to those Ian Astbury songs. I am going to for sure listen to some Cult tomorrow.

Also out this week is a new EP from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. As a big Yeah Yeah Yeahs fans, I am happy to take anything that they give me. The songs on this EP were written in 2004 in between touring for "Fever To Tell." The songs are "Rockers to Swallow," "Down Boy," "Kiss Kiss," "Isis," and "10x10." Three of the tracks were featured on the live DVD "Tell Me What Rockers to Swallow." The version of "Down Boy" is amazing. It sounds like everything you want the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to sound like. Karen O is really one amazing lady. If you have never seen her live it is really hard to get the whole Yeah Yeah Yeahs obsession. Shehas an absolutely amazing stage presence. When I saw them at the Fillmore a couple of years ago she ran back and forth from each side of the stage during every song. She seemed so excited to be up on stage performing for us. And the songs always sound fantastic live. She is just one those ladies that loves to be on stage. Or she at least comes off that way. I also got to meet her briefly when she stopped by Amoeba a couple of years ago. She was super nice and a little awkward. Kind of what I expected.

At least three of these songs will be familiar to fans who have seen them live or at least seen the DVD. The songs are just as good as any that made it on the last two albums. But "Down Boy" really does stand out as the best. I can't stop listening to it. This EP only leaves me wanting more. I am not sure how long we will have to wait for a new album. But at least we have something to help us get through the period while we are waiting.  They are also going to be releasing a new DVD soon of a live show.

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