New 12"s @ Amoeba Hollywood 7/22 - The Sight Below, Iron Curtis, Levon Vincent, Sven Weisemann, Justin Vandervolgen & more

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The Sight Below
Glider 2LP

There’s a beating heart buried in the cold landscape of Glider, a warm 4/4 pulse that enervates the album’s echoing, looped drones and pulls the listener swiftly through the snow. By pinning barely-there electronic beats to his wisps of guitar melody, the Seattle-based producer turns ambient music into a hybrid strain of breathtakingly intimate, small-scale dance music. There’s a separation of elements in The Sight Below’s songs that’s almost meteorological in nature: Tendrils of treated guitar trail lazy patterns in the sky like the Aurora Borealis (“At First Touch”), flicker in the distance like heat lightning (“Dour”), or expand and contract like time-lapse cloud formations (“Life’s Fading Light”); running along beneath, nearly obscured by the airborne phenomena, is an ever-present beat, which ranges from the mud-puddle throb in “Without Motion” to the tiny, insistent high-hats in “A Fractured Smile.” The tracks evolve at a deliberated pace, but as the tones overlap and the rhythms build, time oozes to a halt and hangs in blissfully frost-bitten suspended animation. With Glider, The Sight Below has created a work of vertiginous sonic depth and exquisite melancholy: techno music for a dark, brooding night.

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Iron Curtis

Goma EP– San Soda / Mano Le Tough 12"

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New 12" Releases @ Amoeba Hollywood 3/1 - Locussolus, Moritz Von Oswald, Benoit & Sergio, Sven Weisemann, Golf Channel & More

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Harvey presents Locussolus
I Want It 12”
International Feel

Harvey is back with the third and final installment of his Locussolus adventure before his album release. "I Want It" tells the story of midsummer heat that builds into a cacophony of phuture discostep tension and shuddering, dubbed-out synths. "Next To You" finds the Disco Administrator in a slinky mood, with Harvey's crooning bedside manner competing with sultry female vocals. This is liquid funk/nocturnal vibes for lovers, Harvey-style.

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Moritz Von Oswald
Horizontal Structures 2LP
Honest Jon’s

Gatefold 2LP version. This is the third album by The Moritz von Oswald Trio, comprised of members Moritz von Oswald (Basic Channel, Rhythm & Sound), Max Loderbauer (NSI, Sun Electric), and Sasu Ripatti (Vladislav Delay, Luomo). This time, the album is enriched and expanded by guitar contributions from Paul St. Hilaire (also known as Tikiman), and double bass courtesy of Marc Muellbauer (via ECM). Horizontal Structures is palpably a more open, more expressive album than the previous studio recording, Vertical Ascent. There is more contrast, more light and shade. St. Hilaire and Muellbauer add fresh drama and swing to the intimate tonal and rhythmic interactions of the core grouping. The coherence of the five-piece is remarkable, the boundary between acoustic and electronic undone. The group's evolution is firmly signaled in the opener, "Structure 1." There's a lush, romantic quality to the playing and arrangement that has not been heard before: the guitar licks have a bluesy lilt, the bass imparts melody as well as physical presence, the synth sequences are more painterly, looser somehow, and Ripatti's percussion roams feelingly. "Structure 2" is like '70s spy-flick jazz or groove-heavy Krautrock stripped to its barest essence, Loderbauer and von Oswald's electronics glistening in a sticky cobweb of reverb and delay. The languidly stepping "Structure 3" faintly recalls von Oswald's work with Mark Ernestus as Rhythm & Sound, with St. Hilaire's chords hanging thick above bone-dry drum machine drift. Lastly, "Structure 4," the track structurally closest to techno, is pervaded by a sense of mischief, with Muellbauer's strings -- plucked, bowed, scraped -- coming to the fore. For all its complexity, this is also a very playful album, and the Trio's increased confidence and empathy as improvisers allows them to indulge flights of percussive fancy, sudden about-turns, and vectors into the unknown. Horizontal Structures sounds, above all else, free.

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New 12" Releases 11/11 @ Amoeba Hollywood - Roman Flugel, Christopher Rau, Stefan Goldmann, Dj Sprinkles, SCB & More...

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How To Spread Lies 12"

The many faces of Roman Flügel (aka Eight Miles High aka Soylent Green aka ½ of Alter Ego) have always been one of the main influences of the eclecticism of Dial Records. Besides his inspiring DJ sets, which were always steps ahead of their time, Flügel's productions have been the key to a better world in modern music. Whether it was techno, house, jazz or ambient, Flügel's research into sound and structure has always been an overwhelming experience.

Superbacon 12"

Copenhagens Tomas Barfod and Kasper Bjørke hardly need introducing… for over a decade, they have been making music, together and separately, with releases on some of the most respected labels around. Still, their first release under their new moniker, Bjørke & Barfod -- their first 12″ together in years -- has a new sound perhaps best described as symphonic disco-trance and definitely marks a turning point in their collaboration. Maybe it`s the fact that they have had a few years' break from working together in the studio, while taking time to focus on solo outputs and, in Barfod's case, band life with WhoMadeWho; or maybe it's because they discovered some ancient herb in the tent of some hippie at Roskilde Festival after they played a marathon this summer; in either case, Superbacon EP has a genuine freshness to it that has already gotten some serious hype. Superbacon is an epic bigroom track, still with enough livedrums and sexy house elements to make it work in smaller clubs as well. In other words -- a stealth “debut” release on Mirau.The remix of Cauliflower comes from Brooklyn's finest, Runaway (DFA), that brings rave back in a big way. The EP is named after the new party concept that Bjørke & Barfod take to the clubs around the globe representing the finest from the Danish clubscene… Because as you all know, crispy pork is the prize export of Denmark.

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New 12" Electronic Releases at Amoeba Hollywood - 06/20/09

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New Electro/Techno 12"s Coming this Weekend:

Black Meteoric Star 

Latest project by longtime DFA alumni GAVIN RUSSOM, inspired by Euro-disco, wonky early electronic body music and global psychedelic rock. "DEATH TUNNEL" is a hot club cut just waiting to be unleashed, while the flip "WORLD EATER" is a more mid-tempo groover with a strong EBM lean.

Sven Weisemann SHOVE EP 12" ARTLESS2193 

This 6 track EP is a mixture of deep electronic journeys of dub and tech, with a surprising chunky IDM mover (peep track 5) that comes out of nowhere into the forefront. SVEN never disappoints with his keen ear for digital landscapes and fresh musical concepts.

Amy Winehouse THE SKA COVERS EP 7" AMY7001



Fort Knox Five Set 000-009 + 017 10X12" FKXBOX0TO9

Lily Allen THE SKA EP 7" LILY7001

Nightmares On Wax WAX ON RECORDS V2 12" WAX12007

DJ Cam's Bouncer Crew SMOKESUM EP 12" KIFHH111



Otto Von Schirach BASS LOW 12" BASSHEAD002

Pet Shop Boys DID YOU SEE ME COMING 12" 12R6772

Purple Brain 3 TRACK EP 7" + MIX CD RVNGMX7SEVEN   





Orphx Division SURGEON & SUBSTANCE 12” SG0936