Comparing Bowie's and Hadfield's Versions of "Space Oddity"

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Commander Chris Hadfield "Space Oddity" (2013)

Talk about a viral video! When I first viewed the above YouTube video of astronaut Chris Hatfield's outer space version of David Bowie's classic "Space Oddity" on Sunday, the day it was first uploaded, it had something like 200,000 views which was pretty impressive. But now, only two days later, it is almost at seven million YouTube views! That is almost the same number that David Bowie's original 1969 video version of his song  has racked up since it was uploaded to YouTube seven years ago. But the reason no doubt for the viral success of the new revised version of "Space Oddity" is understandable.

Not only is it a genuine spaceman the perfect person to cover this Bowie song but wow, what an amazing spectacle that Commander Chris Hadfield on board the International Space Station can share from his unique vantage point in outer space. Just as important is that Hadfield is a pretty darn good singer and truly does the song justice, regardless of who and/or where he is. For proof compare his version above with Bowie's version below. Meanwhile you can buy Bowie's rendition of his own song (both live and studio versions) directly from Amoeba available on various releses including the 2009 release Space Oddity (40th Anniversary) LP version.

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In July 1969 David Bowie released "Space Oddity" (see original video below) and now, forty years later, anyone can remix the song on their iPhone or iPod Touch with the Remix David Bowie Space Oddity Application powered by iKlax which was very recently made available for purchase. This marketing launch, of course, strategically ties in with the 40th anniversary of Man's first steps on the moon. According to the marketers,"'Space Oddity' has become cult material, marking David Bowie's career forever. Moreover, the track was broadcasted along with the live images from the moon landing by the BBC as Apollo 11 and Neil Armstrong made history. By choosing the iKlax multitrack iPhone application for "Space Oddity"'s own 40th anniversary, David Bowie provides a unique experience to his fans.

The remix application contains the original soundtracks for each and every instrument used in the song, letting users vary the volumes of the voice, the 12 string guitar, drum & bass, mellotron, organ, violin and orchestra, as well as save each new remix. Oh yeah, and it also has a fun feature whereby you can shake the iPhone to get new sounds, as shown above.