New "What's In My Bag?" Episode with Waxahatchee and Allison Crutchfield

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Waxahatchee & Allison Crutchfield What's In My Bag? Amoeba Music

Though twin sisters and ex-bandmates Allison Crutchfield and Katie Crutchfield (aka Waxahatchee) have gone their own ways musically, the two are still on the same wavelength when it comes to buying records. During a recent visit to Amoeba Hollywood, the two musicians had a lot to say about both their own selections and the albums the other one picked. Holding up the self-titled album by Lucinda Williams, Katie calls it "the greatest record cover of all time." The album art features a black and white photo of Williams, who is clad in a black biker jacket, and the album title written in red cursive. "Lucinda Williams is a whole thing for Allison and I," Katie continues. "She's probably my favorite songwriter of all time."

Tourist In Town Amoeba MusicAllison and Katie Crutchfield began playing music together in their early teens before developing their own flourishing solo careers. Allison makes synth-led indie rock while Katie's band, Waxahatchee, performs indie rock with a folksier bent. Allison has contributed keys and percussion to some of Waxahatchee's recorded output while Katie has contributed vocals to Allison's solo debut, 2017's Tourist in this Town.

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My Promiscuous Cochlea: Everyone My Ear Took Home in 2014

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Vinyl isn't cheap, nor is is tawdry, so the collecting of it has become much more a matter of discernment than it used to be.

The following is a list, alphabetical, perchance by merit, of the vinyl (new titles and re-issues) that made the cut in 2014. It doesn't presume to be a "Best Of," as I am very aware of the peculiarities of my particular set of listening apparatuses. It is a list of the vinyl that my scattershot attention locked on to, brought home and allowed to bed down in the limited space that I allot for records in my home.

amen dunes love sacred bones

Love (Sacred Bones)

Folky, trippy, with that under-water production we've heard from the likes of KURT VILE, except where VILE is stoned and hanging with his buddies, AMEN DUNES' Damon McMahon is lost in a vast open space, deep in the mushroom and calling "Marco Polo" to the night sky. Stark and brittle while somehow managing to remain lush. I don't think I listened to any album of 2014 as often as I've listened to this.


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Best of a Rapid Decade: One per year plus a few too good to not mention...

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In recently trying to fill in a friend on what I'd spent the last year or two listening to, I realized that my personal taste tends to gravitate towards some element of either Folk form (any hint of hill-folk finger-pickin' or Ozark/Appalachian melancholy and I'm in), Psychedelia or the tendency to extend a theme for a good long jam (a category in which I include a lot of the Jazz that I like), or just a great, funky groove.

With those qualifiers in place, the following is a year by year review of the last decade which somehow got past me with out noticing it. I mean, really?!! 2010?!!!  I didn't see it coming: 

2000: Album of the Year

Air's enjoyable and wacky Moon Safari had been on the decks for a couple years before they contracted for the soundtrack to Sofia Coppolla's Virgin Suicides. The resultant score is absolutely sublime and marked the French electronauts as contenders to watch.

For myself, it was the defining sound of the millennium's new year.

Shelby Lynne released a killer country-soul gem, I Am Shelby Lynne, that echoed early material from the likes of Bonnie Raitt. Thinking that it was a brilliant debut from a talented 32yo unknown, I was eventually shocked to find that it was her 6th album. I listened to it for months.

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