Amoeba Hollywood World Music Chart July 1st-12th

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Amoeba Hollywood World Music Chart July 1st-12th

1. Aventura- The Last
2. Los Amigos Invisible- Commercial
3. V/A- Panama! Vol. 2
4. Manu Chao- Clandestino
5. V/A- Nigeria Special: Modern Highlife, Afro-Sounds and Nigerian Blues
6. Federico Aubele- Amatoria
7. V/A- Nigeria Disco Funk Special
8. V/A Rudo Y Cursi Soundtrack
9. Oumou Sangare- Seya
10. Wisin & Yandel- La Revolucion

The Amoeba World Music charts for July 1st- 12th shows that if it isn’t Latino, it’s Africano. With the exception of Manu Chao, the rest of the releases come from either Latin America or the continent of Africa. Coming in at #1, as expected, was Aventuras The Last, which has slowed down just a tad since its initial release. Los Amigos Invisibles comes in at number two, followed by yet another Soundway compilation, Panama! Vol. 2. In fact, the Soundway label not only has three releases in our top ten, but several releases in our top twenty-five. The Panama! Vol. 2 compilation ranks up there with the excellent Colombia & Nigeria Special Series. This comp focuses on the post-Panama Canal Caribbean, Afro-American and South American influences on Panama. At this point I have to say it’s better and a bit deeper than Vol.1.

The number six slot goes to the Argentine folk-electro Federico Aubele and number eight to the the Rudo Y Cursi soundtrack. I finally got to check out the movie after many people I respect gave it a poor review. I thought it was good, but noticed that the Spanish to English translation was spotty at best. If one had to rely on subtitles for the movie, I could understand why the movie was underappreciated.

At number nine is Oumou Sangare, another great voice from the Mali region. This is her first album in quite some time. I have been looking forward to seeing her perform one day in Los Angeles, but, as with most African and Latin American artists, visas are hard to come by these days, although it’s not like the Bush administration post 9-11 days, during which they flat-out refused to issue visas to most non-European artists. Now, they will eventually grant the visas, but it takes so long to grant them that most artists have to cancel their tours that they have planned in the U.S. The latest victims of the new administration have been Orchestra Baobab from Senegal and Silvio Rodriguez from Cuba. Silvio was invited to play Pete Seeger’s 90th Birthday celebration in May, only to be granted the visa way too late to be part of it. Orchestra Baobab was to perform at the Santa Monica Pier, an event that Amoeba had a booth at, but it was also cancelled. Music has no borders, but unfortunately, nations do.

Hot new releases, ready to enter the charts:

V/A- ANALOG AFRICA No.5 - Legends Of Benin
V/A- Black Rio 2
V/A- The World Is Shaking: Cubanismo From The Congo, 1954-55
Chico Sonido- S/T
Bomba Estereo- Blow Up