Westwayz Compilation Series Producer Salvatore Talks About His Bay Area Rap Series

Posted by Billyjam, June 29, 2011 01:31pm | Post a Comment
The recently released Westwayz Compilation 4, a recommended collection of Bay Area hip-hop by some of its better known longtime rap artists, is the fourth and latest in an ongoing series of Bay based music produced by North Bay studio professional Salvatore. Over the past decade Salvatore has been recording & then releasing Bay Area rap collections featuring some of the most renowned longtime names in local rap.  For Westwayz Compilation 4, which is available at Amoeba Music, the producer has gone back into the vaults and dug up acapellas by the likes of Andre Nickatina, the late great Mac Dre, Totally Insane, Rappin' 4 Tay, and Cellski.  Previously released in different versions, Salvatore rearranged these vocal tracks and added new music tracks he recently produced.  He also included a couple of his instrumentals on this latest collection. This week I caught up with the Bay Area producer to talk about his production process and the Westwayz Compilation series.

Amoeblog: This is part 4 and is billed as a remix. So can you tell me about the history of your compilation series?

Salvatore: Yes, I released three other albums over the years. It was a great experience for me. There’s some parts of this game you really have to experience first hand to understand. The opportunity to work with some of the great people that I did really is priceless now that I look back. With this new album, I decided to remix some of my favorites that I have produced in the past with a few extra bonus tracks.

Amoeblog: Were the vocals on this compilation all released in the past but in different versions or are some of the vocal parts been heard for the first time?

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