Merry Christmas, Christmas Realness!

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Merry Christmas everyone! There's nothing like waking up on Christmas morning and getting all dolled up for the ultimate day of zenith-level holiday season revels! Here are a few of my favorite Christmas looks from some of my all time favorite famous people. 

Joan Rivers
' oversize sweater worn for the Pee-Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special (also starring Grace Jones, k.d. lang and Cher) is everything! Though our one and only Joan exited life's temporal stage this year, her spirit continues to entertain all us Earthbound couch potatoes. Check out those shoulder pads! It's like she's smuggling stollen in there!

Sometimes I think the Christmas Realness category as we know it was invented by, and for, Dolly Parton. With numerous Christmas specials, collaborations, albums and look after look of very merry material ensembles built on holiday cheer, Dolly has embodied the reason for the season time and time again throughout her career, her flirtationship with Mr. Kenny Rogers offering some of the best looks.

Christmas chalet realness...

Santa's workshop realness...

Christmas at the food court in the mall realness...

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer realness...

Checking your sass in her Smokey Mountain Christmas special realness...

Dolly is the best, and I feel RuPaul would agree, though she has her very own Christmas realness to serve...
A fierce and fabulous holiday to all, and to all a very merry Rupaul's Christmas Ball -- if you can find it. That's the name of her hella rare 1993 holiday special starring Boy George, La Toya Jackson, Eartha Kitt, Nirvana, Elton John and many others. Be sure to check out Ms. Ru's holiday music too, henny. 

out this week 5/17 & 5/23...det vackra livet...brendan perry...robin guthrie...

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I finally got a copy of the new album by Det Vackra Livet. It has actually only been out for a couple of weeks now but I have been dying to hear this album! I fell hard for the Mary Onettes a couple of years ago when they released their second album Islands in 2009. Things sure seem to happen in cycles. The last Mary Onettes album came out about the same time as the first Cold Cave album and another Morrissey compilation and now all 3 have releases this month again! Maybe Morrissey just releases too many albums...but I don't think there really could ever be enough. Some might say that the debut self titled Mary Onettes album from 2007 is even better than Islands, and I go back and forth on which I like better but they are both essential albums that you should own. The band is from Sweden, which is reason enough to fall in love with the Mary Onettes! I am telling you, I just love Sweden. They mix an 80s sort of Ultravox and Pet Shop Boys sound with maybe somedet vackra livet Sigur Ros and the twee sounds of Belle & Sebastian.

The two brothers from The Mary Onettes have just released a new album in their native tongue -- Philip and Henrik Ekstrom are now known as Det Vackra Livet for this new project. It has all of the elements that I love from The Mary Onettes, just without the English. This is beautiful stuff. I have been really loving this new album which was released on the same excellent label that released The Mary Onettes albums, Labrador... which of course has my name right in the middle of it, so of course I was going to love this label! They have put out some of my favorites over the last decade from artists like The Acid House Kings, who also just released a fantastic new album, as well as my favorites Radio Dept. and The Legends. And Pelle Carlberg! And Club 8 and The Sound of Arrows! This label can seriously do no wrong. They have been so consistently awesome that I really don't even understand how they do it. But I thank them for it. Please do yourself a favor and check out this new album from Det Vackra Livet. You will not regret it.

Check out the video for "Viljan" by Det Vackra Livet from their new self titled album...

I didn't really start listening to the Cocteau Twins and Dead Can Dance until college, but once I started there was really no going back. They quickly became two of my favorite bands. I still listen to them both quite frequently and I still hope every day that somehow the Cocteau Twins will reunite and tour. It is possible -- more possible than my dream of a reunion by The Smiths! Probably even more probable than Kate Bush ever coming to play in Los Angeles, although Kate Bush does have a new album out next week....but I gave up all hope after she didn't tour out here for her album from a couple of years ago. I know Elizabeth Fraser still makes music every once in a while and Robin Guthrie puts out something new every couple of years or so. Robin Guthrie has just released an awesome new album from Darla Records callled Emeralds. He is basically the Cocteau Twins without Elizabeth Fraser and he always borders on New Age but I hate to use that word. It might scare some people away. His new album is another excellent work of instrumental ambient sort of songs. This new album perfect to drift off and go to sleep to. Beautiful stuff. Robin Guthrie is actually on tour right now with Brendan Perry. Brendan Perry is of course the man behind Dead Can Dance with Lisa Gerrard. I have always loved his voice but nothing can really compare to the fantastic dark and lush albums of Dead Can Dance. However, his new solo album comes really close and I was pleasantly surprised to find a great little record. His new album is called Ark and it was released by the black metal/dark ambient label The End Records. It came out last year as an import but it is finally out domestically this month. I am just always happy to have any of these people back in my life. I will go listen to my new albums by Brendan Perry and Robin Guthrie. I will go see them on this new tour and I will love every minute of it. But I will still always be hoping for an upcoming Dead Can Dance or Cocteau Twins tour. How about a double bill with both of them? I can think of nothing better. And I know I am not alone.

Listen to "Warmed by the Winter Sun" by Robin Guthrie from the new album Emeralds...

Listen to "Winter Sun" from the new album Ark by Brendan Perry...

also out 5/17...

Cat's Eyes
by Cat's Eyes

Boatman's Call
(Collector's Edition) by Nick Cave

Let Love In
(Collector's Edition) by Nick Cave

Murder Ballads
(Collector's Edition) by Nick Cave

No More Shall We Part
(Collector's Edition) by Nick Cave

False Beats & True Hearts
by Damon & Naomi

by Danger Mouse & Daniel Luppi

Euphoric Heartbreak
by Glasvegas

Beauty & the Beat:30th Anniversary Edition
by The Go-Go's

by Moby

Queens of the Stone Age
(reissue) by Queens of the Stone Age

also out 5/23...

Brilliant! Tragic
by Art Brut

by Foster the People

by Friendly Fires

by Robin Guthrie

Born This Way
by Lady Gaga

Demolished Thoughts
by Thurston Moore

by Brendan Perry

by Rupaul

You Bettah Werk! RuPaul's Drag Race

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RuPaul Charles' Drag Race is one of the most enjoyable television shows in existence. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, after years of being ignored, RuPaul has taken his career into his own well-manicured hands, fashioning a program of sheer pleasure about what he knows and does best: the art (and it is truly an art, of this I am sure) of drag. Queens from across the country (and let's not forget the incredible artists from Puerto Rico, too) gather together in an unmarked Los Angeles studio to compete under a simple banner: "May the best woman win!"

It's not just about the competing queens, though. On the show, Ru brings so much eleganza! She is truly the ultimate Mother; The program features contestants who may feel they have never fit in anywhere and introduces them to other dolls who become like family. Sure, they fight, there's some shady shade thrown, and ultimately a climactic "Lipsync for your life," but in the end, there's always Ru's constant proclamation, "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else...." as the queens take to the runway once more and dance the show out to cries of "Let the music play!" The show exists as a small utopia where all those who are labeled "different" can come together and express themselves to the max, be appreciated for who they are, and finally, dance the night away. Seeing the process unfold over each season is inspiring, fun and exhilarating. At its core, under all that makeup and duct tape, RuPaul's Drag Race is about celebrating self expression, cheesy as that sounds, and it is often quite touching to witness. It's truly a feel-good reality show, and yes, I know how oxymoronic that sounds.

And with guests and guest judges getting in on the fun over the past 3 seasons like Chloe Sevigny, Vanessa Williams, Susan Powter, Charo, Tori Spelling, and zillions more, this show is a virtual "Where are they now?" of gay icons. 

RuPaul is still making music too, in case you were wondering. He'll have a brand new album out in April called (of course) Glamazon!

RuPaul Charles, I salute you, today and every day, not just for bringing fierce Realness to the mainstream for 20+ years, but also for doing your part to spread more Realness across the entire world!

Drag Race airs on Logo Monday nights at 10, and on VH1 Tuesdays at 9, but you can watch 'em all online here.

Check out my all-time favorite moment from the show here:

Ce n'est pas un commercial

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Everyone else not covered by the above catagories!

I've just been notified that my dear friend Hedda Lettuce is currently angling for a spot on Logo's hit reality TV show RuPaul's Drag Race.

You may remember Hedda from Season 5 of Project Runway when she had the misfortune to work with fashion no-no Suede.

Do humanity a favor, won't you, and take a couple seconds to vote for her? Thanks!