Part of the Treasure Hunt – Round 5 Action Figures

Posted by Chuck, June 1, 2011 12:00am | Post a Comment

MMA action figures

The Round 5 UFC action figures are crazy little finds at Amoeba Hollywood. With exaggerated features (like over-sized Hobbit feet and Thing-sized fists, impossibly squat legs and real to life thoraxes) and really pretty startling likenesses, they are the coolest caricatures of cage fighters going . If you're a fan of the sport, you know that the astonished look in Matt Serra's face as he's pointing to his belt isn't to denote his own shock at beating the unbeatable Georges St. Pierre, but yours. The stoned  look on Joe Rogan's face is priceless. Bas Rutten is burning a hole through your liver, and he wants to punch it.

Them's good times.
I honestly cannot tell you whether these collectibles are at Amoeba because we order them, or because people bring them in at the buy counter, or what. But they are a cult fixture in my office at home, precisely because they go along in strange harmony with my vinyl and my books. Baudelaire gets on fine with Gina Carano. Giono and Brock Lesnar are a handsome pair. Somehow Rulfo's "The Burning Plains" and Diego Sanchez makes sense next to one another.  At the store, they match the random Brobee figures and Ace Freeley's or Misfits figures that are also available. Somehow there are toys that make sense to independent record stores.

The latest series, so the Round 5 website tells me, will feature not only Matt, but superstar Jon "Bones" Jones, who is MMA's Cassius Clay, and the "Outlaw" Dan Hardy, who is an Amoeba fan (check out what he found there in his What's In My Bag? video here) among others.

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