Handsome Club's favorite electronic albums of 2012

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Mikhaylo Vityk released a slew of records under his Vakula moniker this year, but the album released by Dekmantel by his Vedomir guise really stood out. Slow burning, haunting shit from the Ukrainian producer.

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Robert Hood
Motor: Nighttime III
Music Man

Raw minimal rhythmic funk music.

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Voices From The Lake

Voices From The Lake

Collaboration between the Italian duo of Donato Dozzy & Neel, beautifully crafted atmospheric techno album.

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New 12"s @ Amoeba Hollywood 8/31 - Modular Cowboy, Basic Soul Unit, Robert Hood, Theo Parrish on Running Back, & tons more

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Cheap And Deep
Rides Again 12” (Norman Nodge / Jonsson/Alter rmx) 12"
Modular Cowboy

This inaugural release on Modular Cowboy features brand new material from Cheap and Deep (a.k.a. Jay Ahern) alongside two remixes of “Words, Breaths and Pauses,” a track originally released as a limited edition 12” via Berlin’s Hard Wax shop, just prior to Cheap and Deep’s live debut at Mutek 2010. The remixes come courtesy of Berghain resident DJ Norman Nodge as well as duo Jonsson/Alter (Henrik Jonsson and Joel Alter) from the Kontra-Musik label in Sweden. The release also marks Cheap and Deep’s return to the scene, with the new track “Beautiful,” a modern take on the Chicago acid house tradition, featuring vocals by Crissy Liu with additional production by Morgan Packard.

Purchase Rides Again here:

Basic Soul Unit
Swept Up 12”
Nonplus Records

A fixture on Toronto's techno scene for nearly a decade, with releases on MATHEMATICS, CREME ORGANIZATION, and MULE ELECTRONIC, this debut on BODDIKA's NONPLUS, marks the label's move toward 4/4 techno. The title cut & "MINDSTORM" are both engaging compositions of deep techno!

Purchase Swept Up here:

Theo Parrish
Hand Made 12”
Running Back

Theo Parrish's second release for Running Back features an extended version of "Black Mist," previously-released on the rare-as-hens'-teeth Sketches release on Sound Signature. Cut on 45, it's a hard punch in the gut. Previously unreleased tracks are "Pop Off" and "Wild Out.

Purchase Hand Made here:

Back From Mystery City LP

Finally on vinyl! This second album on BEARFUNK features 10 tracks that mix "70s funk, Giallo and horror soundtracks, psychedelia, rock, classical, the avant-garde, no wave, free jazz & blues". JOHN CAGE meets JOHN CARPENTER at Studio 54?? Very dark and very cool. Don't skip this.

Purchase Back From Mystery City here:

Ashes To Machines
Resistance – Vakula 12”

The sounds of the African diaspora meet those of their European descendants on the original version. Remixes come from VAKULA, JI DRU & SANDRA NKAKE, and JUJU & JORDASH! Recondite Plan #004 12” Plangent Warm dubby techno tunes from the mysterious Berlin producer. Vakula Curves 12” Downbeat Opening with the jazzy downtempo goodness of "FOR KIRA NERIS" (actually a remix of "WITH ALL HIS MIGHT" by KIRA NERIS), this 3-tracker glides right into the luxurious, jazzy downtempo of "CURVE". "LBEAT" rounds things out with its slow experimental electronics.

Purchase Resistance here:

Kuba Sojka
Mysterious 12”

4 cuts taken from KUBA's debut double CD all previously unreleased on wax. The original version of "I CAN'T STOP" and "SO FAR AWAY" are on the A-side while "EL TROMPETISTA" and "GALACTIC RITUAL" fill the flip. All cuts show the producer's top notch skill and balance between house and techno.

Purchase Mysterious here:

122 BPM
122 BPM Compilation
Still Music

Stunning compilation from Chicago's Still Music featuring classic and lost tracks from Mitchbal Records and Chicago Connection. Gatefold DLP with beautiful artwork, 8 tracks pressed fat on vinyl - In most cases better than their original versions!

Purchase 122 BPM here:

Obtane & Giorgio Gigli
Hypothesis Of Objects Contruction (12")

Zooloft 00J is a collection of remixes taken from the label's hidden archive. Claro Intelecto, Svreca, and Brando Lupi make this release unique, bringing their own personal touch to rare and obscure recordings.

Purchase Hypothesis Of Objects here:

Robert Hood
Motor: Nighttime World 3 (3LP)
Music Man

After the legendary Nighttime World Volume 1 and Nighttime World Volume 2, Music Man is proud to be able to present you with the long-awaited Motor: Nighttime World 3. With Motor: Nighttime World 3, Detroit techno legend Robert Hood returns to the project he first started on Austria's Cheap label back in 1995 and subsequently continued in 2000 on M-Plant. Fusing his trademark minimal techno into jazz-inspired moods and inflections, Hood emerges from the smoke-lit shadows of a downbeat, but not beaten, Motor City metropolis. Inspired by Julien Temple's documentary Requiem for Detroit?, Robert Hood examines the life, history and future of Detroit's motor industry and its workforce, set against a backdrop of decay, despair, hope and re-birth. Julien Temple's film is a vivid evocation of an apocalyptic vision: a slow-motion Katrina that has had many more victims. Detroit was once America's fourth largest city. Built by the car for the car, with its groundbreaking suburbs, freeways and shopping centers, it was the embodiment of the American dream. But its intense race riots brought the army into the city. With violent union struggles against the fierce resistance of Henry Ford and the Big Three, it was also the scene of American nightmares. As Hood himself states: "The situation in Detroit is making people uncomfortable, but that's a good thing if we look at it in the right perspective. It's a shaking up and realization of the condition that Detroit has been in for so long. As it was a long and slow process, people became immune to what was happening, almost asleep at the wheel. This once progressive city is now half gone. To make a new future, Detroit needs to look deep within to be able to see a new vision and thrive once more. As long as there is a seed, there is hope." Now it is truly a dystopic post-industrial city, in which 40% of the land in the center is returning to prairie. Greenery grows up through abandoned office blocks, houses and collapsing car plants, and swallows up street lights. There is no more rush hour on what were the first freeways in America. Crime, vandalism, arson and dog fighting are the main activities in once the largest building in North America. But it's also a source of hope. Streets are being turned into art. Farming is coming back to the center of the city. Young people are flocking to help. The burgeoning urban agricultural movement is the fastest-growing movement in the U.S. Detroit leads the way again, but in a very different direction. With the breakdown of 20th-century civilization, many Detroiters have discovered an exhilarating sense of starting over, building together a new cross-racial community sense of doing things, discarding the bankrupt rules of the past and taking direct control of their own lives. Still at the forefront of the American Dream, Detroit is fast becoming the first "post-American" city. And amid the ruins of the Motor City it is possible to find a first pioneer's map to the post-industrial future that awaits us all. So perhaps Detroit can avoid the fate of the lost cities of ancient civilizations and rise again like the phoenix that sits, appropriately, on its municipal crest. Includes a free CD. Three distinct inner sleeves inside 3 x 180 gram heavyweight vinyl package, housed in a deluxe outer cover.  Purchase Motor: Nighttime World 3 here:

Aquadisco (Gatefold) DLP
Ocean Moon

Spaced out aquatic afro jazz, interstellar funk, and new age disco are just a few of the ports of call on this album the SEAHAWKS describe as "SUN RA jamming with LEVEL 42 on a Caribbean yacht produced by CONNY PLANK"! One of the best chillout artists around! Limited to 1000 copies!

Purchase Aquadisco here:

Ricardo Villalobos: Dep&HapV1 2x12"
Ricardo Villalobos: Dep&HapV2 2x12"
Cos-Mes/LET'S GET LOST 17 12”
Jay Ahern & Morgan Packard: Mesa Sequences 12”
Vladislav Delay: Espoo 12"
Tiago: Soul Jam 12"
DIM: Living in Ad 12"
Square Room Heroes: Cra 12"
Gregor Tresher: About a Good 12"
Raiz/Derringer: Deception 12"
Matthew Jonson: Panna Cotta 12"
Paul Kalkbrenner, P: Das Geza 12"
J Jeweil: Bastard 12"
VA: In The City #2 12"
Boris Werner: Set It Off 12"
Olin: Finally 12"
Reggie Dokes/Child Of The Sun Cheapers: Amazeballs 12"
Anonym: Flivvers V2 12"
Xian Orphic: s/t LP
Kambo Super Sound-Don Para/Kam
Larry Heard/Black Oceans
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble/Fire
Russell Haswell/Remixes
Obsolete Music Technology/Rela
Airhead/Pyramid Lake
Forward Strategy Group/Labor
Forward Strategy Group/Labour2
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble/Bullet
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble/Bullet
Marcellus Pittman/Pieces
Matthias Heilbronn/MERCY 12”
Indigo/AYAHUASCA 12”
Andreas Gehm/WHAT'S ON UR MIND EP 12”
Brioski/LAST DAY HERE 12”
Throwing Snow/CLAMOR EP 12”

New Electronic CD Releases 7/3/09

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Temporary Suspension

Planetary Assault Systems is the legendary, harder-edged techno project from the UK's Luke Slater, and this is his first full-length effort after more than 7 years. Temporary Suspension is released as a continuous mix of 10 tracks on CD, as well as 6 single tracks on a double 12", and defies any current sound trends. However, Slater himself states that it's "time to bring the funk and intensity back in a new way. Time to open the sound again." In addition to funk and intensity, Slater manages to create an industrial strength and energy that has evolved over the years -- ranging from aggressive techno to very deep and melancholy pieces that still retain an alien feeling. The first track "Open Up" sets the pace for things to come, already, with a driving groove and a thunderstorm of synths cutting through a confusing melody of chimes. Subsequently, the loud and fast "Whoodoo" dives deep into the primordial blend of techno, using an uncompromising, metallic percussion. "Om The Def" takes the foot off the gas pedal, marking one of the album's definite highlights by using an arrangement of bongos and a funky, distorted bass line oscillating between dense and airy aggregate states. "Hold It" is an unbelievably sexy Chicago house stomper reminiscent of a modern version of an Amando track. "Attack Of The Mutant Camels" fascinates with its noise and bleep fest, complete with a decelerated rhythm and a fierce bass line. On "Gateway To Minia" he loses the beat in favor of gloomy ambient synth chords culminating in a cacophony of noise. But the album does not end here, as he brings back the kick on "Sticker Men" one last time with the crowd firmly set in his sights. Luke Slater's sonic vision on Temporary Suspension as a rough and highly energetic sound hardly comes as a surprise, as he has continually tested and pushed his musical boundaries ever since releasing his first tracks in 1989. Planetary Assault Systems has always been Luke's pseudonym for hard and uncompromising techno, and almost all of his releases on Peacefrog have become classics of the genre. Luke has never been satisfied with exploring just one aspect of music, and is well-known for his eccentricity and rebelliousness, aspects that have held his audience captive in his extraterrestrial light-beam of past, present, and future. Heavy, grinding techno cuts that will most definitely rank as the best of 2009.

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