Weekly Roundup: Young Prisms, The Cyclist, Hanni El Khatib, Mikal Cronin, Rhye, Kisses, Glow Marrow

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Young Prisms – “Runner” video

S.F.’s Young Prisms have released a video for the song “Runner,” from 2012’s In Between. For the uninitiated, Young Prisms combine hushed, reverbed out vocals with pop melody, lush synthesizers and crisp, Sonic Youth-esque guitar lines They share some elements in common with S.F.’s Tamaryn, with whom they recently toured, like the pop counterpart to Tamaryn’s oceanic soundwaves. If you haven’t yet checked them out, here’s a great place to start. They’re at the Echo in L.A. March 15 and the Chapel in S.F. March 16.


The Cyclist – “Visions” video

Though he hails from Northern Ireland, producer The Cyclist has joined the fold of L.A.-based Stones Throw and Leaving Records, who recently signed a distribution deal for Stones Throw to distribute Leaving Records titles. The mind-expanding “Visions” appeared on Dual Form, a cassette release celebrating the deal and Leaving Records’ catalog. It will also appear on The Cyclist’s upcoming debut LP, Bones in Motion, releasing March 26 via Stones Throw/Leaving. The song is accompanied by a dizzying array of colors and images that makes up its great video, directed by Miko Revereza.

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Weekly Roundup: Wavves, Thee Oh Sees, Rhye, LIZ, Secret Circuit, Francisco the Man

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Wavves – “Demon to Lean On”

L.A.-based Wavves has released the second single from his forthcoming album, Afraid of Heights, due March 26 on Mom+Pop/Warner. The big leagues haven’t softened Wavves’ crashing sound, but “Demon to Lean On” is also one of the most refined pop songs he’s released thus far, with nice touches like the occasional castanets and milky guitar in the verses. But those crushing Blue-album Weezer chords in the chorus should bring many more kids into the Wavves fold. Wavves previously released the “Sail to the Sun” single and video. They’ll be touring with FIDLAR in the Spring.


Thee Oh Sees Announce New LP

Another year, another Thee Oh Sees album. If that sounds like a knock, it isn’t — San Fransisco garage kings Thee Oh Sees have released three albums in the past two years (including last year’s Putrifiers II), all of them great, so there’s no reason to think this one won’t follow the same route. Between these guys and Ty Segall, there must be something in the water in San Francisco that makes garage bands incredibly prolific and solid at the same time. Acid, maybe. Floating Coffin is out April 16 on Castle Face.




Free Rhye Mixtape

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Weekly Roundup: Neverever, Rhye, Jason Lytle, DaVinci

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Neverever – “100 and 1 Dreams”
How did you spend your summer? L.A.’s Neverever ask us on this upside-down poolside video for their song “100 and 1 Dreams,” directed by Eric Fisher. Shot at the gloriously lo-fi, mostly kid-free Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, where you can lounge amongst other PBR-fed whatever bodies and drink yourself silly at the pool (and where Neverever played at one of their shows this summer), it does capture smeared memories of summer. The song features cleaner production for their ’50s-pop inspired sound, so elegantly stated on this year’s Shake-a-Baby EP. “100 and 1 Dreams” is from a forthcoming LP, likely on Slumberland as that’s who released Shake-a-Baby, and though I can’t find out any other info on it at the moment, safe to say it’ll be something to look for, given the quality of their previous output and this song.

Neverever - 100 and 1 Dreams from Eric Fisher on Vimeo.

Rhye – “The Fall”
L.A.’s Rhye features a seductive female vocalist singing “Make love to me, one more time before you go, away,” lingering over every word like she knows it’s pointless to ask, over a syncopated soul backbeat with deft production flourishes that makes the whole thing move breezily instead of wallowing. This is the kind of thing that sounds effortless but isn’t easy to pull off — cushy indie soul that vibes Marvin Gaye and Stereolab equally. The Fall EP is out Oct. 9 on Innovative Leisure.

Jason Lytle – “Get Up and Go”
One of iPhone’s new OS features is that you can use a full song as an alarm rather than a ringtone. If you’re looking for a great get-up-and-go song that inspires without being too cloying, look no further than this new aptly titled Jason Lytle track. It’s on his album Dept. of Disappearance, due Oct. 16 on ANTI-. So glad to hear new music from Jason Lytle, after the disintegration of Grandaddy, can’t wait to hear the rest.


– “Ultimate Playaz” (ft. D-How the Money Mayka)
Bay Area rapper DaVinci has unfortunately delayed his upcoming album The MOEna Lisa until Nov. 6, but he’s offering a free EP in the meantime here, featuring the slow, psych-rappy “Ultimate Playaz.” Dammit this song is so good. If that’s what he leaves for the EP, this album should rule.

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