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December is usually sort of a slow period for new releases.Usually by this point if it has not come out yet, it's not coming out until next year. But this year seems a bit ridiculous. I know it seems like this is what I have been talking about for the last couple weeks. I guess that is what I have been talking about. But its true. A couple more live albums. A couple useless boxsets and a couple hip hop and R & B albums. But we can always count on Bonnie Prince Billy to offer up some new type of album for us. He has probably released about 10 albums or singles or EPs this year. He also starred in an amazing Kanye West Video with Zach Galifianakis for the song "Can't Tell Me Nothing." It seriously made me so happy the first time I watched it and if you ever feel a bit sad you should just watch it.

Bonnie Prince Billy's new little album is called "Wai Notes." It is basically the demo versions of songs that made up the "Letting Go" album.  He sent songs back and forth with the lady from the Faun Fables to create what ended up being the last album. These are basically those raw songs before they were made all nice and album like. There is also a new album by The Wu-Tang Clan called "8 Diagrams" and a new album by Bow Wow and Omarion called "Face Off." I am not really sure what they are
facing off about but I really hope it has something to do with that horrible movie starring Nicolas Cage and John Travolta. You know the one where one of them gets a face transplant of the other one to infiltrate his crime organization. I am glad that it is now 10 years after this movie and medical technology has still not gone as far as they thought it would in this movie. Maybe its not far off. But I don't really want anybody to be able to switch faces with each other. Even for the good of solving a crime. Maybe Bow Wow and Omarion are just going to be covering each others songs and seeing who can do them better. Or it might just be their secret tribute to the Barbra Streisand movie "The Mirror Has Two Faces." They just gave it a more tough sounding name so nobody would know that they were secret Streisand fans.

There is also a new Radiohead box set out today. But don't get too excited. We will have to wait a couple years for any sort of real box set that Radiohead fans have been going crazy for I am sure. They may have not even know it. But they want a Radiohead box. There is more than enough material out there. We still have to wait until January 1st for the release of the new album "In Rainbows" on a real CD. But now there is a sort of pointless box with all the albums in nice little fancy digipak sleeves. No remastering or bonus tracks. Just the same albums with the same artwork. If you did want to spend a lot of  money on another one of your favorite bands, there is also a new sort of release from the White Stripes. The album Icky Thump has been repackaged as USB flash drives. It came out last week but didn't have a real street date. The flash drives are packaged in two salt and pepper shaker/lighter looking dolls that also resemble Jack and Meg White. They are extremely cute and even got themselves a last minute Grammy nomination for Best Packaging. But the pricing is way over indulgent even for a collector's item. How did USB flash drives become worth one hundred dollars. Just in case you are bit confused. You can take off Jack and Meg White's heads of the little flash drives and plug them directly into your USB port on your computer. The album downloads on to your computer as well as the artwork, lyrics, and some special extra pictures.  There is also a new Pink Floyd box set out called "Oh By the Way." It is similar to the Radiohead box in that it is their entire catalog in new packaging in a box. These are the Mini LP reproduction packaging type of deal. The box also includes some coasters and a 20" x 30" poster.

There should also be a new soundtrack out today. But for some reason someone had decided to hold back the new soundtrack to "The Golden Compass" until next year. The movie was just the top movie this weekend and will probably continue to do great through the holidays. But no soundtrack yet. At least domestically. You can get it as an import next week. And do not worry, Amoeba will have it. I just saw the movie on Sunday myself. I have been waiting a while for a new Lord of the Rings trilogy to get into. It is always fun to go to the movies and see the big crazy fantasy movies and then patiently wait a year or so for the next one. This movie is without a doubt a children's movie. It seems like they took out anything adult or even young adult-like out of the original story. But I still really enjoyed it. You just have to know what you are getting yourself into. This is what I am telling people. Just try to imagine yourself a ten year old girl before you walk into the movie theater. You will then enjoy the movie more than you could even imagine. The young girl in the lead role was really sort of amazing and I loved all the animals. The big polar bear was amazing and I found myself wanting my very own daemon by the end of the movie. Every human had their own daemon, which was sort of like a very loyal pet that also talked and followed you around everywhere. Like your own personal assistant/pet/guardian, bodyguard/spy. But it also was like your twin soul that felt what you felt. I do sort of sound like a 10 year old girl right now. But I don't know how else to describe it. The movie somehow managed to offend some religious authority types. But I can't really imagine why. They must have cut out anything remotely religious or I was just not looking that hard. The movie did feel a bit like a scientologist type story. But with even more fantasy. The closing credits featured the great Kate Bush singing her tribute to the main character "Lyra." Maybe she can win her first Oscar for the song just like Annie Lennox for her song in Lord of the Rings. But she maybe should have waited until the last film in the trilogy since that is what Annie Lennox did. Enya did not win any Oscar for her songs in the first Lord of the Rings movie. You always have to wait for the last film if you want to win any awards.

There are some exciting DVDs out this week to make up for the lack of albums out today. But still not enough for December.  Lost Season 3 comes out just in time to get everyone excited for the new season to be on TV. I do really love those Lost DVDs. Especially since I first fell in love with the series by watching the DVDs. It took me a while to really give Lost a chance. Since I missed the first couple episodes of the first season I had to wait for them to come out on DVD before I could catch up. But it really was not until season 2 came out that I had time to catch up and watch season 3 live as it aired. There are lots of special features on all these DVDs but I am still saving them for a very special rainy day. We have less than 2 months to wait until the season premiere of the new Lost season. Some time in February it will start all over. I can't wait. This is seriously the best show on TV in a long time. The box set has all sorts of great stuff just like the others. If you have not watched this season yet. Hang in there and get through it. It might start off not as good as the last season. But it really ends up being another fantastic season of episodes. It is always nice to watch a show like this on DVD. I don't mid waiting a week to watch a new episode. But it really is hard when you don't know what weeks are going to be new and what weeks are going to be repeats.

Bourne Ultimatum also comes out on DVD today. I really do love this series. It is simply just good fun action movie making. You can't really take these movies too seriously but they are a lot of fun to watch. There is also a Jason Bourne Collection Box out today with all 3 of the Bourne movies. My coworker just also made me aware that there was a TV movie called the Bourne Identity way before these movies came out. The movie starred Richard Chamberlain and Jaclyn Smith. And yes, it is out on DVD as well. The movie originally aired on TV in 1988. Just in case you forgot this was back when the Golden Girls and The Cosby Show were the top shows on TV. Back when comedies ruled the land of TV. The only shows in the top ten that year that were not comedies were Murder She Wrote and 60 Minutes. But Murder She Wrote did have its comedic moments. I sort of miss 1988. Back when TV Movies were still sort of interesting. Also from the 80's was the great horror film "Silent Night, Deadly Night." The movie came out in 1984 and is now being reissued as a sort of deluxe DVD. Like most great horror movies. It is also being remade and will probably come out in 2009.  But I am sure it will not be even close to as great as the original. It is a nice little horror movie just in time for Christmas. And for those crazy James Taylor fans, "Two-Lane Blacktop" gets a nice release on DVD. And the latest Harry Potter movie also comes out on DVD today as well. Next week we have a bit of excitement with Blade Runner coming out as 3 different version on DVD. I urge you to go see it in the theater right now. I have heard that the new print looks fantastic and as much as I love this movie I have never seen it in the theater. I am going to try and find some time this week. It is playing at the Embarcadero in San Francisco and the beautiful Grand Lake in Oakland.


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radioheadNo longer legally bound to their contract with EMI, the always innovative and forward-thinking group Radiohead have just announced that they are going to take advantage of their new found contractual freedom by doing something a little different with the release of their new album, In Rainbows, whereby at this link they are offering Radiohead fans an opportunity to download the full album and pay whatever they wish to pay per song -- with prices starting at only 1P (that's one pence Sterling). Once you visit the aforementioned link you may pre-order a download and then receive an activation code and download details by email. Note that buyers will not be able to access the actual music downloads until next Wednesday, October 10th. Consumers may also purchase In Rainbows in a hard copy 'Discbox" format which will begin shipping December 3rd. For answers to specific questions click here.


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Another great band that I learned of thanks to Amoeba Music is the super- talented San Francisco group Deerhoof, who, in my opinion, defy categorization.  Deerhoof has just posted an entire album free for downloading on the Kill Rock Stars website. Now available by clicking on this link, the thirteen songs come with this suggestion from the band members: "I don't know how long we can keep these up here, I might recommend downloading now and asking questions later."  So in other words, Deerhoof fans-- get busy ye'all. Also on that same Deerhoof ChooChooChooChooBeepBeep page of the Kill Rock Stars website are some great photos, videos, and lots of recommended reading, including the band's firsthand experience opening for Radiohead (who are diehard fans of Deerhoof) on their tour and at the Berkeley Greek Theater show (see excerpt of video footage below). 

Radiohead: Immerse Your Soul In Love

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I haven't thought about Radiohead at all in about a year, really, not since I got to go see them kill it at theGreek Theater last year in Berkeley about this time.  To be honest, I don't think about them much at all anymore, but they are one of those bands that has meant a lot to me over the years.  With news today that Radiohead's new album is nearing completion, I thought it might be the right time to build a little anticipation and revisit some of their finer songs and videos.

People always want to whine that Radiohead are overblown, that they are not nearly as great as everyone always says.  I defy those people to listen to these songs and watch these videos and tell me this band is not fantastic.  Well, I do understand that not everyone wants to listen to some white overeducated English dudes complaining about alienation and having issues with technology.  I do get that.  Maybe it just doesn't float your boat.  But please, people, don't try to tell me this isn't a great and powerful band.  To each his own.  I also recognize that by thinking and talking about how Radiohead is great, I am sounding like a regular old Record Store Nerd.  But why hide who I am?  Oh well.

Oh, and I do agree that their last couple albums have not been fully up to speed....but when you have put out albums like OK Computer and The Bends, what are you gonna do??

This is "Karma Police" from OK Computer.

Effing awesome video, right?  Usually I tend to think most videos take more away from the music than they contribute to it, but this is one of those rare exceptions where I watch it and think, "Whoa" (not to quote icky Keanu Reeves).

And what about one of my favorite songs ever, "Street Spirit"?  Remember this one?  The track is from The Bends:

Another favorite is "Pyramid Song", from  Amnesiac.  This album in total is not as consistent as others, but this song is radical:

Once I went on a cruise with my entire family.  It was right around the time this album came out and this song was stuck in my head every time I went snorkeling.  I'm a huge dork I guess, but I find Radiohead's songs so moving.  Nerd town, I know.  The rhythms in this song are just like being underwater.  Again, the creepy video for once adds to the song instead of distracting from it.  And I can't think of any other song anywhere that sounds like that. 

Now here's one of my absolute faves ever too, what a mind f*ck this one is!  Check out "Just" from The Bends if you haven't ever before.  Hey, you probably haven't watched it in years at the very least. 

Love it!  I always love how unflinchingly weird Thom Yorke is.  He is so ballsy.

I guess, listening to each of these songs, I appreciate Radiohead so much because they are smart dudes.  I enjoy their themes of dread and apocalypse and aggression.  I'm really fun at parties too, I swear!
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