Li'l Bit #8

Posted by Job O Brother, June 24, 2009 10:13am | Post a Comment
This clip was forwarded to me from my sweet Mammy, who in turn received it from one of her friends, saying it was a "video that feels really good to watch."

Perhaps I'm a cynical ol' coot, but I thought this was one of the most horrifying things I had ever seen in my life. Like, it made me feel the way directors of zombie films want me to feel, but never quite achieve. I can promise you, if this ever happens to me in any train station (or, indeed, any place of public transport) I will have a profound and thorough heart attack.


Posted by Billyjam, October 3, 2007 08:26am | Post a Comment

In recent years in many US and European major metropolitan areas various eco-friendly and anti-consumerism organizations have been staging fully legal acts of protest. One example is the above "awareness creation mechanism" in which once a month in the UK a group of anti-consumer activists all pushing deliberately-empty shopping carts ("trolleys") form a human chain of sorts as they push these symbols of consumerism in a zombie like fashion around the megamart. Thanks to Adbusters for this video posting. Incidentally, the music playing as the background soundtrack is Goldfrapp's "Lovely Head" off the CD Felt Mountain (Mute). For more information on this Whirl-Mart project click here.


Posted by Billyjam, September 29, 2007 12:00pm | Post a Comment

I love when artists or activists, or a combination of both, take creative strides to transform common everyday urban areas into something unexpected, something new and useful or entertaining, such as this time last year when fifteen related organizations across San Francisco, including REBAR, transformed parking spaces all over the city into mini-parks for one day (Sept 21, 2006) named "PARK(ing) DAY."

You may remember seeing this series of public space installations around San Francisco last year either in person or in the news. Either way, take a few minutes to check the video above for a first hand look at this citywide form of peaceful protest that delighted surprised San Franciscans. Important to note was that this powerful civic statement was done without breaking any laws. Apparently once you pay for your parking space in SF County you can do with it as you please. You gotta love it!