Guns Don't Kill People. Not These Ones By Pedro Reyes. These Guns Make Music!

Posted by Billyjam, October 23, 2012 09:20am | Post a Comment

To answer that question posed in Edwin Starr's 1970 number one hit single "War: What is It Good For?"
I propose two things good about war: Number 1: all of the former military bases such as Governors Island in New York or Angel Island in the Bay Area, that have been transformed into state, city or public park lands. And number 2 all of the weapons (from the drug war) that have been magically altered and turned into musical instruments like the violin-like, string instrument pictured above that was ingeniously crafted out of four hand guns, the barrel of a shotgun, and some other parts taken off recycled firearms. This ingenious weapon into musical instrument transformation is the handiwork of Mexican artist Pedro Reyes who has crafted an entire orchestra's worth of instruments out of old guns for what he dubbed the Imagine project.

And Reyes doesn't simply make musical instruments out of old weapons. He is also making a strong socio/political statement about the out-of-control use of illegal guns and the high crime rate in his country; mostly connected with drug cartels' grip on Mexican society. For his unique project Reyes first began working with Palas Por Pistolas (shovels for guns) which was a gun exchange campaign geared towards the residents of the crime ridden western Mexican city of Culiacán.

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