Go Niners....To Super Bowl XLVII - Rap Music To Celebrate Today's Victory by The San Francisco 49ers Over The Atlanta Falcons

Posted by Billyjam, January 20, 2013 10:15pm | Post a Comment
Was today's important victory over the Atlanta Falcons for the Niners one of the better games played by the San Francisco team? No it certainly wasn't as any San Francisco 49ers fan will readily admit after watching today's game with that nail-biting first half when the Falcons held a 17-0 lead and the 49ers defense looked far from strong.

In that stressful first half many SF fans secretly feared that today's game just might end up being a replay of last year when the 49ers fell a game short of the Super Bowl with a stunning loss to the NY Giants. But all ended well today with the Niners beating the Falcons with a 28-24 victory which means, for the first time in almost two full decades that the San Francisco 49ers will go to the Super Bowl when, on Feb 3rd in New Orleans, they will face the Baltimore Ravens (who defeated the New England Patriots 28-13 today) in Super Bowl XLVII.

In celebration of today's victory by the 49ers here are some Niners rap songs/videos to salute the Bay Area team and wish them the best in New Orleans next month. They range from the 1986 "49ers Rap," when team members including Jerry Rice got on the mic to spit some fly old school verses, up to the brand new "Niner Nation" rap by 5 year old Niners fan Sarah Redden. Also included are three rap songs from last year when hopes were high for the team. These include "City Of The Niners" by Rappin 4 Tay, San Quinn, and Tony Tag, the ever popular "Who's Got It Better Than Us?" by Bailey, and the J-Def produced "Faithfully" by Equipto, Baldhead Rick, Shag Nasty, Curt Sak, Ike Plump, and Sellassie. These are just a handful of the numerous rap songs about the Niners recorded over the years. And you can bet, in the two weeks ahead leading up to the big game, that there will be a slew of even more new rap songs about the San Francisco 49ers being recorded. GO NINERS!

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