More Tales of the City: In This Edition, Amnesiacs Spell Trouble for Midgets

Posted by Miss Ess, August 28, 2007 06:34pm | Post a Comment
So I am continuing watching the Tales of the City complete series.  Now I'm on to More Tales of the City

I have to say, it's not as good as the first series, just like everyone told me, but it is still highly enjoyable.

From Left, look-now-she's-white D'orothea, preggers DeDe, jerk face Beauchamp, new icky face Mouse, amnesiac Burke, cheese bucket Mary Ann

More Tales of the City is the second part of a 3 part mini series based on Armistead Maupin's novels about San Francisco and the lives and loves of some of its inhabitants in the 70s.

One of the most unfortunate aspects of the More Tales is that several of the characters from the original series Tales of the City have been recast, most unfortunately Michael "Mouse", one of my favorites from the first series. His replacement has a dimpled chin and a sleazy moustache.  Not exactly the sweet Brian Boitano look alike I so adored from the first series.  But whatever.  Brian, a sort of side character in the first installment, has been recast for More Tales by this aqua netted hair older looking dude. The character of Mona has been recast also.  I never thought I would miss scary tiger face lady Chloe Webb but now that she's gone I must say she added a certain gravitas to the flighty character of Mona that her much younger, less interesting replacement lacks. 

Oh, since I couldn't find pics of the cat faced plastic surgery lady for my other post about Chloe Webb, here's photographic evidence that they look alike:

That's Chloe on the left, Jocelyn Wildenstein on the right , for clarification.  Dead ringer, right?

In this series of episodes, Mouse and Mary Ann go on an exciting cruise to Acapulco!  It's fiesta time for all as Mary Ann falls for an amnesiac named Burke who (stay with me) vomits on a midget that tries to give them a rose on the beach and Mouse has an unexpected encounter with someone special.  No, really, there's a midget that gets puked on.  Really.

Mona's storyline veers off in a rather unsavory direction when, high on PCP, she is persuaded by an old lady she meets in a bus station to become a "receptionist" at her whorehouse in Nevada. Long story.  The good news is, it all turns out to make sense.  You just have to make it through 3 episodes of thinking "What the hell is hippie freak Mona doing working as a prostitute, didn't she ever hear of women's lib?" and then it gets better and you forget all about women's lib.

Beauchamp (Thomas Gibson) and DeDe's love lives are heating up as their marriage cools off even further.  Everyone is starting to find out that DeDe slept with the Chinese delivery guy and is carrying his twin babies!  Their upscale community is aghast.  Not one to be outdone by the delivery guy, Beauchamp resorts to desperate measures.

Back on Barbary Lane, Brian has moved into the child molester's top view  "pent shack" apartment and he enjoys spending his time spying out his window at other apartments.  At midnight every night, he strips for a woman he spots through his binoculars in her apartment who's also naked.  Unbeknownst to him, one night a bunch of rich bitchy queens are enjoying a cocktail party on the roof of a building and are also enjoying the view.

And of course, Olympia Dukakis is back as Anna, the lonely landlord.  Her saga unfolds much further too, but I can't say too much without wrecking it all, so I won't say anything. 

This show is scandelicious!   I can't wait for Further Tales of the City, the final installment.&