MoogFest Now In Its Tenth Year

Posted by Billyjam, December 19, 2013 07:11pm | Post a Comment


The annual MoogFest inspired by the Robert Moog invention that bears his name takes place every Spring in the same North Carolina town that houses the factory where Moog's instruments are hand-built to this day. Now in its tenth year, the MoogFest (April 23-27th in Asheville) will include daytime conference programming, with such speakers as Giorgio Moroder and Laurie Anderson, and landmark nightly performances including such headliners as Kraftwerk and Chic featuring Nile Rodgers.  It is a five-day homage to the legacy of the analog synth, the electronic musical instrument that shook things up in the 60's and helped shape the course of popular music over the past half century.

Need further proof of the influence of the 50-year-old electronic synthesizer keyboard instrument that originally cost $11,000 and that counted amongst its earliest owners The Beatles, Sun Ra, and Mick Jagger? Then check out the informative video lecture above by Cornell University professor of Sociology and of Science and Technology Studies, Trevor Pinch. Entitled From Trumansburg to Abbey Road: History of the Moog Synthesizer, Pinch's history lesson traces the five-decade history of the Moog synthesizer (including its oft mispronounced name - it rhymes with "rogue" not with "fugue") and how  Robert Moog and his Moog Music undeniably changed the course of popular music up to this day. MoogFest, which annually draws a motley crew of musicians, scholars, scientists, engineers and plain ole fans, pays homage by honoring the instrument's spirit of innovation via what organizers call "the intersection of art, music, performance and technology."

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