New 12" Releases @ Amoeba Hollywood 3/30 - Mike Dehnert, Ellen Allien, Saturn V, Stephen Beaupre, Panda Bear, Steve Bug & More

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Mike Dehnert
Framework 2LP

2LP version. Berlin-based new school techno producer, DJ and live performer Mike Dehnert releases his first album proper. In just three years, Dehnert has gone from unknown talent to underground hero with (as revered record store Hardwax calls it), his very own "raw techno" sound making waves on labels like his own imprint Fachwerk, hallowed Dutch outlet Clone Basement Series, as well as dub techno stable Echochord Colour, super reticent outlet MD2 and now Delsin, where he finds himself at home amongst the future music of talented cohorts Redshape, A Made Up Sound, Delta Funktionen and more. Framework -- as you'd expect of a man who performs genuinely live for hours, often only ever calling on his own tweaked, edited and skewed productions -- is an uncompromising album made up of pure techno tracks of the sort you'd expect to hear on the dancefloors of places like Berghain or Tresor. They go from pulsing and classic sounding to skipping and glitchy, through greyed-out and sandy via swinging and syncopated but always with a sense of restraint and control whether they are abstract, apocalyptic, atmospheric or whatever else. Drawing from a dusty, dirty toolbox of sounds, the echo-y, cavernous chambers and dusky warehouse aesthetics of Dehnert's moody music betrays the purity and simplicity of his arrangements. Although his records are undeniably functional, at the same time, they are neither nondescript nor forgettable: somehow, through masterful sound designs and an accomplished knack for blending real tension and atmosphere with his obvious Basic Channel and Berghain influences, Mike Dehnert manages to lock you into whatever mood takes his fancy with apparent ease. Make no bones about it (he doesn't), Framework is an album of tracks. Each one is made with various dancefloors in mind, and each is informed by the hundreds of hours Dehnert has spent working away in such places. The results are to-the-point without being unsubtle, each track has a job to do and does so efficiently. Whilst outlining a Framework for his many live sets to come, this debut album also makes for engaging listening and confirms Dehnert to be one of contemporary techno's most exciting current incumbents.

Purchase Mike Dehnert - Framework here

Ellen Allien
Dust Remixes
BPitch Control

After Ellen Allien's album Dust (BPC 217CD/LP) kicked up a lot of the same in 2010, it was only a matter of time until the right remixers for the album were found. No less than the crème de la crème of today's house scene were allowed to have their way with these tracks, and the results are more than fitting. This 12" features three powerful club tracks from three outstanding remixers: Ripperton, Camea and Shonky.

Purchase Ellen Allien - Dust Remixes here

Saturn V / X2
Rhythm Relics
Nation Killer Nation

Saturn V (Traxx & James T Cotton) turn out a sick wave-dipped bomb (live playing: no samples!), while X2 enter bleep warehouse-style territory with dark acid vocals. Immense.

Purchase Rhythm Relics here

Stephen Beaupre
It's Gl'amour When You Have It
Musique Risquée

Stephen Beaupré is back on Musique Risquée with a really solid record. "Gl'amour" bears his distinctive signature with a subtle use of vocals and strings colored with warm echoes layered over a big and chunky drum beat. On the flipside, "When You Have It" is an excellent way to summarize Stephen's electrifying live sets: funky, melodic hypnotic and sexy.

Purchase It's Gl'amour When You Have It here

Panda Bear
Surfers Hymn

Kompakt is honored to release the final installment from Animal Collective's Noah Lennox aka Panda Bear in a limited 7" series following previous 7"s on his own Paw Tracks, Fatcat and Domino. Surfers Hymn eases the mind like the ocean crashing against the beach. Noah's voice ebbs and flows in harmonious grace with a sample of that very sound while the blissful thump of a bass drum keeps the song together. Actress makes a rare, stunning remix appearance. Artwork by Scott Mou.

Purchase Panda Bear - Surfers Hymn

Rene Hell

The Terminal Symphony LP+CD

LP version. Includes a 40-minute bonus CD, The Hilton, featuring previously-unreleased material. Since Porcelain Opera (TYPE 077CD), his debut for Type, U.S. noisenik Jeff Witscher aka Rene Hell has put out a whole series of collaborations, 7"s, tapes and splits. Looking to his love of classical minimalism, Jeff took it as the starting point for this new record. The result is a deeply electronic rendition of a classical electronic formula; the digital and analog synthesizer and drum machine sounds that brought Porcelain Opera to life are reframed and transferred into a very different compositional structure. The Terminal Symphony is Jeff's attempt to write tighter, more composed pieces of music -- something of a reaction against the glut of long, often-flabby drone compositions that have become a mainstay in the scene. The pieces here are short, concise, and packed full of ideas that can take multiple listens to unravel, and the album as a whole is almost obsessively structured and complex. Each side of the record is composed very specifically with a beginning, middle and an end, and when we begin with the familiar grunt and grind of "Chamber Forte," it is only mere minutes before the track dissolves into the main theme of the album. An appropriate enough comparison might be arch-recluse Aphex Twin, but there is no pandering to dance music culture here. Rather, Jeff has used his enviable background in noise, punk and synthesizer music to come up with something totally removed from the current Kosmische revival. The album comes to a close with the hauntingly melancholy and purposefully referential "Adagio For String Portrait." The dancing synthetic blips that pirouette across Witscher's mournful electronic waves not only re-enforce the decades-long love affair between electronic and classical music, but help to define it in 2011.

Purchase The Terminal Symphony here

Steve Bug / Martin Landsky

Jack Is Back/V2U
Poker Flat

Poker Flat presents a split 12" by Steve Bug, with an album edit of the track "Jack Is Back," and Martin Landsky with an album edit of the track "V2U." All tracks exclusively produced for the new Poker Flat compilation Forward To The Past (PFR 027CD/LP).

Purchase Steve Bug - Jack Is Back here

My Hidden Playground

Acker Records presents a 12" from Mollono.Bass with tracks off of his debut full-length (ACKER 002CD). The lively hustle and bustle on My Hidden Playground happens in many different ways: sometimes it's the frisky bounce of hopping bass lines and stimulating house rhythms, sometimes it's the hypnotic sound structures that take you on an adventure. But above all, it's the unmistakable sound of real instruments which create that earthy, organic groove. Also includes non-album track "Ballet In The Dark."

Purchase Mollono.Bass - My Hidden Playground here

CONNAN MOCKASIN: Forever Dolphin 12”
BUDZILLUS: Der Untergang Remixes 12"
VA: Quality Street 12"
TERROR DANJAH: Air Bubble Remixes 12"
D.O.K.: Chemical Planet/Keep On Making Grime 12"
DANIEL MALOSO: Hijos De José 12"
BRUNO GAUTHIER: Existing Reality 12"
EDDIE C: We Need We 12”
DJ T. (FEAT. NICK MAURER): Burning 12"
DJ AGEISHI & ACKIN': Rain Parade 12"
TANDEM: Himmel & ääd EP 12"
WOLS: Unframe LP
JIN CHOI: You've Done Me Wrong EP 12"
VA: Deep, Real And Raw Part 4 12"
NICO PURMAN: Visions EP 12”
YOUANDME: Nightvisions EP 12"
BLOCKS & ESCHER: Shadow Play 12”