2012 Year End Best Of Hip-Hop: Part III

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This is the third and final part in the 2012 Year End Best of Hip-Hop Amoeblogs in which I do my personal top ten albums of the year, plus some other highlights of the past twelve months in hip-hop music and culture. This is all from one person's perspective and includes some losses of 2012 like Adam "MCA" Yauch of the Beastie Boys who had been battling cancer since 2009 and passed on at the young age of 47. MCA joined the ranks of such other hip-hoppers as Camu Tao who also died from cancer. Coincidentally, 2012 was the year that Bay Area graffiti fan Sonae Ponce produced the Graffiti Against Cancer event. Within a week of MCA's passing, BK rapper Tone Tank recorded a great tribute to the Beatie Boy (with cool accompanying logo - left) based on the Beasties' "Shake your Rump."

Overall in 2012, we gained much more than we lost with such things as a resurgence in the art of the skratch DJ. Best evidence of the Return of the DJ in 2012? The return of the DMC DJ battle to San Francisco and releases such turntablists as DJ Needlz and DJ Moschops (who also raps). Also in 2012 artists began to specialize more in their own respective niches. These included Oh No's guest heavy tribute album to Dolemite, Ohnomite (Traffic Entertainment). In 2012 some of the best labels making music included Mello Music and Stones Throw.

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Meta P Shares Insights on Heartfelt Tribute to His Late Twin Sister Lindsay Sbardella

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Meta P “Dragonfly (My Other Heartbeat)" (2012)

Some of the greatest pieces of art come from a place of pain and hurt and the new Matty Mischief produced track by Rhode Island rapper Meta P (aka Metaphysics) is a prime example of this. "Dragonfly (My Other Heartbeat)" (song/video above) is dedicated to his twin sister Lindsay Sbardella who passed two months ago on June 23, 2012 at age 28. The hip-hop song is a heartfelt, truly touching tribute with the surviving sibling rapping lines to his "best friend" like "nobody loves you like your twin brother in the womb together….I can't believe you're gone….. I can see you in the stars. I can see you in my mom …I hold you in my heart till me meet on the other side."  Meta P, who recently got named Providence Phoenix's "Best Rap Act 2012," is giving the song away for as a free download but he encourages people to donate in Lindsay's name to the RISPCA. "She loved animals," said the artist who has dropped such albums such as 2010's Off the Rock and Edison's Ink earlier this year. His forthcoming project is called Evolution and will such tracks as "Kill Swag" featuring Celph Titled (Demigodz). I caught up with the artist to ask him more about this touching tribute to his sister.

Amoeblog: What was the most difficult thing and what was the most rewarding thing about writing & recording this song?