out this week 1/24 & 1/31...lana del rey...gotye...big crowd...

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These next couple of months are crazy full of new albums. My top 50 for this year is seriously getting full already. Out last week we got fantastic new albums from Chairlift, Cloud Nothings and First Aid Kit. And we also had debut albums from Porcelain Raft, Big Deal and The Holiday Crowd. Did you know First Aid Kit is from Sweden!  I had no idea. I didn't even know they were sisters. Their first album from 2010 just passed me by. But I am now an official fan. Even if you think you hate folk and country music. You will become a fan of First Aid Kit. I really hope this album gets as big as the Civil Wars album from last year. It really is that good. And they are from Sweden! This album from Big Deal is also one of my recent obsessions. I just can't get enough of it even though it is a heartbreaking album. Big Deal reminds me of Carissa's Weird. They write some amazing little songs. All of them heartbreaking ballads. And I love that Mute put out this album. It really is not like anything you have ever heard on Mute. But I feel like Mute does best when they put out stuff you would not expect from them. They did release the amazing folky albums by Jose Gonzalez. And those albums were great. You have to do me a favor and check out Big Deal. A perfect album for falling in love or breaking up to.

Listen to "Homework" from the album Lights Out by Big Deal...

The Holiday Crowd just put out their debut album out last week called Over the Bluffs. This band will obviously get compared to The Smiths. But I really have no problem with that. I actually love it. I wish more bands sounded like The Smiths! They are doing the same sort of thing that The Drums did with their first album. But more jangly and without the electronics. I think people will either hate this album or fall in love with it. I have already fallen in love. But it will probably not get heard by most people unfortunately. So give it a listen. I can't stop.

Listen to "Never Speak Of It Again" from the album Over The Bluffs by The Holiday Crowd...

Out this week is a big huge new album from Lana Del Rey. Youb have probably already heard of her. And you probably already love her or hate her. Everybody has been freaking out about her "Video Games" and "Blue Jeans" singles for the last couple of months. And you most likely have seen her performance by now from SNL a couple of weeks ago. Her album Born To Die has just been released this week. I feel like I have to defend Lana a bit since everyone seems go be picking on her. She was clearly not ready for her performance on SNL. But it was really was not that bad. The songs sounded good and she didn't fall down or run off stage or anything. I am really not sure what people were expecting out of her. She just needs a better stylist and somebody needs to teach her what to do with her hands while performing. And I actually do like the new record. It is going to be one of the big pop records of the year for sure. It is sort of a mix of Duffy and Adele and Lily Allen. She will hopefully redeem herself with her live performances at Amoeba San Francisco and Hollywood next week. She is playing and signing here in Hollywood next Tuesday the 7th and at the San Francisco Amoeba on Thursday the 9th.

Listen to "Born To Die" from the album Born To Die by Lana Del Rey...

The new album by Gotye is also out this week. This is actually his third album. But the first time that both you and I have probably heard of him. But you will soon know all about him. Another big pop album for the week sounding a bit like Peter Gabriel perhaps. I have not had a chance to hear the whole album yet but I do like what I have heard so far. He does have an amazing voice.

Listen to "Smoke & Mirrors" from the album Making Mirrors by Gotye...

The new 7" by The Magnetic Fields is also out this week. I really have not liked much from them after 69 Love Songs. But my love for those earlier albums has allowed me to stay in love with them all these years. But I am excited that they are going back to their earlier sound a bit. I love the Magnetic Fields with their electronics. Stephin Merritt is always a fun and interesting songwriter. And I always do look forward to what he has to say. The new album Love At The Bottom Of The Sea is out 3/6.

Listen to "Andrew In Drag" by The Magnetic Fields...

There is so much more right around the corner. We will have new albums by The Murder City Devils, Mazzy Star and Dead Can Dance later in the year. And that is really all I would need to get through the rest of the year. But there is so much more. The new Mazzy Star 7" Common Burn finally came out last week. We are currently sold out on and at the Hollywood store. But will be getting more in the next couple of weeks.

New albums in the couple months from The Shins, Andrew Bird, Xiu Xiu, School Of Seven Bells, Sleigh Bells, Perfume Genius, CursiveThe Twilight Sad. The new Twilight Sad is out next week and it is fantastic. I have always been a fan of them. But this album has really got me obsessed. It is going to change your life. The new album by Frankie Rose is also fantastic. Slumberland has not been letting me down in the last couple of years. And the new Grimes from 4AD is going to be fighting with the new album by Trust coming out on Arts & Crafts for my favorite album of the year. They are both dark and spooky and I can't wait.

Listen to "Common Burn" by Mazzy Star...

Here are the albums that I am excited about and you should be too...

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out 3/20...

Port Of Morrow
by The Shins

out 3/6...

Break It Yourself
by Andrew Bird
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Love At The Bottom Of The Sea by The Magnetic Fields

by Xiu XIu

out 2/28...

by School Of Seven Bells

Reign Of Terror
by Sleigh Bells


by Trust

out 2/21...

I Am Gemini
by Cursive

by Grimes

Put Your Back N 2 It
by Perfume Genius

by Frankie Rose

out 2/7...

No One Can Ever Know
by The Twilight Sad

and these new releases are all out now...

out 1/24...

Lights Out
by Big Deal

by Chairlift

Attack On Memory
by Cloud Nothings

The Lion's Roar
by First Aid Kit

Over the Bluffs
by The Holiday Crowd

Strange Weekend
by Porcelain Raft

out 1/31...

Keep Your Dreams
by Canyons

Old Ideas
by Leonard Cohen

Born To Die
by Lana Del Rey

Making Mirrors
by Gotye

by Hospitality

Feel The Sound
by Imperial Teen

Purple Naked Ladies
by Internet

Andrew in Drag 7"
by The Magnetic Fields

by Jamie Woon

Magnetic Fields Documentary Hits SF This Week

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stephin merritt magnetic fields

So many of us here in the Bay Area have been wooed by the particular charms of Stephin Merritt and his Magnetic Fields! Luckily for us, the new documentary film about the band, Strange Powers, is coming to the Roxie Theater in San Francisco starting today and running through Nov 18. Check out the trailer below.

(In which the author returns from the hospital.)

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I'm too sexy for my Intravenous therapy.

Well, dear readers, I have returned to you after an opposite-of-glamorous stay at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where I was hospitalized for five days. In the words of French philosopher Ferdinand de Saussure, “Je n'ai pas aimé cela.”