New "What's In My Bag?" Episode With Blood Orange

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Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange

Devonte "Dev" Hynes is a British singer, songwriter, producer, composer, and author who is known by the stage names Blood Orange and Lightspeed Champion, the latter taken from a comic strip Hynes drew as a teenager. Hynes got his start as a member of the short-lived England based band, Test Icicles. In high demand as a producer and songwriter, Hynes has written for artists such as Florence and the Machine, The Chemical Brothers, Basement Jaxx, Sky Ferreira and Solange Knowles, among others.

Blood Orange's follow up to his 2011 debut, Coastal Groovesis the super collaborative production, Cupid Deluxe (Domino Recording Co, 2013). On Cupid Deluxe Hynes digs a little deeper to touch upon stories of change and people forgotten, but he still delivers those catchy pop textures we love from him. The album's 11 tracks take us from smooth backseat make-out music to funky influenced boom bap. There's a good reason why Hynes was hailed as the "20th coolest person in rock." Everyone could use a little Cupid Deluxe in their life. 

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out today 2/5...magnetic fields...lightspeed champion...

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Hello again to my blog. I have really missed you! Hopefully I have not lost all my faithful blog readers and friends. I am now officially back.  Seriously, I have missed you. But I have been a bit busy moving my life all around again and moving back to Los Angeles...again. I did this same move about 5 years ago. From San Francisco to Los Angeles. I think I might just like moving. I know for a fact that I do really enjoy packing and unpacking my stuff. And I have actually thought about being a professional packer or unpacker. I know most people really hate it. I do hate the driving of the U-Haul and the moving boxes part of moving. But I do sort of love everything else. I did get really lucky in finding a new apartment and I already had the job part taken care of. So the hard parts were out of the way. But I got my internet hooked up just the other day and I am now back and ready for the blogs. There has been a ton of music and DVDs that I have wanted to talk about already. After a very slow and boring end of the year in releases, there are finally exciting things coming out again. So anybody who says that there is no good music this year, is just not looking hard enough. I think all my favorite bands got together and decided to all release new albums in January and February. At least they spread them out a bit. The Magnetic Fields put out another fantastic album on January 15th called "Distortion." Cat Power put out another album of covers called "Jukebox" on January 22nd. I really do love those covers and this is yet another beautiful album from the beautiful Chan Marshall. The next week was a new album by Xiu Xiu called "Women as Lovers." I think I fall more in love with Xiu Xiu every year. This album grew on me really quickly and I have been listening to it over and over every single day.

The releases are not stopping. Out today is the album that I have been obsessed with since before I moved. Lightspeed Champion put out an amazing EP last year. I got a bit obsessed with it and had it in my top 50 of the year. But the full length album "Falling Off the Lavender Bridge" is finally out for us all to enjoy. If you don't like pop music or an album that will make you smile and jump up and down then this album is probably not for you. If you hate Velocity Girl or the Rentals or Heavenly then this is most definitely not the album for you. I know the album title might make you think about some lesbian self help book for lesbians that have fallen off the "lesbian bridge." At least that is what it makes me think about it. But It is just an excellent and perfect pop album full of tortured love songs. Some times musicians just get it right some time. This album really is close to perfect.

Devonte Hynes was in the band Test-Icicles. They seemed to break up just as people outside of the UK started to notice them. Devonte was obviously made for bigger and better things. His talents were more in creating pop songs and reinterpretations of musical classics. He reminds me of a high school theater nerd who probably constantly wrote down lyrics in his little journal. Maybe he might just even remind me a bit of myself. I really wish everybody could love this album as much as I do. It really has become one of those albums that I love so much that I don't even understand why someone would not like it. Like it personally offends me and my outlook on life and people when someone tells me that they hate this album. So if you hate it, just keep it to yourself. Or if you think you might hate it, don't even bother listening to it. But I kind of want you to listen to if even if you think you might hate it. Because when you end up loving it, it will be really great for you and make me so very happy.

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