15 Unconventional Romantic Films

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15 unconventional romantic films amoeba

Love is complicated stuff. You can keep your Love Actuallys and Sleepless in Seattles—these movies don’t sugarcoat relationships and explore them in raw and fantastical ways. Here are 15 we’re into, in no particular order.

Harold & Maude (1971)

harold and maude dvd“What could be better than a black comedy romance between a suicidal teen and a feisty 79-year-old widow? NOTHING. It’s one of the best stories ever. I never feel like killing myself after seeing this movie!” – Super Cooper


Wristcutters: A Love Story (2006)

wristcutters a love story amoebaWhat is Purgatory, exactly? Writer/director Goran Dukic imagines it as a slightly shittier version of real life, where no one can smile and your car seat might have a black hole in it. Such is the setting for an unlikely story in which suicide victims seek love in the interim afterlife.

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now in vinyl from death waltz recording co...

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We just got copies of these awesome LP soundtrack reissues from Death Waltz Recording Co.!

The Soundtracks for Escape From New York, Zombi 2 & Let The Right One In have all been reissued with new artwork!

Death Waltz Recording Co. was founded by Spencer Hickman manager of Rough Trade East in London. They will concentrate on delivering high end collectors vinyl that will include extensive liner notes from composers and directors as well as brand new and exclusive artwork from a variety of fine artists.

these 3 LPs are all available now at amoeba and

zombi 2Zombi 2

The first time this classic soundtrack to the notorious Lucio Fulci video nasty has ever been made available on vinyl to collectors. This soundtrack is one of the holy grails of Italian cinema with the maestro Fabio Frizzi delivering a dizzyingly brilliant soundtrack that can hold it’s own with anything released by John Carpenter or Goblin.Cover art by legendary UK poster artist Graham Humphreys who was responsible for the original cinema posters for the Evil Dead, Nightmare On Elm Street 1-5 and Return Of The Living Dead.
Exclusive sleeve notes from composer Fabio Frizzi, renowned Italian horror expert Stephen Thrower and artist Graham Humphreys.

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Let Me In? Alright, Sure!

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Let Me In (poster image)

Bullies? Check. Taboo love interest? Check. Youthful yearning, Morse code, fangs, acid-washed faces and a snooping detective you hope never finds what he’s looking for? Check, check, check. Plus there’s a Rubik’s Cube.

And there’s at least one obvious Americanism to Let Me In, which is the title itself. "Me" is more personal than "the Right One," a little more demanding and a lot less arbitrary. The title of the 2008 Swedish film—the Tomas Alfredson-directed Let the Right One In, a tender prepubescent romantic vampire story unlike much else before it—focused on key elements to the John Ajvide Lindqvist book, mainly the relationship between the two main characters (a meek boy, and an irregular non-girl vampire). Otherwise Låt den rätte komma in stayed loyal enough to leave bare footprints in the snow.

The Matt Reeves-directed film Let Me In of 2010 just had to distinguish itself, suggesting, for me anyway, a sense of that old “Let Us Americans Show You How It’s Done” bit. Plus there was the usual exchange rate caution that this could be another dumbed-down version of something already done right once if you could but get over your allergies to subtitles. In other words, the American film made me nervous, having liked the European one so much, and I don’t speak ka-ching the way Hollywood execs do. I feared the modern-day Wicker Man with Nicolas Cage that scandalized the original 1973 Scot version with Christopher Lee and Edward Woodward, that strong sick feeling of pointlessness. To my happy surprise though, Let Me In was more akin to how close The Ring got to capturing the non sequitur creepiness of Ringu. Did it have to be touched up for American audiences? Probably not, but then again, why not?

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Amoeba Hollywood Top 50 DVDs of 2010

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Check it are Amoeba Hollywood's Top 50 Best Selling Dvds and Blu-rays of 2010. These are the Dvds and Blu-rays that you loved this year! DVD and Blu-ray sales were combined to compile this list. Scott Pilgrim is #1!!!


scott pilgrim vs the world


let the right one in


exit through the gift shop




hurt locker


the room


black dynamite

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October 29, 2008

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Let the Right One In movie ticket stub Laemmle Sunset 5
Laemmle Sunset 5 marquee Let The Right One In

Laemmle Sunset 5 Let The Right One In sign

Laemmle Sunset 5 auditorium Let The Right One In