Gruesome Twosome

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UK Label Gallery

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Among the piles of everyday hits and misses I plow through upstairs in the vinyl vault, there's always plenty of curios.  I've put aside a handful of UK releases that caught my eye recently and decided to check out the stories behind the labels, here's a bit of briefing...

77 Records was started by Doug Dobell who ran Dobell's Jazz Record Shop in London.  He specialized in rare Trad Jazz and Blues recordings.  As far as I could tell, York Records was a short lived Decca subsidiary, with heavy Yorkshire connections, it seems that it might have been run by a "Yorkshire TV" shoppe.  Automatic Record Co. was a Warner subsidiary started by Nick Mobbs that had a few Modern Rock releases in the early 80's...

VJM specialized in 78 and unreleased rarity comps from Blues & Trad Jazz artists, I believe the organization is still around today. Topic started off as a vinyl label releasing Folk titles and still releases UK folk music on CD.

Innervision Records
was a short lived but very successful CBS subsidiary, scoring mondo $$$ off of Wham and a one hit wonder in Jimmy the HooverNeutron Records started off as a true DIY out of Sheffield; they released a few smaller releases including the amazing First Fifteen Minutes 7" w/ Clock DVA, the Stunt Kites, Vice Versa & I'm So Hollow (I need a copy if anyone's got it).  Not much later, a distro deal was cut with Phonogram. A couple more Vice Versa releases came out before they launched ABC with huge hits aplenty to follow.  As far as I could surmise, Headline Celebrated Records was a one off subsidiary of Creole Records, issuing this Peter Green record and that's all...

Reflection was a pioneering Folk and Psych label that has a few super heavy hitters in it's catalog including this Andwella LP and the very sought  after Catherine Howe LP. Melodisc goes back as far as 1947, specializing in Modern Jazz, Blues, Mento and Calypso early on.  As music from the West Indies and Jamaica progressed, the label followed suit eventually adding subsidiaries like BluebeatSociety seems to have specialized in Trad Jazz issues, but I've also seen some Trad Folk titles as well...

Creatures Great and Small

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Swallows Return

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Today, the Cliff Swallows are expected to return to California's oldest building, the San Juan Capistrano Mission.  In their honor, I've put together a gallery of bird labels...

Label Design Gallery-Animals

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