Album Picks: Mourn, A Place to Bury Strangers, Jose Gonzalez, Six Organs of Admittance, Ibeyi, Sonny & the Sunsets

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mourn lpCatalonian teen quartet Mourn makes a passionate racket on their debut album. Singer Jazz Rodriguez Bueno channels PJ Harvey with her raspy delivery and more cutting lyrics on tracks like “Dark Issues,” or a young Siouxsie, on the way she can play with emotions but still bring a smile to your face, on songs like galloping opener “Your Brain is Made of Candy.” Her band keeps things terse, inspired by the likes of Nirvana and The Ramones, yet their clean guitars and neat grooves on standouts like “Philliphius” and “Otitis” suggest wisdom beyond their years. A handful of tracks read as more juvenile alt-rock exercises, yet Mourn also never loses momentum, bashed out with a live-tracked, Steve Albini feel and the animated precision of off-the-cuff ideas rehearsed and captured in one raw take—Bueno’s wail at the end of bonus track “Boys Are Cunts” feels both visceral and well-timed. It’s an incredibly promising debut that puts our faith back in so-called wasted youth.

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Noise Pop Film Screenings 2011

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Beyond the live music lineup, Noise Pop 2011 boasts a great line up of film screenings and related events this year!


First will be the world premiere of This is Noise Pop on Feb 23, a documentary about indie rock via bands' Noise Pop appearances, followed by a Q&A with the director, editor and Noise Pop glitterati.

Also screening is a documentary about the ever-popular Jose Gonzalez called The Extraordinary Ordinary Life of Jose Gonzalez on Feb 23 and Look at What the Light Did Now, a film about Feist on Feb 24. Little Wings, the original author of the song "Look at What the Light Did Now," will perform after that film.
miroir noir
The much-anticipatedFamily Jams, a film by Kevin Barker about the 2004 tour of (formerly) San Francisco's own Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom and Vetiver will also screen on Febuary 24.

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jose gonzalez at the great american music hall

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I was very close to almost not going to this show. Curt had too much homework so I was left to go to the show all alone. But I am really glad that I did. Not only is the Great American Music Hall only a couple of blocks from my house but I love it there. I know I have said this before. But I really do love it there. The architecture is so amazing. I actually ended up running into about 6 friends there so I had no more worries of standing all alone in the corner once I got there. But I was sort of looking forward to that. I really like going to movies all by myself in the middle of the week. It is usually just me and some retired ladies and grandpas. Maybe cause I end up seeing movies like  "The Queen" and "Letters from Iwo Jima." This would explain the old ladies and grandpas. I went and saw "Eastern Promises" this week. There were still only about 10 people in the theater but the "crowd" was a bit different. More old loner type dudes than old ladies. The movie was really awesome. Cronenberg and Vigo Mortensen fit together so perfectly. They captured the feel of a little russian restaurant so well. I have never been to one. But I feel like now I have. OK, back to the Jose Gonzalez show. I may have been to plenty of movies by myself but I have not really gone to a show by myself before. It is weird though. As much as Curt and I go to shows, I don't really see people I recognize out that much. I am always thinking to myself, who are all these people. Why don't I ever see them anywhere else in the city. But it seems that Jose Gonzalez was the show that all of my friends decided to go to. I had heard great things about his show at Bimbo's last year, so I was looking forward to the show. I really love the new album and wanted to hear it live.

The amazing thing about Jose Gonzalez is that the live show sounded exactly like the album. It is justhim on the stage all by himself. But just with his voice and guitar he sounded amazing. It was a little sad that you could barely see him. Since he was sitting down on a chair, all you could really see was the top of his little head. I really felt sorry for the people who were any shorter than I was. They probably could not see anything at all. I sort of feel like I already wrote this blog so I just had to go back and check. But I think that I just wrote it all in my head after the show and then forgot to write it down that night. So now I am trying to remember what I feel like I have already written down. I think what was in my head sounded much better that this sounds. His new album is really beautiful. And everything that is great about it was just as great live. But since I could not really see anything I kept daydreaming during the show.

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9/25 new releases...jose gonzalez...mum...

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Out today is the beautiful new album from Jose Gonzalez. Mute reissued his first album "Veneer" about 2 years ago. So this is his second album. But his first real album for Mute. It is called "In Our Nature." I will admit that Jose Gonzalez is not for everybody. I was not even sure if he was for me for a long time. It took me a little while to give in to Mr. Gonzalez. Most of his popularity initially came from his brilliant little cover of "Heartbeats" by the Knife. It was used in a commercial that everybody seemed to watch on the internet.  I am not sure if the commercial sold more Sony Bravia LCD TVs. But it for sure sold thousands more copies of his debut album "Veneer." I think I actually heard his version of this song before I even heard The Knife. I would eventually become obsessed with their version as well which was on their album "Deep Cuts." Jose and The Knife share more than just this great song. They both come from the land of Sweden.

 Jose Gonzalez was born in Sweden but his parents are from Argentina. His music doesn't really sound like the mix of ABBA and Astor Piazzolla that you might expect from a Swedish Argentine. It has more of a minimal Nick Drake sound. Beautiful little minimal indie rock with just mostly guitar and vocals. He is sort of known for his covers and performs many of them live. His version of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" is almost as magical as the original. He also has a cover on the new album which he has already been playing live for the last couple of years. The song is "Teardrop" by Massive Attack. It took me a while to actually even recognize it. Which is very impressive since it happens to be one the most overplayed songs of all time. The Massive Attack version with vocals from the wonderful Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins is fantastic. But I have heard that song so many times over the years that I had pretty much decided that I never needed to hear it again. And I also love Cocteau Twins more than anything. So it is a hard original to compete with. But his version is just as brilliant but completely different.  The whole album is  absolutely beautiful. It is simple and uncomplicated. Just a great album. Jose Gonzalez is actually one of those people that deserves any fame that he has acquired over the last couple of years. I just hope all those fans he got from that commercial don't forget about him. He has managed to create a second album that is just as good as the first. I am going to go listen to it again right now. And unlike that original Massive Attack song that he covers, I am not even close to being over Jose Gonzalez.

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