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Iggy Pop
Some songs just never get old. And Iggy Pop's song "Lust For Life," which I just listened to for the first time in eons, is such a track; one of those timeless tunes that no matter how often I hear it and even though it has been a very popular song, it never fails to grab me. I love it! The song, which is now 33 years old, is defined by Hunt Sales' hypnotic drum intro and Iggy spitting such memorable lyrics as "Coz I'm worth a million in prizes" and "I am just a modern guy/ Of course I've had it in the ear before," with its William S. Burroughs references (Johnny Yen, etc.).

The title track of the second of two Iggy Pop albums released in 1977 by RCA, it was co-written with David Bowie during their prolific Berlin collaborative era. In the first part of '77 the pair collaborated on Iggy's The Idiot, and, following its release, toured together in support of that album. Then, fresh from that short tour, back in Berlin, they jumped into the studio in to make Lust For Life in record time, reportedly writing, recording, and mixing the entire album in a little over a week!

Back when it first came out, Lust For Life was more commercially successful than even Pop's earlier (and highly influential) recordings with The Stooges. And in the years since the initial release of "Lust For Life," the song has taken on a life of its own, continually garnering radio airplay, showing up on countless compilations, and being used in several commercials and soundtracks -- most famously in 1996's Trainspotting, which gave it a new lease on life, introducing it to a new generation of fans. And in the decades since its initial recording, Iggy, who turns 63 this year, continually performs the song in concert, each time with renewed energy and raw power. Below are a number of video clips of Iggy, who never seems to wear a shirt in concert, performing the song. The earliest performance (and best, in my opinion) is the one in Manchester, England in 1977. Also below are the lyrics for "Lust For Life."

"Lust For Life" (live, 1977 Manchester, England)

"Lust For Life" (UK TV circa 93/94)

"Lust For Life" (live, mid nineties)

Here comes Johnny Yen again
With the liquor and drugs
And the flesh machine
He's gonna do another striptease
Hey man where'd you get
That lotion? I been hurting
Since I bought the gimmick
About something called love
Yeah something called love
That's like hypnotizing chickens
Well I am just a modern guy
Of course I've had it in the ear before

Unitarded: 20 Questions with the multi-talented Borts Minorts...

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A few years back I went to my first Borts Minorts show in San Francisco. I'm still not sure how to describe what I saw, how it happened or why I'll never forget it; It was, plainly speaking, singularly awesome, like nothing I had seen before! I laughed, I danced, I marveled -- I had an amazing time. Since that initial exposure I have come to hold Borts Minorts in high esteem as an artist, musician and uber-performer. He seems fearless, knows no limits and appears physically capable of accomplishing any feat no matter how extraordinary the act. In short: there is no telling what his next move will be, ever. It's not for nothing that he's been nominated twice for SF Weekly's Best Experimental Music award. One thing I know for sure is that anyone who can get their butt out to the Hemlock Tavern this Wednesday night, -- that's right, New Year's Eve -- will be in for a rare (Borts, alas, has relocated to New York) treat, as Borts Minorts will be showing you how he likes to party, performing live on the last and first night(s) of the year(s). I am so pleased he agreed to play 20 Questions with me:

1. How old is Borts Minorts?  It is thought that I am now 38,000 years old.

2. Where does Borts come from? Borts Minorts comes from the past and future simultaniously and only actually exists in this world when on stage.

3. What are your musical/artistic influences? The artistic collaboration of Michael Clark, Leigh Bowery and the Fall would possibly be my biggest influence. The movie Legend of Leigh Bowery changed my life artistically. Leigh Bowery was an incredible artist. Also, when I was a kid I saw Klaus Nomi on SNL and it scared the shit out of me. That always really stuck with me. Then when I saw Nomi Song and saw what he did on stage in the early days it REALLY inspired me to create something new and different.

4. What is your creative process like? The musical creative process has been a lot of late nights sitting in front of my computer cutting and pasting and creating beats and drinking strong Belgian beer and red wine and laughing hysterically to myself. Then there is the dance side to it which is some of the most fun I've ever had creating anything. With the dancers, we always try and combine the most wrong moves possible to create something really hilarious!

5. Why so unitarded? I can't help it. 

6. Do you feel you can relate to "Diamond" David Lee Roth as a brother in dance/vocal performance and as a lycra/spandex enthusiast? Totally! Diamond Dave would be one of my earliest rock frontman influences. What a showman he was back in the day and showmanship has always been really important to me on stage!

7. What do you think of Slim Goodbody? 
I god, where can I get one of those unitards??? I also think he was possibly a long lost relative to Richard Simmons and Leo Sayer. Slim was for sure an early influence.

8. What was the first record you bought with your own money? Kiss Alive ll! I was 7 years old. My parents took me to this department store and had me pick out a record with money I had saved. It was between the record with the guy spitting up blood (Kiss Alive 2) or an album that had a skeleton playing the violin (Grateful Dead Blues for Allah). It was a really tough choice. I ended up with Kiss Alive 2. I think it was the decision of a lifetime!

9. What are your musical inspirations? Iggy Pop, Klaus Nomi, Three Day Stubble, Magma, Cocteau Twins, Zeek Sheck, Tim Buckley's Star Sailor album, Naked City, ShostakovichJames Brown, Nina Hagen, Yoko Ono, Caroliner Rainbow, Ronnie James Dio, Frank Stallone, Ub Zub, Rod McKuen...

10. If you could choose to be any album cover art incarnate which one would you be? 
Herb Albert's Whipped Cream and Other Delights

11. What kind of music do you like better: Rock 'n' Roll or Free Jazz? Today Free Jazz...yesterday was Rock and Roll.

12. Do people often have misconceptions about Borts? if so what are they? That I'm some sort of alien.

13. How many hours a night do you sleep? Six if i'm lucky.

14. What would be your dream collaboration? Oh my...where to about...Kronos Quartet and Borts Minorts would be awesome!!

15. What's your favorite music for dancing? Late sixties early seventies James Brown definitely.

16. High kicks or headstands? High kicks! I like to fly on stage!

17. Trampoline or roller skates? Trampoline on rollerskates!

18. Who will be performing with you this Wednesday at the Hemlock and what will they be doing? The line up will be the West Coast All Stars! We'll have Rhonda and Punope dancing, then we will have our beloved Nordic flute Goddess, Melting Razor, driving up from L.A. to play the flute and sing operatic backing vocals, and we will have multi instrumentalist tennis instructor CHAD playing the Theremin, Xylophone, slide trumpet, bath house brass and other musical oddities. Also singing some backing vocals and pressing the space bar on the laptop between songs in full security professionalism will be Borts stage icon DOCTOR DOCTOR! This all of course is layered on top of the 700mph pre recorded jumbled up messed up beats that I sing on top. After the Hemlock show, we drive to L.A. and play a gig there Saturday night with Fort King at Pehrspace. The line up for that will be Helen Beard and Punope dancing along with Melting Razor on Flute.

19. Will you be playing your ski-bass or anything else exclusive to your repertoire? Yes! Of course I will be playing the 1 string electric stand up ski bass along with my newest musical invention called THE STUMPTAR! The Stumptar is an electric Sitar I made out of a tree stump with a guitar neck on it. I took the frets off the guitar neck so it gives it a Sitar sound. YOU MUST COME AND EXPERIENCE IT! 
20. If you were a hot dog would you eat yourself? No.

That's okay Borts, I know a lot of people who would! Thanks so much for playing 20 Questions, we'll be seeing you tomorrow night at the Hemlock...Happy New Year!

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