He's My Brother, She's My Sister to Celebrate Album Release With Show

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L.A.-based outfit He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister are seeing their album Nobody Dances in This Town get a wide release Jan. 22 via Park the Van. The album features the brother-and-sister vocals of Rob and Rachel Kolar singing over an amalgam of outlaw country, folk-rock and rockabilly that should tickle the fancy of any fan of such genres. At times they sound like Johnny and June; others, Exene and John. To kick it off, the band, which also includes Lauren Brown (tap-dancing drummer), Oliver ‘Oliwa’ Newell (upright bass) and Aaron Robinson (slide guitar), is performing an album-release show at L.A.’s The Troubador Jan. 19 (with Jenny O., Tommy Santee Klaws and Ramshackle). I caught up with the band, whose will take their twangy sound up the West Coast and around the country in the coming months.

PST: Is the first thing people usually ask you about your name, even though it’s usually spelled out right in the press material (much less the band name) that you are indeed brother and sister?

Rob: Yes, Rachel is my brother and I am her soul sista’.

Rachel: They do. I think The White Stripes made journalists question the authenticity of the sibling band.

The Kolars. Photo by Zane Roessell/LA Record

PST: Do you think there’s something particularly special about sibling vocals and the way they mesh?

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Hello to this blog. Goodbye to Sunset Junction (for now). Hello to the Growlers at Amoeba.

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First of all: hello! This is my blog. It's called Pacific Standard Time. I'm attempting to cover L.A. bands -- perhaps some you have heard of, some you haven't -- with show previews, record reviews, interviews, and such. It has nothing to do with this, although that's cool too and you should check it out. If you are in a band or promoting one, please email me at to pitch me. YES!

Secondly, Sunset Junction will not be happening for the first time in its 31-year existence. While it's true that the festival that started as a way to bring together Silver Lake's Latino and gay communities had strayed pretty far from its roots, we're very sad to see this happen. For me, Sunset Junction was always something to look forward to before I lived in Silver Lake -- a reason to check out the area, a place I saw Sonic Youth play for next to nothing, an alternative gay festival. We're all sad to see it (hopefully temporarily) halted.

But in the absense of that, something pretty cool has happened, something that makes me all the more excited to start this blog and celebrate a music community not known to the outside world for its community-ness: L.A. is picking itself up by its bootstraps and putting on a number of musical events anyway, starting with Amoeba, who will host Long Beach's The Growlers for an in-store performance and signing of their Record Store Day vinyl at 5 p.m. on Saturday, August 25. The Growlers play a brand of dusty lo-fi rock that sounds like it could have been recorded at any given point over the past three decades. They touch upon elements of surf rock, Nuggets garage rock, reverby indie rock, and psych pop in a way that feels seamless and inviting. I've been listening to Hot Tropics (2010, CD) and Are You In Or Out? (2009, LP) on loop in preparation and can't wait to see these guys live again. (See Amoeba's post for more information).

Also, the Echo and Echoplex will be hosting some of the ousted bands including the Butthole Surfers, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Dios, and Craft Spells at and around their venues on Saturday and Sunday. Find out more at the Echo's site. Additionally, What Cheer? bar will be hosting bands like Black Apples and He's My Brother, She's My Sister on Saturday and Sunday. Check out the Facebook invite here.