Cassette Store Day at Amoeba on Saturday, Oct. 17

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Cassette Store Day

Satuday, Oct. 17, is the day to be at Amoeba. First off, it’s our Super Saturday Sale at all three stores, where we’ll have 20% off all turntables, posters, T-shirts, books, headphones and mugs. And it’s also Cassette Store Day, where we’ll have a number of albums reissued to cassette.

Cassette Store Day is an internationally observed record store holiday much like Record Store Day. It started in the United Kingdom in 2013 to acknowledge the importance of the medium and has seen exclusive releases in the past from Deerhunter, The Flaming Lips and many others.

Below are this year’s cassettes that we’ll have in stock at Amoeba Hollywood on Saturday. Amoeba SF and Berkeley will also carry CSD tapes as well. And if you can’t make it out on Saturday, the leftovers will be made available on the next day!

Alex G - Beach Music Keep Shelly In Athens - Now I'm Ready
Beach Slang - Here, I Made This For You Method Man - The Meth Lab 
Berlin Brats - Zeitgeis Motorhead - Bad Magic
Bratmobile - Pottymouth Muse - Drones
Car Seat Headrest - Teens Of Style Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Broom
Down - Down III: Over The Under STRFKR - Reptilians
Down - Down IV Part I Surfer Blood - Astro Coast
Down - Down IV Part II T.S.O.L. - Beneath The Shadows
Expert Alterations - You Can't Always Be Liked Twin Compulsions - Twin Compulsions
Foals - What Went Down Robert Tomaro - Slime City [OST]
Free Kitten - Sentimental Education Various Artists - BIPPP: French Synth Wave 1979-85
Girl Band - Holding Hands With Jamie Chris Walla - Tape Loops
Green Day - Dookie The Wonderland Philharmonic - Shogun Assassin
Here's what we'll have at Amoeba SF:  
Jaylib - Champion Sound
Peanut Butter Wolf & Dam-Funk 45 Minutes Of Funk
Jaylib - Champion Sound Remixes Sebadoh - KCRTroubleyou
Quasimoto - Further Various Artists - Counterfeit Blanks: 25 Years of Shrimper

Cassette Store Day

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FOALS Listening Party at Amoeba SF, Friday 8/28

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Oxford, England's FOALS release their fourth full-length album, What Went Down, this Friday (8/28) andFoals, What Went Down we at Amoeba San Francisco are gonna celebrate the momentous occasion with a free, all-ages album listening party at 4:00pm, and you are all invited!

Besides getting to hear What Went Down in its entirety, you will also get a free FOALS poster with purchase of the new album (only while supplies last) and partake in some yummy FOALS cake! But that's not all! Making the scene at this very special event will allow you to enter to win a fabulous FOALS gift pack containing a limited edition hand-stamped cassette, a portable cassette player, and both What Went Down and Holy Fire on vinyl! The only way to enter is to come on down. See you there!

New Irish Rock Band The Cast of Cheers Deserve Hype They've Been Receiving

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The Cast of Cheers "Family" (2012)

To my ears it's impossible not to get drawn in by the catchiness of new Irish rock band The Cast of Cheers' single "Family" (above) which is the title track off the much heralded band's forthcoming debut album c/o School Boy Error/ Cooperative Music - just released in continental Europe, and to be released in UK/Ireland next month, followed by Stateside a few weeks later in mid August. The track, which is also available as a 7" import on Rough Trade, conjures up the irresistible shiny pop/rock vibe of Andy Partidge's hook-driven XTC whose sound, among other bands including British indie rock bands Bloc Party and Foals, they're rightfully been compared to. In fact Foals' producer Luke Smith produced the new album Family for the quartet who take their name from the American TV show Cheers (popular in reruns on European cable television.) 

The band quickly a following based on live shows and their popular self-released underground first full-length 2010 release Chariot which led to the guitar band getting nominated for a prestigious Choice Music Awards. They didn't nail the award but the exposure helped spread their name, winning them a lot of positive justified press, as well as build anticipation for their new ten track album Family which includes the recent second single "Animals" (below) . For more on the band check out The Cast of Cheers website and also their Facebook page.

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out this week 6/15 and 6/22...showgirls...the foals...devo...the drums...uffie...

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I wish I could tell you exactly how many times I have seen the movie Showgirls. I would guess it has topped 100 times, making it the movie that I have watched more than any other! I am not sure this film really deserves this spot on my list of most watched movies. I saw it originally 15 years ago on opening weekend in downtown Santa Barbara -- around September 22nd 1995. I tried to find my original movie stub -- I know I have it somewhere! I assume it opened up in Los Angeles a week or so before Santa Barbara but I do know that I saw it before I had read any reviews. This was way before I had a cell phone, way before myspace and facebook, and I didn't even have my own computer with the internet at this point, so I hadn't even heard my friends' reactions to the movie before I went and saw it for myself. I went to see it with my friend Stephanie. We both had a healthy love of irony and loved to make fun of just about anything. I didn't really have high hopes for the movie, but I had loved Basic Instinct. This was the next movie with the powerhouse pairing of director Paul Verhoeven and screenwriter Joe Eszterhas. The screenplay cost $2 million, which is hard to believe after watching the movie even just once! It is possibly one of the worst scripts ever made into a big budget film! But after the huge success of Basic Instinct, I am sure the producers were expecting to have another huge hit on their hands. Eszterhas had also written Jade, released the same year as Showgirls and Sliver, which was released 2 years earlier. I would not consider any of these scripts amazing pieces of literature but they all worked to a certain extent as entertaining movies. For some reason everything just went perfectly wrong to make Showgirls one of the best worst movies of all time. Most of my favorite cult films were made in the 1970s and 1980s. Showgirls sort of goes into its own category. I think most of the cult movies that I like are actually well made movies. I would never say that a movie made by John Waters is actually bad -- I think they are all amazing films, although I am sure many people consider them to be bad. But I think almost everyone can agree that Showgirls is simply a very bad movie. Still, there is something about that that is endearing -- something that makes us all fall in love with Nomi and Cristal and the rest of the cast. I still can't get enough of this movie!

I saw Showgirls twice during its original theatrical run. I bought the movie when it was released on VHS and have probably watched it a minimum of 3 to 4 times a year for the last 15 years. It was the kind of movie that I would even watch when it showed up on cable TV even though I already owned a copy! I did try to avoid the edited version on regular TV or VH1, because although I could live without ever having to watch the rape scene again, I did like to watch the regular NC-17 version, the way the movie was meant to be seen. Showgirls does remain the highest grossing NC-17 movie, but it was not a success at the box office and was obviously hated by the critics. Through word of mouth though, it ended up being very successful as a rental and for puchase on VHS. The VH1 version edited out some of the more sexually graphic scenes and placed digitally enhanced black bras and panties over the scenes with nudity. They even dubbed many of Nomi's lines in the movies. Elizabeth Berkley refused to dub the edited version so another voice actress is heard in the edited version. There were a couple of years when I watched the movie about once a week. One of my roommates in 1998 and 1999 was just as obsessed with the movie as I was. We sort of used the movie as our therapy. Whenever we were a bit sad or depressed we turned to Showgirls for help. We often said to each other something like, "Tonight is a Showgirls kind of night." We would often cancel our plans to just stay home and watch Showgirls. Sometimes we would watch the movie while we were getting ready to go out. Basically, it was a rare occasion when the movie was not in one of our VCRs. I upgraded to the DVD when the VIP Edition was released in 2004. The deluxe box set came with shot glasses, playing cards and a play along with the movie drinking game. The deluxe DVD also came with some fancy bonus features -- a pop up video style trivia track and an audio commentary with David Schmader. The DVD was released without the box in 2007. I managed to catch the movie 3 more times in the theater over the years. I went to a couple of the Peaches Christ Midnight Mass performances over the years and I even went and saw it at the Metreon in San Francisco for a special re-release. I normally don't like to hear somebody talking who is sitting behind me in the theater, but for this movie I love it. During the re-release some guy behind me basically had a comment for every single scene in the movie. He was basically having a conversation with the cast and had every line memorized, and I loved it! I kind of wish MGM had tracked him down to do the audio commentary.

And now, in 2010, we get what we have all been waiting for: The Blu-ray edition! And yes, it is also the 15th Anniversary edition! This new edition comes with both the regular DVD and the Blu-ray, so if you have not yet upgraded to a Blu-ray player, it might still be worth it for you to invest in this edition. I do like the fact that I can watch it both in my bedroom on my regular DVD player and on my Blu-ray with my bigger TV, and the movie does look good in Hi Definition. This new edition includes all the bonus features from the last release; however, the DVD menu has been updated. You can even mark your favorite scenes using the bookmark feature. I also highly recommend watching the movie in French and Spanish -- it puts a new spin on the movie for sure! Might even help you learn a new language. The audio commentary is not one of the best, though. I recommend the trivia track instead. It is actually much funnier than the audio commentary, and you can also watch it with both on at the same time. I tried to watch it in Spanish with the audio commentary and the trivia track but I think this is just too much for the DVD to handle at once. The "Showgirls Diary" feature is also not to be missed. It shows some behind the scenes direction and also shows a script to screen comparison that might shed a little light and how the movie go to be so bad.

We all have our favorite scenes in the movie and I definitely have many -- I love the big choreographed performances of the Goddess show, but my favorite is the motorcycle fetish routine. Most of my favorite scenes take place at the Stardust. I love the behind the scenes stuff before the shows. I love when Nomi first gets to watch the Goddess performance and realizes that this is what she needs to do with her life. I also love when Nomi first gets to perform and Gay and Molly are backstage cheering her on. There really is a whole lot to love about this movie! Any scene with Elizabeth Berkley acting is of course amazing -- and she is in every single scene. I love Henrietta "Mama" Bazoom and the scenes at the Cheetah. One of my favorite scenes is when Cristal and Nomi go to lunch at Spago. It is amazing. Absolutely amazing! They talk about doggy chow and call champagne "holy water." They make a toast with chips! It is just brilliant! I also can't get enough of the pool scene with Nomi and Zack. And I love any of the scenes with the monkeys in the dressing room. Another couple of my favorite scenes are the hamburger scenes -- the opening scene when Nomi first meets Molly and they go to eat french fries and soda is cinematic genius! Nomi's acting in this scene is breathtaking. She stabs her soda with the straw. She later eats a hamburger in a car with James. She is so excited to be eating the hamburger that she throws the wrapper in the air as if it's a feather boa and lets it fall away from the car. I have never seen someone so joyous to be littering! She doesn't have a care in the world. She later has an amazing scene on top of one of the hotels eating a hamburger by herself. She has really succeeded at this point and can now afford her own hamburgers! This scene could really be one of those gross commercials for Carl's Jr. with Padma from Top Chef. I really wish they would use it. I have never seen somebody so happy to be eating a hamburger. And she is just so content and satisfied with her life at this point. I really get proud of her at this moment. I could watch this scene over and over again...and I have! There are some horrible lines in this movie but I think the worst lines all seem to go to James or Penny. James is the choreographer who creates his own dance show at the Crave club. Penny takes Nomi's place in the production when Nomi gets too famous with Goddess. It is actually kind of unbelievable... I also love anything to do with Penny's past. She desperately tries to hide her past as a prostitute. I love the scene where Tony Moss calls her Pollyanna and she freaks out because she thinks he knows her real name is Polly. She also has to cover up her past when meeting with human resources for her new job at the Stardust. The woman who works in human resources is also the maid in Basic Instinct. I love that Paul Verhoeven keeps some of the small actors throughout his movies. Jack McGee plays both a stagehand in Showgirls and a sheriff in Basic Instinct. He is the one who finds the jewels that made the dancer fall and break her leg. I only really know who he is because he came and talked to my high school drama class. This is my connection to Showgirls! But he really is the hardest working small part actor in Hollywood. I have seen him show up in probably 10 different movies or TV shows every year.

This movie still holds up. It is just as bad as you remember, and it has been fun to revisit the movie once again! I recommend you watch it with some friends who have never seen it before. There are amazingly still some people out there who have not yet seen this movie! I had my Showgirls Blu-ray release party last week. I invited some pals who had never seen the movie in its entirety. One of them had only seen the crappy edited version on VH1! It was amazing to see them watch some scenes for the first time. I really hope that this movie continues to entertain people for the next 100 years. I still have never seen a movie this amazingly brilliantly bad! I will now be waiting for some of my other 90's favorites to come out on Blu-ray, although I don't think the Amy Fisher story with Drew Barrymore will be released anytime soon... But I will be having a big party if it does!

Here is the brilliant teaser trailer for Showgirls...

Here is the amazing interview with Elizabeth Berkley on David Letterman from 1995....
David Letterman is super creepy in this interview...but I love that Elizabeth has no idea how bad the movie is and how it was about to become a cult movie and remembered as one of the worst movies ever...

and here is the review of the film on Siskel & Ebert...two thumbs down...

the deluxe 15th anniversary Blu-ray/DVD combo!!!

also out 6/15...

Caddyshack Original Soundtrack reissue

Something For Everybody by Devo

The Drums by The Drums

Total Life Forever by the Foals

Lustre by Ed Harcourt

Time Flies: 1994-2009 by Oasis

Sister Kinderhook by Rasputina

Barbara by We Are Scientists

also out 6/22...

Disco2 by Health

Boxer by Kele

Memphis Blues by Cyndi Lauper

Scream by Ozzy Osbourne

Learning by Perfume Genius

Five Ghosts by Stars

Sex Dreams & Denim Jeans by Uffie

Threshingfloor by Wovenhand

out today 4/8...the breeders...foals...secret shine...

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I get really excited about new music all the time-- sometimes it is a bit overwhelming. There is literally so much out today that I don't even know what to talk about. The writers strike may be over, but you can obviously feel its effect when you look at the movies out now in theaters. I have never seen it look so bad. I never thought I would actually choose to go see movies like the Bank Job and 21 simply because there was nothing else out there. But there has been no strike in the music business-- the albums just keep on coming out and I am not even getting time to spend with the albums I love. I have to move on to other ones and leave my favorite albums from weeks ago behind. I like to think that I have good taste when it comes to music, but I seriously have been liking a lot of albums lately. This week some of our old favorites have fantastic new albums. The Breeders have a new album out called Mountain Battles. I will forever love Kim Deal because of the Pixies, so she can really do no wrong. This album has grown on me and I find myself liking it much more that their last one. Nick Cave also has a new album out today. I have not had much time with it yet, but I do like it so far. I really can't stop thinking about seeing him at the Hollywood Bowl. The show is like a year away but I am already getting so excited. The Hollywood Bowl is one of my favorite places in the world. And Nick Cave + Hollywood Bowl = magic. Trent Reznor decided to do a completely instrumental Nine Inch Nails album. It is called Ghosts I-IV. I listened to it today and I sort of forgot it was Nine Inch Nails halfway through it. I do like myself some instrumental music and there were some really great songs on it, I am just not sure I really get it yet. I did find myself wishing for those Trent Reznor vocals on many of the songs. I just need to give it some more time. The Drift has an amazing all instrumental album out today called Memory Drawings. The album sounds similar to their label mates Explosions in the Sky. I know Wumpscut is not for everybody, but I found myself obsessed with their album Bone Peeler from a couple of years ago. I seriously listened to that album over and over again. Sometimes I need some hard and intense dark music in my life. And Wumpscut don't ever let me down.

I tend to not like the live albums in general, but maybe I am starting to actually like them. I really like this new Colin Meloy album Colin Meloy Sings Live! I absolutely fell in love with the Decemberists a couple of years ago. Colin is the singer of the band, the one with the magical voice that I can't get enough of. This album is all recordings from his tour in 2006. I love it. The Foals have their debut album out on Sub Pop today called Antidotes. It seems to be my favorite of the week. Maybe. They don't really sound like what you normally think a Sub Pop band would sound like. They sort of remind me of The Rapture maybe mixed with Built to Spill. They come from the land of England. It is a really fun album and you should like it. You should listen to them here. I also really like this new album by New Bloods. It is called The Secret Life. They are from Portland, Oregon. Sounds a bit like the Slits or Slant 6 or Liliput if they were from Portland. The music is super interesting. The band is made up of 3 ladies playing violin, bass, and drums. I do love the violin so very much, and it is nice to hear it used in a rock band. Listen to them here. Also out today is a new album by Thee Oh Sees on Tomlab. It is one of John Dwyer's bands. They are from San Francisco. Sort of folky weird garage music.

My favorite very special album this week is by Secret Shine. I have liked these guys forever. It just makes me so happy that they are actually still a band and have made a new album. They are from Bristol, England and got their start way back in 1990. They are one of those dreamy shoegaze bands that I fell in love with back in the 90's. Their label, Clairecords, was nice enough to put out the collection After Years a couple of years ago. It is a fantastic collection. I was so happy when it came out. It somehow validated my love for them. It just makes me sad when some of my favorites don't have albums in print. But I never really expected them to actually reform and put out another album. This new album could have easily came out in mid 90s. They sound exactly like they did before. It makes me proud that they were able to put out another great album. I was really obsessed with My Bloody Valentine, Lush, Slowdive, Pale Saints, Brighter and anything shoegazey. I still am actually. It is that mix of intensity and softness that I really love-- like on one hand they are sort of nerdy and wimpy but mixed with an intensity in the music. I can't really get enough of it. I do also always love bands that mix male and female vocals together in their songs.

Secret Shine was on Sarah Records back when they got their start. They basically stopped playing in 1996.  After Years came out in 2004 and soon after they put out an acoustic tribute album to one of their band mates who had passed away. Lucky for us, they decided to record a new album. I could not be more happy with the album. It makes me happy in more ways than I can even explain. If you like this dreamy sort of music then you probably know what I am talking about. It just does something to you-- but I guess any really good music does this to you if that is what you are into. If you really really like classical music, then this is sort of what I would imagine a really excellent classical composition would do to you: it just gets down deep inside of you and makes you feel better than you ever thought you could even feel. It is true. Music can be very powerful. Is Shoegaze the new Newage? Newgaze maybe?

also out today...

Mountain Battles by The Breeders

Dig Lazarus Dig!!! by Nick Cave

Do It! by Clinic

In Ghost Colours by Cut Copy

Memory Drawings by The Drift

Antidotes by The Foals

Rabbit Habits by Man Man

Colin Meloy Sings Live! by Colin Meloy

Glow Pt. 2 reissue by The Microphones

Last Tycoon by Peter Moren

The Secret Life by New Bloods

Ghosts I-IV by Nine Inch Nails

Walk it Off by Tapes 'N Tapes

The Master's Bedroom is Worth Spending a Night In by Thee Oh Sees

Schadling by Wumpscut