New Electronic CD Releases 5/06/09

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Few highlights from this weeks new CD releases. The Prins Thomas live mix CD is the best mix I've heard in months!  - Oliver
Prins Thomas
Prins Thomas
Live At Robert Johnson Vol. 2 (CD)

This is the second volume in a 4-part CD compilation series celebrating the 10th anniversary of Frankfurt's Robert Johnson club. Volume 2 has been selected and mixed by one of Norway's best: Full Pupp label head, DJ/producer, and versatile disco Viking, Prins Thomas. In the studio, Thomas sprinkles everything from the Junior Boys and Studio through to Justus Köhncke and techno classics on R&S Records with his lively drum-bass-organ magic. As a DJ, he works his sets from front to back, from loud to quiet, and from one genre to the next, through all various shades of grey in between. This is probably the only CD in the whole world on which Ricardo Villalobos dances to "Afro Punk Reggae Dub" by Steel An' Skin with his house band Cos/Mes, where a Playhouse classic from Roman Flügel performs an Acid Test in the "Gallery Oslo" by Kåre & The Cavemen, where synth-rock by Trans Am glows like a fixed star, and where Bjørn Torske makes it clear who was the first to polish the Norwegian disco ball (the Idjut Boys claim this title for England). Also on this mix, Closer Musik evokes wistfulness and Sébastien Tellier argues about beard lengths with DJ Harvey of Map Of Africa. Twenty-seven breathtaking gems, some of them affectionately edited by Prins, but always with two hands, a Urei mixing desk, two CD players and turntables, the mischievous Korg Kaoss Pad as well as an in/out insulator, and mixed with that unwavering, killer DJ instinct of his. And of course, everything is done live in one take so as to evoke the feeling of a Viking longboat on a stormy sea. Other artists include: Arpadys, Cage & Aviary, Capracara, Rub N Tug, Trans Am, Babytalk, Frankie Valentine, Isoul8, Low Motion Disco, Still Going, James Yuill, Dogs Of War, Anarchic System, Argy & The Mole, Martin Circus, Opolopo, Domu, Mathew Jonson, Samos, and Lindstrøm.

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New 12" Electronic Releases at Amoeba Hollywood - 5/08/09

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Electro/Techno Releases Coming this Weekend:
Gel Abril -THICKEN 12"
"RECALL DUB" unleashes GEL's well-known original stamp of fresh & bouncy techno, while "THICKEN" creates haunting atmospheres in its whistling melody & chopped up beats. Super chunky sounds with fine minimalist dub tech throughout.
Mike Shannon - BOX EP-ADAM MARSHALL 12"
SHANNON dug deep into the archives for "THE BOX IS OPEN." It's nostalgic, with an old school jackin' Detroit vibe. ADAM MARSHALL on the remix tip, flipping the chords and adding a synth that just keeps elevating…kept us on our toes. Props from BROTHERS VIBE, JUSTIN LONG, MOSSA.
Basement Freaks - ARTIST SERIES 7 12" GG15      
Various - REGROOVED 3 EP 12" GG03    
Gel Abril - THICKEN 12" BAO016      
Lopez - BEAT DISPENSER 12" KEEP004     
Mike Shannon - BOX EP-ADAM MARSHALL 12" CYN033
Sam Young - PEEP THIS (FT. APHLETIK) 12" SEED026     
Tony Lionni - GOLDEN 12" LD005
Various - HEAR NU EVIL VOL.3 12" FID12004     
Marco Furstenberg - EIBENSTOCK EP 12” BAUM005
Dubatech/Havantape - BAUM LIMITED PICTURE EDITION 002 12” BAUMLPE002
Louderbach - AUTUMN 12” MINUS76
Louderbach - SHINE 12” MINUS75
Minilogue - ARB ALUMB ALMOH 12” MSHIP017
Dewalta - SALUKI 12” MEANDER004
Santiago Salazar - ARCADE 12” MACROM11
Honesty - RENAISSANCE EP 12” VIEW001
Martin Eyerer - SEVEN LIVES 12” KLING025

House Releases Coming this Weekend:
Here we see a different side of EXERCISE ONE. Gorgeous, enveloping ambient tracks, soundtrack ready synth ballads, a sort of retro-futurist electro pop sensibility. Features a mind melting remix from DEADBEAT ("WAGON REPAIR") who churns out a driving house track.
George Cochrane - MY SYNTHESIZER 12"
Debut for BLOCKHEAD sees CHOCHRANE & PRISMATIC cohorts ANDREW PHELAN & ORIGAMI team up for for a kick heavy house remix that you can feel in your chest with a DETROIT GRAND PUBAHS kind of vocal. LUKE SOLOMAN drops a house swagger remix along with ANTHONY MANSFIELD. Bumpin shiz for the clubs.
Chaz Jankel - UNDISCOVERED REMIXES 12" NANG02         
Marcello Napoletano - A PRESCRIPTION 12" MATH028                            
Various  - DROP MUSIC SAMPLER 1.0 PT 4 12" DRM063                             
Ame  - SETSA 12" IV22        
Arnaud Le Texier - ALMORAVIDS EP 12" VIS177       
Dev79 - IN YA FACE 12" SECLUS017     
Ekkohaus - ISLAND OF LOST CHILDREN V2 12" CCS035      
Exercise One - NO NEWS TODAY-DEADBEAT 12" MOBILEE051     
JDeep - DEEPER EDITS VOL 2 EP 12" DSE002      
Mirco Violi - CHAINLETTERS EP 12" IF12    
Windsurf - BIRD OF PARADISE 12" INT007      
Luna City Express -ROUGH NECK (BROTHERS VIBE) 12” MHR042
Kerri Chandler - A BASEMENT A RED LIGHT 12” KCLP623
Sacred Rhythm Music - AFRIKAN BASEMENT 12” SOIL3300
Franco Cinelli - SINGA PURE 12” AD008
Bobby Konders - THE POEM/NERVOUS ACID 12” MB020
Jaxson & amp/David Keno - TOUT LE TEMPS 12” KINDISCH023
Daze Maxim - ORGAN MESSAGE 12” HELLO014
Diskjokke - ASA NISI MASA 12” FP19
Touch Sensative/ T. Tobias - BODY STOP, AZUL BLUE, FOUGHT & AMP 12” FCL35

Dubstep Releases Coming this Weekend:
Excellent vinyl only EP that finds GREYMATTER branching out into beats and dubstep. Check the remix of "BELIEVE IN SOMETHING" by TEMPA's TRG, a fast dancefloor dubstep cut that takes up the whole A-side. The flip feats 3 more experimental, instrumental, beat-driven tracks. 
3024003 CAT   
Out of stock for months, finally re-pressed! MARTYN recruits 2 of the biggest names in underground music for remix duties. FLYING LOTUS uses his frantic glitch-hop skills on his cleanse Mix of "NATURAL SELECTION," while 2562 takes "VANCOUVER" into his signature 2-step/techno hybrid territory.
J Kenzo - MORTAL KOMBAT 12" ARG023
Sigha  - ON THE STRIP 12” HFT007

New 12" Electronic Releases at Amoeba Hollywood - 5/01/09

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Get em now while you can! Early Techno classics!!

Model 500 Records Coming Back In Stock:

-Model 500 - BE BRAVE 12" RS98135 EXC

-Model 500 - BE BRAVE REMIXES 12" RS98135X


-Model 500 - DEEP SPACE DLP RS95066 EXC

-Model 500 - I WANNA BE THERE 12" RS96084 EXC

-Model 500 - MIND AND BODY DLP RS99145 EXC

Also, New Electro 12"s Coming In This Weekend:

Deepgroove - THE CLOCK 12" (remix by JAMIE ANDERSON)(Rekids)
"This one's idiotproof," laughs JOSH WINK. "THE CLOCK" is pure tech house magic, with a dancefloor stormer remix from BEN KLOCK. DEEPGROOVE & JAMIE ANDERSON also record under IDIOTPROOF, and carry the same sensibility over to their housier productions. This is an anthem!

Delphic - COUNTERPOINT 12" (R & S)
RS0903 EXC
DELPHIC are the missing link between CHEMICAL BROS & NEW ORDER, between UNDERWORLD & MUSE. On "COUNTERPOINT," they offer an epic, ravetastic moment produced by EWAN PEARSON. Includes a tech house bumper remix from THE CHAIN and PAUL WOOLFORD offers a heavy hitting techno mix. Incl. a dub.

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Delia Derbyshire - electronic music pioneer

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Delia Derbyshire

The Guardian once described Delia Derbyshire as “The unsung heroine of British electronic music,” seemingly implying that there are other heroines of British electronic music that are more widely… sung. I suppose there is Daphne Oram but the English never use less than three adjectives when one will suffice, so let’s just say that Delia Derbyshire is an unsung heroine of music. That she happens to have worked primarily in electronic music is secondary and that she was British shouldn't be held against her. She was a wizard and pioneer who, instead of guarding her magical abililties, eagerly shared her techniques and discoveries, but was stifled by the BBC’s draconian demands that their artists work and die in anonymity.

Delia was born in Coventry on May 5th, 1937. As a girl, she learned piano and violin and attended Barr's Hill School. She later attended college at Girton in Cambridge. After initially pursuing studies in math, she switched courses to music before graduation. After graduation, she began to look for work in the music field, quickly butting up against the deeply entrenched sexism of the field. In fact, in 1959, upon applying for a job at Decca, she was flatly told that their policy was to not hire women to work in the studios. The United Nations proved more diplomatic than the folks at Decca, and she worked there for a short while. Then she returned to England and found employment at the London-based music publisher, Boosey & Hawkes. She didn’t stay long.
In 1960, she was hired as a trainee studio manager at the BBC, working with the Radiophonic Workshop, then just a few years old. It was an organization charged with producing experimental incidental music and sound effects for the BBC Third Programme’s radio plays in cases where the normal orchestral score was deemed inappropriate. Her predecessors had included Harry Desmond Briscoe and Daphne Oram, two noted pioneers of electronic music and musique concrète.
Derbyshire came on board following Oram’s departure, as part of a group of young artists that also included Brian Hodgson and John Baker. Many of her initial pieces were collaborations with artist/playwright Barry Bermange. One such piece was 1964’s The Dreams, a sound collage of people describing their dreams with Derbyshire's electronic sounds.

Gradually, the Radiophonic Workshop began producing more music and sound effects for television than radio. One year earlier, in 1963, Derbyshire performed her mostly widely-heard work when given the score for Ron Grainer’s theme to a new science-fiction series, Doctor Who. Incorporating filters, tape loops and valve oscillators, she fashioned one of the most memorable pieces of electronic music ever, and one that's especially dear to Whovians. Grainer was so impressed he sought to give Derbyshire co-author credit but the BBC prevented it. Although officially uncredited, the popularity of the theme resulted in her employers giving her many other assignments and she ultimately produced over 200 pieces including noteworthy scores for Great Zoos of the World and Cyprian Queen. The BBC was, however, by no means entirely supportive of her work, rejecting many of her compositions, claiming they were too bizarre, “too lascivious for 11 year olds” and “too sophisticated for the BBC2 audience.”

Raymond Scott

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One hundred years ago today the weirdly brilliant American composer and one of the pioneers of contemporary experimental and electronic music, Raymond Scott, was born. While his name may not be instantly recognizable, his musical compositions are, and though Scott never actually composed music specifically for cartoons, most anybody -- any age, anywhere -- who ever watched an old Warner Brothers’ Bugs Bunny cartoon or a Ren & Stimpy episode or even the Simpsons or Animaniacs would recognize some of Scott’s extraordinary pieces like “Powerhouse” and “The Toy Trumpet.”

He was born Harry Warnow in Brooklyn, New York, September 10, 1908. After graduating from The Institute of Musical Art (later renamed Juilliard) in 1931, Scott was hired as a staff pianist with the CBS Radio network orchestra conducted by his brother Mark Warnow; he took the name Raymond Scott specifically to avoid talk of nepotism. Scott soon began presenting his own bizarre and quirky compositions like “Confusion Among a Fleet of Taxicabs Upon Meeting with a Fare.” By the mid 1930’s these unexpected eccentricities started creeping into the CBS Radio broadcasts and the American subconscious. For the next four decades he would go on to record for several major labels including Brunswick, Columbia, Decca, MGM, Coral, Everest, and Top Rank. He always managed to sell records, even with such Duchampian-like song titles such as "Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals", "Reckless Night on Board an Oceanliner", "New Year's Eve in a Haunted House", "Bumpy Weather Over Newark", "Celebration on the Planet Mars", and "Siberian Sleighride".

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