Father's Day (contains spoilers)

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It's a Hallmark card not yet writ

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An Electronica-Dub-Reggae treasure for all-but-free! Djosos Krost's ignored No Sign of Bad

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Djosos Krost
(DJ Pharfar and DJ Filip) are two dub-obsessed Danes who are better known for having produced the most popular mix of Junior Senior's dancefloor hit, "Move Your Feet." 

I was on board No Sign Of Bad from the first dub moog-fuzz chords of this album. Guests on vocals include Tuco, Jah Bobby, Little Tasha, EMO and Adrian. Tuco, featured on lead vocals for the opener "Straight Upfront" has that lover's reggae vibe pulled from the holy book of Hugh Mundell and Gregory Isaacs. Such a slinky, relaxed delivery as the little dub bleeps and blurps chase each other's tails around the tune.

A good while back (95-99), I was really into the Japanese electro-dub outfit Audio Active and their super-tripped take on bong-heavy dub. Their two classic releases Tokyo Space Cowboys and Happy Happer still satisfy that stony, space-travel urge instilled in all lovers of On-U era Lee 'Scratch' Perry masterpieces like Time Boom De Devil Dead and From the Secret Laboratory.

Here's a classic track from Audio Active.

And one from that particular era of On-u Sound Dub Syndicate 'Scratch!'

No Sign of Bad
is pretty much the first recording I've heard since that captures that real bubbling, headrush reason for dub in the first place, while still mixing it up with that mis-step of idiom that can only be produced by a foreigner (read: non-Jamaican). I would include United States caucasian dub in that mix, but European and Japanese purveyors of dub are SO INTO IT that their final product tends to have that sheen of worship and awe that really good, classic dub deserves. American-caucasian dub has a hard time getting to the pressing plant without at least some measure of self-conscious cleverness or irony worked into the grooves. Give me the tire-tracks pressed into Jamaican vinyl any day!

I found my copy for $2.99. Go look for yours. Do it now!