Cyril Jordan of the Flamin' Groovies Presents ART WORK 2.0 Tonight @ Mini Bar In San Francisco

Posted by Billyjam, July 12, 2012 02:00pm | Post a Comment

Most may know longtime San Francisco musician Cyril Jordan as the guitarist and founding member of the Flamin' Groovies but, ever since his early protopunk, power-pop group started out in the mid sixties,  Jordan has also been an active graphic artist too with his prolific illustrations dating back decades to those early days of his band and including various album covers' artwork and even such early era Flamin' Groovies concert showbills as the one right from legendary Fillmore, San Francisco rock venue The Matrix.

Additionally with a flare for vintage comic book cover recreations many of his illustrations are reworkings of many classic comic book covers. In fact in 1989 Jordan's comic book inspired illustrations landed him a deal to provide artwork for a Walt Disney comic book published by Gladstone Publishing. And in the two decades since the Groovies disbanded Jordan, who currently plays guitar in Magic Christian, has given even more time and energy to his art, presenting / curating various art shows including one last month in San Francisco at the Mini Bar.

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