Upcoming July 16th LA Street Food Fest Expands Its Menu & Scale Since Last Summer

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If you plan on attending the fun & satisfying-to-the-palate, all day LA Street Food Fest - The 2nd Annual Summer Tasting Event, happening Saturday July 16th on the grassy fields of the Rose Bowl, do yourself a favor and don't eat beforehand. And when you arrive at this foodie's heaven, pace yourself as you taste your way through the cuisine of over 65 street food vendors of all styles and culinary delights. Presenting food from every corner of the globe there will be old school carts, hot gourmet food trucks & stands manned by both under-the-radar kitchen talents plus celebrity chefs from some of LA’s finest restaurants.
So popular was the premier summer LA Street Food Fest last year that they expanded it this year to include the Brookside Park space of the Rose Bowl to add on three soccer fields of additional space, and to include even more culinary specialists than last year. The $60 all inclusive tickets are actually very reasonable considering all you get for it. You get to taste unlimited fine food and drink including alcohol (so you could, if you wish, spend your day say at the Tequila Tasting Tent enjoying over a dozen different Tequilas) and spend the whole day with everything (even parking) included in the one time cost. All attendees need to bring is a picnic blanket and some sunscreen, oh, and an appetite. 

The day long (10am to 10pm) event also features several fun sessions throughout the day. These sessions include the all ages, family friendly Picnic in the Park and the Family Fun Day respectively from 10am to 1pm & 2pm to 5pm, and the 21+ Date Night from 6pm to 9pm. Each of these events are limited to 1500 attendees max to ensure a nice controlled environment. The Gourmet Trucks section will include the Border Grill Truck whose specialty is quinoa fritters, the Dim Sum Truck whose specialty is pork and shrimp shu mai + “baked potato” dumpling, and the Great Balls on Tires truck whose specialty is billed as "Ballywood Indian meatballs on rice."

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Happy Missouri Day! - Yup, It's aready been a yurr since the last'n

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The 3rd Wednesday of the October, this year the 15th.

Pendersleigh & Sons' Official Map of Missouri

In my experience, when you'ins tell people you’re from Missouri, most people reply self-satisfiedly with "don't you mean Missouruh?" or, alternately, "where is Missouri? I don’t think I’ve ever been there."

Whether Missouri is Lower Midwestern or Upper Southern (or the Border South or, the Upland South, or less commonly today, the Yeoman South) is a somewhat common debate amongst Missourians... at least on the internet.

In my experience, Missouri's Midwestern neighbors, centered along the Great Lakes, (haters) tend to disparage Mighty Mo as a hick state whurr test scores are low, the accent is ugly and you'ins can buy fireworks, liquor and ammo... all in the same place.

Missouri's neighbors in the Deep South (also haters) usually don't consider it to be Southern because Missouri didn't side with the South in the Civil War (well, that's complicated-- thurr were 30,000 gray and 109,000 blue) and because South Coasters love to equate the entire South with just the Deep South aka the Lower South aka the Plantation South.

As far as Southern credentials go, Mark Twain, Langston Hughes, Thomas Hart Benton all seem fairly Southern, do they not? On the other hand, natives like T.S. Elliot, William Burroughs and Maya Angelou don’t so much, huh? Cultural cringe I reckon, plays a part in this confusion, as do geographical overlap and historical shifts.