Eclectic, Non-Commercial, Listener Supported, UC Berkeley Radio Station KALX 90.7FM Currently Holding Its Fall Fundraiser

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Casual radio listeners, conditioned to judging a station's format by whatever they hear upon first tuning in, sure must be dumbfounded if they ever stumble upon KALX at 90.7FM on their radio dial. Because at any given time you never know what kind of music you might hear on the eclectic, non-commercial, UC Berkeley listener sponsored radio station, currently holding their Fall Fundraiser.  For example in one freeform music hour over this past weekend the diverse music mix shifted through varying genres, decades and BPMs. Tracks off such new albums as De La Soul's recommended hip-hop release and the Anonymous Nobody...(also on LP) and LA rock-cellist Helen Money's (Alison Chesley) Become Zero on Thrill Jockey  got played alongside such previous era releases as the 2002 album Thought for Food (Tomlab) by "folktronic" duo The Books, and the early 1970's pop rock, doobie themed hit "One Toke Over the Line" by Brewer & Shipley. And it all flowed together perfectly thanks to the DJ on the air: Alisa, Queen of the Cowbell. It was the final hour of the always excellent and enlightening longtime KALX DJ's biweekly, Friday night, 9:30pm to midnight, slot that she alternates with Berkestir. Both are among the volunteer roster of gifted DJs on the East Bay radio station that has long championed eclecticism in its programming.

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Amoeba Has College Rock Radio Exclusive With We Are Scientists!

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College Radio DayAmoeba has an exclusive We Are Scientists download, a live version of their hit “After Hours,” as part of its full-album download of College Radio Day – The Album.

While the album (and track) is available on CD ($14.98), only includes the download of the We Are Scientists track, which comes on the limited edition CD. The entire album download is $9.98 on MP3, and also available on either ALAC or WAV file (that’s fancier fidelity, for non-audiophiles) — as opposed to $11.98 on iTunes in MP3 only, and without that bonus track. The sale is limited, so if you’re thinking about picking it up, do it soon!

The album is a two-disc set featuring songs from The Civil Wars, Umphrey’s McGee, Delta Spirit as well as a score of unsigned artists recorded live at college radio stations around the country. Proceeds from the album go toward the College Radio Defense Fund, putting money toward things like new equipment, repairing existing equipment, supporting promotional events and other much-needed help.

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College Radio Day A Grassroots Movement As Much as A One Day Celebration

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In the aftermath of the US losing several key college radio stations over the past couple of years including KUSF 90.3FM at the University of San Francisco and Rice University's equally beloved college station KTRU in Houston, TX - parties directly affected along, with the countless others that are similarly endangered, have banded together to protest these injustices are still fighting the good fight.

Many of these same individuals are also celebrating the stations they still have while simultaneously building awareness of the cultural value & importance of college and community radio as an independent media voice. This they are doing via College Radio Day which for its inaugural event last year witnessed the participation of over 350 different radio stations. And this year's College Radio Day, taking place seven weeks from now on October 2nd, is shaping up to be an even bigger event in every way with approximately 500 radio stations already signed on to participate in this grand scale broadcast event.

Just as Record Store Day was started by struggling brick and mortar record shops round the country who joined forces, College Radio Day was begun in a somewhat similar vein. The main man responsible for College Radio Day is Rob Quicke of New Jersey's William Paterson University station WPSC who, in celebration of the second edition of this annual event, is compiling a special benefit compilation album by a wide array of artists. Side A reportedly will feature unsigned artists selected by a committee of stations while Side B will feature signed/known artists that are down for the cause and want to acknowledge the support they received from being played on College Radio over their respective careers.  All proceeds will go directly to a transparent College Radio Defense Fund established by Quicke. This week I caught up with Rob to find out more about College Radio Day and this compilation which will be available through Amoeba upon its release.
Amoeblog: For those who don't know the full background on College Radio Day; how did it come about?

KFJC's 32nd Annual Month of Mayhem Packed With Must-Hear Radio Specials

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It's already one week into May which means it's already one week into the Month of Mayhem at the revered Bay Area institution that is radio station KFJC 89.7 FM  in Los Altos Hills. "We're really proud of our annual Month of Mayhem station tradition," said spokesperson Jennifer Waits from the highly respected student and volunteer-run Foothill College radio station, noting how each May since 1981 that KFJC DJs have been pulling out all the stops when they craft a rich range of specials on a variety of topics.

Indeed in light of the danger that so many community radio stations across the US like KFJC have found themselves in of late (see KUSF story) it seems more important than ever to embrace and appreciate the truly unique radio stations like the 53 year old KFJC which is always a treat to tune into at anytime. But during Mayhem month KFJC is even better than usual.

Over the weekend I found myself tuning in to see what audio treat was on and catching such specials as a really excellent and most unique Elvis Presley special on Saturday that steered clear of the well known hits by "The King" but instead offered an offbeat look at Presley's music and its influence. That Elvis Presley special is one of approximately sixty different special programs planned for the Month of Mayhem.

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