Chuy Gomez: The Post KMEL Interview

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Chuy Gomez's Top 5 Favorite Things About His 20 Years At KMEL

1) Being able to be at the People's Station when that meant something.

2) All the Chuy Klause Christmas and being able to help!

3) Being able to work with John London, Renel, and Rick Chase and all the other folks
that made up [the] original Family

4) Being able to put so many people on.

5) Summer Jams and meeting so many artists

Two weeks ago KMEL fired beloved longtime DJ/radio personality Chuy Gomez. After 20 long radio years' service on the popular Bay Area hip-hop and R&B radio station located at 106.1 on the FM dial the powers that be fired their most popular DJ with no explanation or apology. Yes as is typically the case in the cold world of the corporate radio business no forewarning was given to this loyal dedicated employee of two decades. Nor, upon being let go, was even a reason given to Chuy for his sudden, unexpected dismissal. Insiders say it was merely a calculated cost cutting move by the Bain Capital owned media empire where the bottom line is the almighty dollar - not music or people. Simply put Chuy's unceremonious dismissal was another case of business as usual in the halls of the Clear Channel radio station where pleasing shareholders and maintaining advertising revenue rules above all else. In the eyes of corporate radio execs on-air "personalities" are not viewed as persons but merely interchangeable cogs that can be replaced with increasingly cheaper labor. On the very day (August 16th) they let Gomez go the Clear Channel radio station deleted the Chuy in the Morning profile page from its website with the intent of erasing any association of him with the station.

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Hip-Hop Rap-Up, Week End 08.30.13: Amoeba Hollywood Top 5, Hiero Day in the Bay, 33 RPM @ Radio Bar, Stones Throw Soul Tour + more

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The big hip-hop event in the Bay Area this weekend is the second annual Hiero Day with a stellar lineup that includes performances from the longtime Oakland hip-hop ensemble The Hieroglyphics themselves along with an impressive array of their friends including Latyrx, Murs & Fashawn, Strong Arm Steady, The Bangerz, Mystic, LuckyIam, Dan The Automator, Erk Tha Jerk, CMG, and Nate The Great to name but some of the scheduled acts (see flyer left for the others). The event, that will include food and drink (lots of beer), takes place on Labor Day, Monday September 2nd from 11am to 6pm but not where it was last year for the premiere event (Oakland's Uptown district near the New Parish). This year it will be held at the (comparatively smaller) space owned by Linden Street Brewery at 95 Linden Street in Oakland - which is within walking distance of both the Jack London Ferry Terminal and the West Oakland BART (good to know since there is no parking on site).  The day is listed as an "all ages, free" event but this week the Hiero Day website has  been listing it as "sold out."  Huh?

Hip-Hop Rap-Up, Week Ending 02.24.12: E Lit's Top Five, Hiero's Pep Love + Tajai, Fist Fam's Weekend Cult Release Party, Busdriver, Curren$y, Gangrene, The Promise, The Sessions San Francisco + more

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Amoeba Berkeley Hip-Hop Top Five for week ending 02:24:12 with E-Lit

1) Lazerbeak & Edison Kill Switch LP (Fieldwerk)

We received a whole bunch of these over a week early, and sold through our entire supply of them in a matter of days!  Given the extremely high quality of the product, it’s no wonder we couldn’t keep this on the shelves. Kill Switch is hip-hop production of the highest caliber, brought to you by the strongest label in instrumental hip hop Fieldwerk Recordings.  Doomtree’s Lazerbeak handles side A with a surprisingly subtle approach that occasionally bursts with brilliant color, delivering his finest solo instrumental work to date.  San Francisco’s own genius button-masher Edison handles side B with a much rowdier gang of beats that show off his skillful production craft, with menacing guitar jabs and gangsta bleeps that form a cohesive whole.  This one’s only available on vinyl, but it does come with a digital download card that’ll get it on your computer in a matter of minutes.  Highly recommended!

2) Tajai Machine Language CD (Hieroglyphics Imperium)

Souls of Mischief frontman and Hieroglyphics mainstay Tajai’s new Machine Language mixtape has naturally been doing very well in the Bay.  Features fellow Hiero members Casual, Opio and A-Plus, plus a joint with The Pharcyde, all for a super cheap price of $5.98.  This mix CD is just a taster of random new Tajai tracks, but should tide the Bay’s Hiero fanbase over until Tajai’s new Rap Noir album drops later this year.

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