New 12"s @ Amoeba Hollywood 6/14 - Drexciya, Kowton, Paul Woolford, Norm Talley, Christopher Rau + more

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Journey Of The Deep Sea II LP
Clone Classic Cuts

Continuing this re-issue series for this hugely influential group DREXCIYA, CLONE CLASSIC CUTS drops this 2nd collection that includes both big tunes like "BANG-BANG" & "ANTI VAPOUR WAVES" along with lesser known cuts. Always raw, creative, and original. 14 tracks total plus mp3 download.

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More Games 12”
Livity Sound

Release of minimal, skeletal techno from PEVERELIST's LIVITY SOUND label.

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Paul Woolford

The Lab 04 Sampler 12”

This British producer/DJ takes on the 4th installment of "THE LAB" series. Here on this sampler features 4 cuts by some amazing artists. This begins with a CHEZ DAMIER track & is followed by a mix of "RETURN OF THE SPEAKER PEOPLE". Hot SKUDGE remix on the flip with a DANIEL WANG cut. Clear vinyl.

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New 12" Releases @ Amoeba Hollywood 5/4- Laid, Panorama Bar 03, Axel Boman, Boddika, Christopher Rau, WAX & More

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Laid 11

Dial's sub-label Laid presents tracks by UK's Juergen Junker and Lowtec. Junker enters the Laid zone with two deeply-rooted house pieces. Lowtec has always been a main influence on the Dial/Laid family, and here he presents a dirty Rhodes stomper to hit the house floors again. Freaky alert!

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Panorama Bar 03
Ostgut Ton

This is part three in a vinyl series of exclusive tracks off of Panorama Bar 03 (OSTGUT 017CD), compiled and mixed by Prosumer. Hitherto unreleased, the three tracks on this 12" tick all the boxes that make Prosumer such a unique DJ: house in its various identities. Soundstore starts the triptych with frantic fever visions of Chicago's second wave. Steffi slows down the pace with some serious deep house. To close, Hunee teaches you a freestyle lesson.

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2727/Sometimes/Soul What/Rubba
Swamp 81

BODDIKA (1/2 of INSTRA:MENTAL) is suddenly everywhere all at once with his productions. Here he is on SWAMP 81 with an extremely limited (and very pricey) double 12" on 180g vinyl with 4 tracks of abstract and melodic techno.

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Acid Andy / Axel Boman
Barn 03
Studio Barnhus

Barn 003 is a split single featuring two tracks. A cut-up disco monster by Andreas Jonsson (or Acid Andy, as his mother calls him) – the other a psycho killa trancehall jam (according the label) from Axel Boman himself, which is another stunner. Mr Boman is pushing house music forward with his unique style that goes somehow on the same tip as dj Koze. Always giving it a a special twist that works like crazy in the club. This is a limited 10'' on shiny yellow vinyl!

Purchase Barn 03 here

Christopher Rau
Background #5

Part 5 in the background series. 2 deep tracks from mr Rau with nice raw jacking beats layers under atmospheric sounds.

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Phuture / Jackmaster Hater
Acid / Untitled
KStarke Records

2 more from the vaults. A - unreleased original version of "Acid Trax," B - untitled Jackmaster Hater acid track.

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Houseville Of Skylax

(A1) Jacob Korn comes w/tuff techno, reminding us of best of UR Final Frontier. (A2) sees Irishman & R.A., fave Mano le Tough on cut w/tension, killer bass & epic strings. (B1) finds Marcos Cabral on Chicago jack track & (B2) ends w/Jaime Read aka L.H.A.S.

Purchase Houseville Of Skylax here

No. 40004

Deadly, powerful, sub heavy & classic Detroit techno reminiscent techno bombs.

Purchase Wax 40004 here

Jamie Woon - MIRRORWRITING (180G)
Caural – Die Before You Die
Mokira & Echospace - Time 2
Gerd – Time & Space (Duplec rmx)
Gesloten Cirkel - Moustache Techno
CHYMERA/MARCEL JANOVSKY: Curl/Still In Paradise 10"
ADA: Me And The Three 12"
SKINNERBOX: Anapol 12"
AGARIC & WALKER: Chase's Dream 12"
MURPHY JAX: Masters Of Meta Space 12"
SPRINGINTGUT: Summer Of Seven 1/7 7"
PETER PRESTO: Summer Of Seven 2/7 7"
SID LE ROCK: Gentlemen's Intermission 12"
EZEKIEL HONIG: Folding In On Itself LP
INSTRA:MENTAL: Resolution653 3x12"
ANYMAN/MONSTAR: Genesis/Party People 12"
Mick Jones & Futura 2000/ESCAPADES 12"
Graceful Exit/REVOLVE DISCO EP 12”
Floating Points/PEOPLE'S POTENTIAL 12”
Young Edits/MOVING ME UP 12”
Matt Flores/WATER ON THE MOON 12”
Dimitri & DJ Rocca/ERODISCOTIQUE 12”
Hot Natured/FORWARD MOTION 12”
Chicken Lips/SHE FISH 12"
Truth/FATMAN VIP 12”
Pete Gooding & Chris Coco/BELIEVE 12”
Coyote/ALWAYS 12”
Backstreet Brit Funk/THE RE-EDITS EP 12”

New 12" Releases 11/11 @ Amoeba Hollywood - Roman Flugel, Christopher Rau, Stefan Goldmann, Dj Sprinkles, SCB & More...

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How To Spread Lies 12"

The many faces of Roman Flügel (aka Eight Miles High aka Soylent Green aka ½ of Alter Ego) have always been one of the main influences of the eclecticism of Dial Records. Besides his inspiring DJ sets, which were always steps ahead of their time, Flügel's productions have been the key to a better world in modern music. Whether it was techno, house, jazz or ambient, Flügel's research into sound and structure has always been an overwhelming experience.

Superbacon 12"

Copenhagens Tomas Barfod and Kasper Bjørke hardly need introducing… for over a decade, they have been making music, together and separately, with releases on some of the most respected labels around. Still, their first release under their new moniker, Bjørke & Barfod -- their first 12″ together in years -- has a new sound perhaps best described as symphonic disco-trance and definitely marks a turning point in their collaboration. Maybe it`s the fact that they have had a few years' break from working together in the studio, while taking time to focus on solo outputs and, in Barfod's case, band life with WhoMadeWho; or maybe it's because they discovered some ancient herb in the tent of some hippie at Roskilde Festival after they played a marathon this summer; in either case, Superbacon EP has a genuine freshness to it that has already gotten some serious hype. Superbacon is an epic bigroom track, still with enough livedrums and sexy house elements to make it work in smaller clubs as well. In other words -- a stealth “debut” release on Mirau.The remix of Cauliflower comes from Brooklyn's finest, Runaway (DFA), that brings rave back in a big way. The EP is named after the new party concept that Bjørke & Barfod take to the clubs around the globe representing the finest from the Danish clubscene… Because as you all know, crispy pork is the prize export of Denmark.

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